2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #23

Hello! Have you all met Francis Dolarhyde yet, then? Episode 8 was finally aired this week in Britain afaik, and Canada has already moved on to episode 9. I saw the second episode of the Red Dragon story line already, and – no spoilers – I can tell you that the story continues to be suspenseful. Armitage is nicely propelling the plot forward. A couple of gripes, but well, that will have to wait until Sunday or Monday. I don’t want to spoil anything yet.

Talking of spoilers – I am working from the premise now, that episode 8 has been published and therefore the contents of the episode is common knowledge. Therefore my list of links will contain references/gifs/images from episode 8. If you have not seen episode 8 yet, and do not want to be spoilt, do not click the links in the first part of today’s round-up that mention Dolarhyde and/or the Red Dragon. Stuff that refers to episode 9 (and is therefore yet unseen by the US-American audience at the time of publishing), has been collected under the separate spoiler warning marked red.

Red Dragon round-up 23

  1. Sky Living has copped on to the power of Armitage’s name, teases for Richard/Dolarhyde’s appearance on Hannibal – and knows the answer already. Via clematis70
  2. Ausschweifendemotte has put bare chested Richard in a set. Mhhhh, yum. Raspberries and cream, anyone?
  3. And another set by ausschweifendemotte – Richard and make-up women. Yeah, we all wish we had that job, don’t we?
  4. Not sure if we already had this cutesy Richard and his Saturn award by raz089. If so – not sorry
  5. Asleep/unconscious – and I leave out the “dead” – Guy by ilariaeugealtomasini. He’s NOT dead. Not dead. No no no no no
  6. Pretty much what my to do list looks like. By filiandkiliheirsofdurin
  7. This. This. I laughed and laughed and laughed. You might almost believe that PJ is a Monty Python fan. Posted by flyingone
  8. Typical breakfast in the Armipace household. An AU by gimmethehobbit *ggg*
  9. Gifted painter evankart calls this a “brush test”. I call it delicious
  10. Lgprca has collected all the reviews in one post – no links, copied text. The important bits. Great fan service, and thanks!
  11. Epiclivwell has put a gifset of Dolly together. Yeah, we’ve seen it all before. But it’s just so mesmerizingly acted, I am including it here
  12. Let’s give another tortured chaRActer some love. Serik27 has put together a gif set. Oh man… *thud* Still soooo good
  13. Behold the Great Red Dragon by styleest. Majestic
  14. Non6ix’s tiny Thorin is just irresistible
  15. Francis/Red Dragon, mirror-style. By entree-humain. Love it
  16. In case you were wondering what Dolarhyde is actually trying to pronounce in front of the broken mirror, byronicwoman has figured it out – and got an explanation, too. Interesting!
  17. A richardarmitage-confidential that I whole-heartedly agree with. And the gif was new to me
  18. Sinnaminie’s Dolarhyde plushie now has the appropriate tattoo – and kimono. Cute, as ever
  19. Funny Hobbit/Hannibal cross-over by heroin-dolls. I particularly like the little motion lines around the… well, see for yourself
  20. Dolarhyde/Red Dragon fan art by feredir. Fabulous. Hot, although scary
  21. Snarky Guy at his best, thanks to nfcomics’ What a Guy Wants
  22. A closer look at Dolly’s scrapbook. Prepare to be shocked. By epicblogofwonders
  23. Great guys-texts-from-last-night piece
  24. A few thoughts on episode 8 and Francis Dolarhyde by mirielofgisborne

SPOILER WARNING: The following links contain gifs, pics and fanart that is based on previously unseen material from ep 08.

  1. Armitages-angel has gifs of the canteen scene of Dolarhyde with the new episode 9 details
  2. Great set of screencaps of another, newly detailed Dolarhyde scene by francisdolarhype – note the colour casts
  3. Petruchiolucasthorin has several screencap sets from episode 9 – it’s almost like comic book Dolarhyde 😉
  4. I loved this observation by clematis70…

Enough? Rhetorical question. Never enough! And we are so spoilt now. This is the first time in my fandom experience that I am getting to see new material *week after week*. And guess what – I am tied up with visitors. Noooooooooooo! So I don’t even know whether I can live-tweet tonight, or write my commentary, or even finish my episode 9 RAPS in time… But I trust that you will all have lots of fun with ep 3×09. Enjoy! And have a nice weekend!

Guylty ❤



10 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #23

    • Hi Austoz – I hope it works now! The glitch was caused because I had mixed up dates and the round-up was published a day too early. Had to reschedule but the post showed up in your reader, I guess. Should be fixed now…


    • Oh! I didn’t realise my comment about the missing post would show up here.
      I love this week’s round-up and it’s hard to pick a favourite but No. 7 made me laugh as well. “Your mother was a hamster and your father smelled of elderberry” … heehee……..

      Liked by 1 person

      • No worries about the comment – it was very valid, especially as I can see that comment/viewer numbers were down. Somehow the system really doesn’t allow for stupid timing mistakes 😉
        #7 is one of my faves, too. I love Monty Python, and that particular scene from ‘Holy Grail’ is one of my all-time Python favourites. It just seems pretty fitting for that scene in the Hobbit, too 😀


  1. hach, so nice to actually look at this during the weekend 🙂 I have to control my giggling at your mother was a hamster and your dad smells of elderberry LOL I can’t laugh too hard as head still hurts gr. Some great red dragon artwork there, he is inspirational it seems 🙂
    Guy, that is Guy dead???? why does he dieeeeee.. i still haven’t watch that i had to admit, i don’t want to see him die!
    Lov the text about our acceptance of his lack of morals… ehem applies to more than one character. I certainly jumped up wanting to defend Guy when RA said he was worse than Dolly, no wayyyy!!!! how dare he!
    And Lucas… ohhhhhh… i am totally mesmerised by his lips in those…. maybe because given beards lately and Dolly they have been very hidden and i always forget how beautiful and just erm.. well lickeable they are 🙂 Delish, just like raspberries and cream 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ausschweifendemotte hat definitiv das richtige Händchen für Fotos 🙂
    Und ein bisschen “gut aussehender Guy” tut richtig gut bei all dem kantigen und asketischen Dolly 😦
    7, your mother was a hamster – LOL!
    10 das furchteinflößenste Bild von allen, da läuft es mir jedesmal kalt den Rücken runter!!!
    15, klasse gemacht
    Die Dämonen sind ja körperlich unglaublich gut umgesetzt, es zerreißt ihn ja förmlich …..
    Was ich aber überhaupt nicht verstehe ist warum er so hinterwäldlerisch und zurück geblieben rüber kommen muss, sorry aber das habe ich vom Buch her anderst in Erinnerung. Das lesen mit dem Finger erinnert mich an Grundschüler die lesen lernen und vom Essen eines Kuchens wollen wir gar nicht sprechen 😦


    • “kantig asketisch” – sehr richtig. Da braucht man zum Ausgleich mal wieder einen weichgezeichneten Guy *heftig nick*
      Die Wandlungsszene war wieder mal ausgesprochen gut von ihm gemacht – body acting halt. Beim Sprechen war ich ja dann nicht ganz so angetan – und nicht wegen des Sprachfehlers. Aber das werde ich noch mal separat festhalten, wenn ich endlich zu meiner Review komme.
      Re. hinterwäldlerisch und zurückgeblieben – ganz falsch finde ich das nicht. Rein emotional steht Dolly ja immer noch da, wo seine Großmutter ihn als Kind traumatisiert hat. Insofern passt das schon. Und kann sich auch mal darin zeigen, dass einer dann mit seinen bis obenhin zugeknöpften Hemden etwas waldschratig rüberkommt. Fand ich also nicht störend, passte bei mir ins Bild. Das mit dem Fingerlesen hatte ich übrigens auch erst so wie du verstanden, bis mir klar wurde, dass er da nicht liest. Er berührt das Bild/die Zeitung, weil er quasi den Red Dragon dort fühlt. Dann leckt er den Zeigefinger ab – nicht weil er etwas schmeckt, sondern weil er Druckerschwärze am Finger hat (was natürlich bei einem Glanz-Magazin wie dem Time Magazine nicht hinhaut – da hat die Regie/das Drehbuch irgendwie gepennt, finde ich). Er will die Druckerschwärze quasi feucht machen, damit er sie dann mit der Serviette abwischen kann. (So wurde das übrigens auch irgendwo auf Twitter von einem der Hannibal-Leute erklärt.)


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