RA Pocket Shrine 86/? – #WhatAreYouBecoming

Just a quick one tonight – and really only to give blog readers a chance to get their name into the hat for my latest give-away which is happening over on Twitter tonight/today. You will find me there as @GuyltyPleasure.

I set myself the challenge to make a RAPS for every episode of Red Dragon…ooops Hannibal. With a demanding visitor in the house, I literally had to steal time (and pretend I needed a lie-down…) in order to get the second RAPS in the Red Dragon series done in time for tonight’s airing of episode 3×09. This is the one for episode 2, eh, 3×09.


I think we could actually call this a “DRAPS” (DRAgon Pocket Shrine)…

Unfortunately I could not get a certain image out of my head. The great worship scene. Please consider this a re-cap of episode 3×08…


I know you understand…

Red Dragon 2

I thought it would be fun if the picture on the easel was exchangeable. So I made a few more images that can be fitted to the frame via magnet (see right). Maybe the Red Dragon is worshipping his tattoo? Or perhaps he likes his front-view better (Armitage practicing Dragon-worship on the Hassler shoot)? My own personal favourite is the Red Dragon, Richard-Armitage-Doodle version. A bit of a post-modern interpretation, I guess. But hey, this is fiction, and anything is possible. Whoever wins this could even attach a picture of themselves there… Yeah, that’s an in-te-res-ting *view*. Better not go there…

However, there *is* some Francis Dolarhyde, ep 3×09 in this:


Do you know how hard it is to find a picture of Dolly where he is smiling? Well, it’s actually impossible. There are no smiles. He does not smile. He’s probably smiling inside. You can replace the Dolarhyde insert with one of the other images from the golden frame. I might even throw in a beard-y RA… The text is magnetic and can be adjusted to just “Trust me” or “I am smiling”. Oh, and I loved the lighting in the dark room scene as much as Richard Armitage did… hence I chose it as the background. #ProfileLove


So, if you would like to win this (D)RAPS, these are the instructions:

Go to my Twitter @GuyltyPleasure. I have tweeted six shrine-related tweets, indicated by numbering (1/6, 2/6…). Re-tweet my tweet 6/6, making sure they are tagged #Hannibal #WhatAreYouBecoming. And you are in. RT open until Monday, 3 August 2015, 8am GMT.

And a last picture for good luck and good measure:


Good luck to you all! 🍀


60 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 86/? – #WhatAreYouBecoming

    • Hope you had fun with the show. Not enough Dolly in it, but well, it’s progressing nicely…
      Shrine does not reflect the darkness of the episode, but well, they are drool facilitators, not horror boxes 😉


    • Hehe, I am particularly proud of the film strip – and had to sacrifice one of my own negative strips for the purpose. The little hearts are a must in any shrine. They are becoming a bit of a theme in the Red Dragon series of my RAPS…

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  1. Love the interchangeable art. Brilliant. I wonder what I would see if I put in mirror into that frame? The mind boggles.


    • IKR – I was thinking of that, too, and… well, let’s not go there. Plus – that is the drawback of a 2D medium such as photography/film. We are missing the other side of the medal. But well, the imagination is enough…


  2. Selbstbeweihräucherung. Die Vorstellung, dass er vor dem Hassler-Foto steht ist unbezahlbar. Und der Hassler starrt auch so intensiv zurück 🙂 Wirklich wieder ein feines Sahnestückchen. Stehe ja nicht so auf das Thema, aber für diesen DROPS äh DRAPS werfe ich auch meinen Namen in die Lostrommel. Hätte nur noch eine Bitte: wenn mich das Glück ereilt, dann packst du noch einen Beardy-Armitage dazu. Gebongt?


    • Absolut gebongt. Der beardy RA ist bereits gedruckt. Den hatte ich nur beim Shooting vergessen *doh*. Es sollen ja schließlich alle Geschmäcker bedient werden. Und ja, der Hassler war einfach priceless – allein schon, weil die Pose praktisch wie das Spiegelbild zur Tattoo-Rückenansicht des Red Dragon wirkt. Dazu dann noch die ironisch gehobene Augenbraue, und der post-moderne Sarkasmus ist perfekt…


  3. Ooo, I’m liking this lots 🙂 I am so out of the loop at the moment – way behind in my appreciation of recent events and haven’t been able to see any Red Dragon yet. But I can certainly appreciate this!


    • Hehe, you may be getting a rather skewed version of Dolarhyde presented in my shrines, Helen. He is way more sinister and dangerous than my shrines make him out to be. Well, that’s because they are meant to be drool objects, so I had to. Can’t have horror visions in there 🙂

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  4. Quick question Guylty cos I’m useless at Twitter… You say add the hashtags but they are already in the tweet, so they stay there when retweeted… Not sure how to add them again anyway… Sorry for being a dinosaur…


  5. you know what, i never thought i’d consider revising H for drooling. I am interested in it but it’s always left me with a feeling of wanting to run away. I am currently wondering if the 2nd migraine in my entire left hasn’t actually been brought on by all this darkness…
    But when i look at this it just makes me smile, especially due to the images in the pictures and the thought of some of those looking back 😉 And happily my mind is naughtily giffing away at that image and the split second when the robe slides across his back and stop for a second to caress his checks 😀 Who could blame it! Provided the beard is in i think actually may be in 🙂

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    • Hoffentlich ist deine Migräne inzwischen vorbei. Falls nicht: Gute Besserung!

      Ich durfte mich seit Samstag auch mit Migräne amüsieren, zum Glück nicht besonders stark. Und ganz ohne “all this darkness”. :-/

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      • ja danke, es pump noch dumpf aber ich hab so viel zu tun kann mir den Tag total aus nicht leisten also komme ich ins Buro, versuche nicht zu viel zu blinzeln und hoffe auf nen ruhigen Montag
        Hoffe es geht dir auch wieder besser! Im Sommer ist sowas irgendwie besonders lastig.

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  6. Another incredible RAPS, or should I say DRAPS. I thought the one with FD doing pull-ups was outstanding but then you create an interactive art exhibition. I love it! And for once, I think I got a RT in before the deadline; getting better at figuring out the time difference. I really thought you’d do something with his line “Ride with me…for my pleasure.” Creepy but I still laughed. And Reba just hopped in the van. OK. I’d hop in too. And those dental posters in the bus stop…so much to laugh at last night. With so much creative cinematography and dialog, I think you’re going to be inspired to make FD/TF/GRD creations for a long time to come.


    • interactve exhibitionISTmore like 😉 Thanks, Snowy – this DRAPS was great fun to make, even though I was under severe pressure: I have been hosting a visitor since Thursday, and was under surveillance most of the time. I really had to work fast to get the shrine done for my Saturday deadline. Nonetheless it was fun.
      “Ride with me for my pleasure” was a line that I noted in my review notes, too. No coincidence, I bet, and neither the bus shelter posters (also something I spotted). Jokers! I really hope they’ll give us a good preview this week – with more Dolly in it. So that I can let inspiration works its magic…


      • Ride with me for my pleasure. Habe das gerade mal an meinem Sohn beim Abholen getestet. Ergebnis: ungläubiges Starren. Nun ja, so außerhalb vom Kontext 🙂

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        • The line is from the book:

          Reba McClane heard the van behind her. It was beside her now.
          “Thank you for inviting me.”
          She nodded, smiled, tapped along.
          “Ride with me.”
          “Thanks, but I take the bus all the time.”
          “Dandridge is a fool. Ride with me…”—what would someone
          say?—“for my pleasure.”

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  7. *g* Gelungen! Ich mag besonders den Wechselrahmen. Und dass er auch im Querformal passt, mit der Zeichnung drin.:-D

    Aber wenn ich ganz ehrlich sein soll: Ganz besonders mag ich den kleinen roten Drachen mit seinem traurigen Blick.
    Ich bin mir nur noch nicht sicher, ob er so traurig guckt, weil (a) Dolly ihn so missinterpretiert – oder weil (b) er missbraucht wird, um uns den großen rote Drachen sympathisch zu machen. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • Der Drachen ist besonders beliebt, ich merke es schon. Auch auf Twitter wurde der erwähnt. Tja, wie gesagt, nur ein Serviervorschlag. Der Drache bleibt bei mir – der war ein Geschenk für mich. Und das kann ich schließlich nicht einfach weggeben.


      • Keine Sorge, ich entführe keine kleinen Kuscheldrachen. 😉

        Ty ist eine bekannte Marke. Wenn man einen Kuscheldrachen haben will, sollte das in Deutschland kein Problem sein, vermute ich.

        Ob die sich über gestiegene Drachen-Nachfrage wundern? (Oder haben sie für Product-Placement bezahlt, obwohl die Fannibals und die Armitage Army eher keine passende Zielgruppe sind? *gg*)


          • Hm, nee, ich habe keinen Grund, nach Plüschtierchen zu gucken, daher ist mir bisher kein Drache begegnet. Ich kenne halt nur den Namen des Herstellers.


  8. Love your new Dolaryde shrine, bravo ! 🙂

    The red dragon plush is soooo cute. I saw that Richard has one of it at the Comic Con. Could you please tell me where did you get yours ? Thanks. 🙂


  9. Die Idee mit dem Wechselrahmen ist klasse! Und dass Dich das Bild mit dem Hintern, äh-Drachentatoo nicht loslässt kann ich gut verstehen. Ist der kleine rote Drache mit im Paket?
    Ich mache nur Scherze, den würde ich auch nicht hergeben wollen 🙂


    • Ähem, ich gebe zu, ich bin dank RA’s Prachtexemplar wirklich zum Peach Lover geworden. War prä-RA jetzt nicht sooooo mein Fokus bei Männern… Aber so ein sanft runder Gesäßmuskel hat schon was *grins*, selbst wenn er mit Tattoos überklebt ist…
      Der Drache ist zu süß, ich weiß… ich glaub, ich muss in Zukunft rein vorsichtshalber mal bei meinen Illustrationen diesen typischen Hinweis “Serviervorschlag” oder “Deko nicht im Preis inbegriffen” automatisch anbringen… 😀

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  10. I would have preferred to see Dolarhyde wearing the dressing gown !!! Trust me… I am joking !!!
    The mini Red Dragon is so cute. I hope he is mini Thorin’s friend. Very happy to discover all these pictures of the movie because I don’t know if I will be able to see it in France. Therefore thank you.


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