2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #24

Do you happen to follow me on tumblr? I think it is time I put out a warning: I have gone back to frequent reblogging. That means I reblog just about anything that catches my attention, with the purpose of recording it for later use in the weekly round-up. The last couple of weeks that has included a lot of Dolarhyde/Hannibal-related stuff, and I have been lazy about re-tagging it for others’ black lists to weed out the bad, the repulsive and the spoilers. It may be wise to ignore me on tumblr for the duration of Hannibal if you want to make sure you don’t catch spoilers. I am watching the episodes on Friday mornings (GMT), so chances are that you could come across material from an episode you have not seen yet. I apologize for any inconvenience and offense caused.

And now for this week’s collection of RA-related tumblr posts…

Red Dragon round-up 24

  1. In case you are thinking of throwing your weight behind the Hannibal tweet campaign, DLC has put together a few tweeting tips on thefannibalfeed
  2. This is a series that could rival the birdswitharmsitage – here we have RA imposed on… well, look for yourself. I LOLled. By artortof
  3. Clematis70 has collected (and made) gifs of Armitage chaRActers carrying something/one – somehow that is really nice
  4. Quotes from Hannibal 3×09, made into really HQ gifs. Loved this “tribute to Francis Dolarhyde” by reflections173
  5. Fuckyeahjohnlockfluff provides fabulous fan service: Link list of reviews of 3×09. Thank you!
  6. Old but good. And let’s have a look at the RA back catalogue, why not? Ian MacAlwain by riepu. (For a moment I thought he was smoking, but no, he’s just cold…)
  7. LOL. Not really pretty to look at. But kind of accurate. Dolarhyde 3×09 caricature by loshka
  8. The fashion of fandoms – today: Guy of Gisborne. And hey, Guy could probably sell me almost anything
  9. Look at those blue eyes in the set of screencaps by clematis70 – here’s a lifebuoy, before you drown…
  10. Dolly perusing his scrapbook. I found this gif set special because the images are lighter than most I have seen so far, and finally I had a better look at Dolarhyde’s hare’s lip
  11. Thorin seems so long ago… and yet, with an EE on the horizon, maybe this is topical again. Funny gif set – but do go all the way down to the end for a surprise. By pongoshadow
  12. Christ! This modern!Thorin AU drawing by frostisass really hit me deep. Yeah, predictable… but can you imagine???
  13. Strictly speaking, the source of these gifs by pieholic are an old hat. Sorry Lucas. But the last gifs somehow made me (inappropriately) laugh because it’s basically a seamless continuous loop of aggression.
  14. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Literally and figuratively. *gulps* Thank you, ausschweifendemotte, for this comprehensive chestitage (Yeah, I think I posted it last week already. But. But. Do I really need a reason?
  15. Too right, bambilynn25! Guy of Chestitage
  16. Wow. Over 640 stories??? triple-r-porn definitely is the porn queen. Go give her some love (or at least a <3) if you have enjoyed her NSFW stories
  17. Some drawings of Dolarhyde by farfalla-96. Or should that be “Doodlehydes”?
  18. So cute, the drawings of Bilbo and Thorin by whyain
  19. A thank you from puchupuchupuchupuchu for reaching 500 followers. Cute Thorin/Bilbo
  20. Riepu10 puts a chaRActeristic gesture in a mini gif set. Oh, I follow alright, no worries…

And now the Hannibal 3×10 SPOILERfest: Note – The following links contain gifs, pics and fan art that is based on previously unseen material from ep 08. Don’t click if you don’t want to be spoilt!

  1. I am only including this screenshot by tandfe for the caption. Yeah, right.
  2. Strangely enough, I did not find this gif of how magnificent the Red Dragon is, out of place at all. Gif by yunafire
  3. Ahighlyfunctionalcannibal has put the most important Reba-Dolly gifs into a set
  4. Drldeboer has three portraits (screencaps) of Dolly
  5. I found this gif set by francisdolarhype strangely touching. There was something beautifu in it, not necessarily titillating
  6. Aniarafan has some screencaps of Dolarhyde eating the watercolour
  7. LOL. Dragneto puts some naughty words in Reba’s mouth and naughty suggestions in Dolly’s head – not really spoiling 3×10 except for the screencaps used

For those of you who haven’t seen 3×10 yet – you are in for a feast! I’ll just say that the latest episode is fabulous. It’s all there – lots and lots of Dolarhyde. If every episode were like this, I’d be a fannibal…

Have a nice weekend everyone, and join the live tweet tonight, if you feel like it, from 9pm EST. I’ll be scheduling a few tweets, disclosing my as yet unmade Red Dragon shrine #3. Unfortunately it is just too late for me to be live-tweeting. Old girl needs her beauty sleep.


Guylty ❤


8 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #24

  1. Guten Morgen, let’s start the commenting:
    1.2) Das ist ja mal eine nette Verkleidung. Steht im gut, der altertümliche Look. Allerdings ist ihr bei der Manipulation ein wenig der Schultergürtel verrutscht. Deshalb wirkt der Kopf so aufgeschraubt.
    1.11) Ach ja, jetzt werden schon Drachen gemobbt. Hier ist ja wirklich keiner mehr sicher 🙂
    1.12) Das gefällt mir auch. Wobei ich sagen muß, dass der Bursche eher wie Aidan Turner aussieht. Oder ist er das und Thorin ist der Kleine im Tragetuch?
    2.7) Dragon Dildos 😀 Was für eine monströse Vorstellung

    Bin ja schon schwer auf deinen 3.10-Schrein gespannt. Bei der Materialflut…… 😉


    • LOL – also, das wäre ja mal ein AU, wo Kili der Onkel ist… neenee, lass mal. Aber so ein schicker Papa, der das Baby im Tragetuch mitbringt, hat doch was. Da werden sofort die Eierstöcke aktiv…
      2.7 – übelst, nee nee, muss nicht sein.
      3×10 Schrein soeben fertiggestellt. Ist wieder mal ganz anders geworden, als ursprünglich geplant. Die haben irgendwie ihren eigenen Willen, die Dinger. Ich lass ihn noch ein bisschen trocknen, und dann fotografiere ich. Kommt dann heute nacht raus…


  2. Thanks so much. My tumblring has come to a complete crawl – for the most part, my internet is only for a few hours in the afternoon at Starbucks during the week, when one person I follow blogs a load of another fandom, so I see very little on my tumblr. I look forward to Saturday and this! mwuah!!!!


    • Well, a little enforced break may not be that bad, Zee. Sometimes it gets all a bit much, I think. I always enjoy the break. You’ll be back soon enough, I am sure. And for now, other things need your attention much more.


  3. Danke fürs Zusammenstellen. ❤

    Falls es dich beruhigt: Ich finde die Nr. 13 auch zum Quieken. 😀 Das hat so was von einem ausrastenden Dreijährigen … Also: Man *sollte* nicht drüber lachen, aber aus der Ferne ist es zum Schreien komisch. 😀

    Ich wollte dir längst sagen, wie gelungen ich das aktuelle Logo finde. Simple und wirkungsvoll. 🙂


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