RA Pocket Shrine 89/? – #AteItUp

Soooo, has everyone seen Hannibal 3×11? I trembled. I cried. I drooled. I giggled. And I was inspired to make another Red Dragon shrine. Like the last three weeks, I am raffling off today’s shrine on Twitter again. Instructions follow at the end of this post.

RD4 (10)

GRD. Great Red Dragon. Whose side are you on? Homely Francis, or terrifying Dragon?

RD4 (7)

Check what Francis is seeing in the mirror shards…

RD4 (2)

And when the full moon comes out, he spreads his wings and flies away…

RD4 (4)

Howl, great tail-wagger, howl!

And here’s the full shrine:

RD4 (8)

(BTW, the Red Dragon sign was made by sinnamin, she of the irresistible plushies…)

Like before, I am raffling off this shrine over on my Twitter. If you would like to win this (D)RAPS, these are the instructions:

Go to my Twitter @GuyltyPleasure. I have tweeted six shrine-related tweets, indicated by numbering (1/6, 2/6…). Quote (which is a kind of RT) my tweet number 6/6, making sure you include the hashtags #Hannibal #AteItUp. And you are in. RT open until Monday, 17 August 2015, 8am GMT.

The shrine will be sent anywhere in the world, free of charge! I only have one favour to ask: Please allow another two weeks before I send it because I would like to hold on to all six final shrines til then in order to take a ‘group shot’ of them for my archive.

36 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 89/? – #AteItUp

    • Homely Francis was nicer in episode 3×10… this one was creepy, too, watching sinister footage unbeknownst to the lovely, trusting woman who is cuddling up to him.
      As for giggles – two things, and it wasn’t really intentional stuff. I just had to laugh at Mr A’s hourglass figure when he was seen in silhouette as he was breaking into Molly’s house. Plus – the boots just looked like RA’s own, as did the Belstaff jacket. A bit too fancy for Dolly…?

      Liked by 1 person

      • I thought the same thing. Did the wardrobe department have the day /night off? Or did they blow the budget on the dragon costume?


  1. those wings just… i just want to touch them gently.. and they look so dainty… i will be forgiven if my finger slips along his thigh.. ‘ggg’
    But otherwise no, no, no, the evil dragon needs to leave poor Francis alone, he looks so distressed in the upper pic, i just want to cure his boo-boos


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