RA Pocket Shrine 90/? – PCM (Personal Crucible Memorial)

Shrine number 90. Christ on a bike, I must be mad!!! Well, actually, I fully blame *you*! You are inciting the madness. I am merely too weak to resist. And no signs of the madness abating. Number 91 already made. Numbers 92 and 93 will probably be the final two episodes of Hannibal. And five RAPS on the order list. There is hope, dear people whom I owe a shrine! With my self-imposed “One RAPS per episode” project I have gotten into the swing of producing at least one shrine per week. And so it looks as if I am heading for the magic 100 in the near future.

Today’s RAPS has already been presented by the recipient on her blog. She has done so beautifully, and much in the same way as I usually do it, plus she has weaved a sweet little story around it. Have a look at Hariclea’s post here. Her post says it all, so I’ll be quick on this one.

Crucible Memorial (6)

PS: This picture gives me a bit of a shivering thrill – just imagining that Mr A would examine one of these shrines. *eeek* Not sure about that notion…

Hariclea was due a Thank You-RAPSoid for her participation in the RAPS for Charity initiative which she supported with a generous donation, as well as her general backing of my creative endeavours, and after our little pilgrimage to the Old Vic stage door, when I was in London last month, I made her a PCM.

Crucible Memorial (2)

Mr A as we like to remember him – hopefully elated after a draining performance of the demanding Proctor in The Crucible. He’s just about visible in the back there, still on stage of the Old Vic. The door can be closed on him, if he’s getting too intense 😉 And if you look closely at Mr A, I’ve showered his best bits with bits of glitter… purely for the tactile sensation when stroking the… ok, let’s not go there!

Crucible Memorial (3)

The uncrowned king of the London stage? I decided to bring out the Royal crest of arms again because it adorns not only the logo of the Old Vic, but also the logo of the Royal Opera House. And Hari is best known for her expert knowledge of opera and her frequent outings to that venerable cultural institution… Hence also the little silver heart underneath Convent Garden…

#90 Personal Crucible Memorial

Oh, summer of love… I hope this will remind Hari of good times. It sure did me when I was making it… Thanks for all your support, Hari, and for the entertainment you have provided in London and here. To be repeated, soon! ❤


42 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 90/? – PCM (Personal Crucible Memorial)

  1. w-o-w! I really like this one, so classy and personal. the whole top half is very impressive with it’s 3-D qualities (I especially like the poster in the background 🙂 ) and then the tube map and theatre crest on the bottom. plus Richard just looks delicious in both the pics that were chosen ❤

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    • Doesn’t he?! That SD pic is just so nice because he smiles so big.
      It was quite a fiddly design. It took a few attempts to cut out the stage door and make it open and closeable. And those posters really are outside on the walls of the OV (although in slightly different format).


  2. oh there is just something about him embracing my little PCM (it gives me flutters to just say that .. ‘mine’) like that which hits me right in the feels 🙂
    It is just adorable and at the moment i am on the search for a suitable little leather purse to protect it in transport and from my fondlin… erm.. wear and tear that is.

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  3. I love the royal crest! But I LOL every time I see it because I just went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam where they have a giant royal crest hanging on the wall. It’s the stern decoration from Charles II’s flagship which the Dutch captured. Something I didn’t learn in my Anglo-oriented history books 🙂


  4. Yes really the “summer of love” ! A perfect time. You’re right when you say that it has been really a very nice gift from him to be there each night, to meet the fans. A few minutes where there were just him and us. And this RAPS is perfectly reflecting this particular ambiance. I even recognize the bricks on the wall. Nothing has been forgotten. As usual. i noticed just a few days ago that what is written on the “Royal Crest” is French. “Dieu et Mon Droit” which means if I am correct : “God and My Right”. And I don’t know if you did it on purpose but the word “god” is just above RA’s shoulder. A message may be ? Lol.


    • Hehe, no coincidences when it comes to those little shrines, Katia. Yes, I liked the “god” sitting on RA’s shoulders. Especially when it comes to The Crucible, that little reference seemed very fitting…


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