RA Pocket Shrine 91/? – Sinnamin Extra

It’s Thursday morning where I am. That means that the next episode of Hannibal is already casting its shadow – and with it another Red Dragon shrine. So I must get a move on and quickly present a non-Hannibal shrine before I get stuck in enshrining the awe-some Dragon once again…

Today’s shrine is a little extra that I made for a wonderfully creative and very sweet person whom I discovered a while back on tumblr. I think you have all seen Nancy’s creative output as well. She goes under the name of Sinnamin on Twitter and Sinnaminie on tumblr, and she crafts the cutest plushies and has recently been extra-busy satisfying the demand of the Army for Armitage plushies… I do not own any of her gorgeous cuddlies myself, but I happen to currently host a guest who does. This is Linda60’s John Proctor, lovingly made by Sinnamin:

Proctor plushie

Cuuuuuuuuuuute… Don’t you just want to smother him in kisses?

Anyway. After including Sinnamin a few times in my tumblr round-up, I eventually hooked up with her on Twitter. She posted a tweet in early July showing a postcard with all her designs on it, and when I said I loved it, she surprised me by promising to send me “something”. How sweet is that? Not long after, I received a package from her that contained not only the postcard, but the most darling Thorin brooch, a hand-made Red Dragon brooch and a flower crown that fits perfectly on Pop!Thorin. (He’s been wearing it ever since!!!)

As a thank you for her kindness, I decided to make it a creative exchange and send her “something”, too. Because I had the perfect tin for her in my stash…

Sinnamin (1)

No, not that Nancy is a sinner – but Cinnamon ➡️ Sin-o-mints ➡️ Sinnamin…? See?

I was adamant that the shrine had to combine her love for Hannibal and her wonderful plushies, so this is what I came up with:

Sinnamin (9)

See the little plushie there on the side? Well, it’s tiny:

Sinnamin (10)

For the bottom part of the shrine I decided to let the Red Dragon cuddle up with Sinnamin’s bunny logo (hardly visible because of the gorgeous back on top of it…)

Sinnamin (5)

The words are magnets and can be removed. And here’s the shrine in fully operational mode – with Dolly perusing the Dragon plushie 😉 :

Sinnamin (4)

If you haven’t yet done so, please go and check out Nancy’s twitter. If you click to her photos, you will see the most delightful collection of Dolarhydes, Armitages, Thorins etc etc. They are just… asjkgdaskdhlas. And if you now feel the irrepressible urge to own one of cutesy creations, you can check her Etsy shop where she has quite a few chaRActers on offer!

PS: My personal favourite Guy is not there, but if I had to choose from the existing I’d probably go for Saturn Awards RA:



18 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 91/? – Sinnamin Extra

  1. These Plushies are soooo nice!
    Und der Schrein ist perfekt für sie.
    Mikrochirurgie ist ja ein Dreck dagegen! Super, auf welchen Fitzelniveau du mittlerweile unterwegs bist.


  2. *kreisch* Dolly mit Plushie! 😀
    Wie kommst du auf sowas?! 😀

    Die Dose mit de Namen war natürlich perfekt für die Empfängerin.

    PS: Soweit ich gehört habe, wird Sinnamin auch auf Sonderwünsche hin aktiv. Anfragen schadet jedenfalls nicht.

    PPS: Ich hoffe, du hattest und hast noch Spaß mit deinem Besuch. 🙂


    • Ich weiß, ich weiß, meine Fantasie versetzt mich manchmal auch in Angst und Schrecken *höhö*. Aber irgendwie musste das ja zusammengebracht werden.
      Jou, die Dose *musste* an Sinnamin gehen.
      Richtig – wenn man sich mit Sinnamin in Verbindung setzt, kann man auch noch genauere Vorstellungen angeben. Farbe des Schlipses und so…
      Besuch macht immer Spaß 🙂


  3. They’re all so super cute, I love those plushies!
    Well I doubt you could find a more apt tin for Nancy, it has her name all over it, so to speak ;o) It’s really sweet Guylty.


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