RA Pocket Shrine 92/? – #YouOweMeAwe

What an episode of Hannibal!!! It was totally awesome, and maybe this contained the scene that made the crew gasp! To be sure, I certainly found myself stammering “Ohmigod ohmigod” a few times in this. Richard was absolutely awesome in this episode – he acted the menace, the horror, the terror so convincingly, my hair stood on end and shivers ran down my spine. What a fantastic birthday present, to have this piece of work shown on Richard’s 44th. You have my awe, Richard, and you have my best wishes, too. May your talent never diminish, and your inspiration continue growing!

Oh, hold on, this is not a birthday post. And not a review post, either. This is actually a RAPS  post, so better stop eulogizing and get to the fifth out of six Red Dragon shrines. It was a true but fast labour of love because due to logistics I have had to get the shrine done on Friday, as I was out all day on Saturday, on family business. And it also had me ponder a bit. The episode is not exactly light-weight material. Dolarhyde’s Red Dragon is far from a cuddly pet. In fact, there were some gruesome scenes. Yes, even including squeamish Richard. Forgive me if I ignore the gore and concentrate on the beauty. I will still shower the Red Dragon in awe and hope to keep him happy that way…

3x12 (14)

Maybe the hint of leather in this photo already gives you a clue what is coming. Although not a particularly brand-name focussed person myself, the appearance of Belstaff had me lick my lips. So much so that I am justifying my creative deviation with artistic license…

3x12 (2)

OTOH I might just claim that I wanted to pander to the North-erners among the shrine appreciators… *hint hint*. However, I think Dolly pretty much pulls off this look, and I merely gave him a decent haircut and nicely packaging jeans *coughs*. The scenario, of course, is taken directly from the show. I just improved it.

The wings of the Dragon provide opportunity for some interactive fun. They can be moved. And a secret message will become visible.

3x12 (15)

Rather than burden the shrine recipient with the difficult bits of the show, I have opted for some feelz in the bottom part of the shrine.

3x12 (7)

I had exclusive access to Dolly’s private collection of slides and chose a few sweet ones. Let’s just pretend that Dolly is still redeemable… I wonder what Dolly (top right) is exactly looking at… *ahem*.

Oh, the crown can be removed, btw, and maybe the recipient wants to write his/her own message onto the slide… In any case, here’s the full works:

3x12 (3)

Soooo, just one more episode left to go. As difficult as the material has become, I am sad to see the end of this season. It is just such a privilege to watch Richard act – and on a regular basis.

Like before, I am raffling off this shrine over on my Twitter. If you would like to win this (D)RAPS, these are the instructions:

Go to my Twitter @GuyltyPleasure. I have tweeted six shrine-related tweets, indicated by numbering (1/6, 2/6…). Quote (which is a kind of RT) my tweet number 6/6, making sure you include the hashtags #Hannibal #YouOweMeAwe. And you are in. RT open until Monday, 24 August 2015, 8am GMT.

The shrine will be sent anywhere in the world, free of charge! I only have one favour to ask: Please allow a bit of time before I send it because I would like to hold on to all six final shrines til then in order to take a ‘group shot’ of them for my archive.

17 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 92/? – #YouOweMeAwe

    • Hehe, come on, you know me, J – I *always* ignore the gruesome and concentrate on the romantic/sexy/lovely bits. It just wouldn’t be fitting for a shrine to focus on scary or gruesome scenes. This is meant to make people feel good, and so it needs to be funny or sexy or romantic…

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  1. From what I’ve heard and seen you’ve done a brilliant job with the dark material 😉

    Love the wings and the slide (gosh, 35mm slides – that takes me back!)


    • 😀 Wie ich schon sagte – ich blende alles Horrormäßige aus. Das hat keinen Wert für einen Stimmungsaufheller wie einen Schrein. Da berufe ich mich ganz auf meine “künstlerische Freiheit” 😉


    • Me, too, Linnet. One more to go, and then I can line them all up before I send them off. It’ll be interesting to see if they show some sort of thematic progression. Well, actually I doubt they will. But it’ll be fun all the same…

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  2. Cute one 🙂 You’ve been very creative with the wings theme! i like 🙂 The upper side has a total disco feel to it and he does almost look like he is dancing 🙂 You said the shire is there to further positive imagination 😀
    Wow, slides, how nice you still ave that around the house! 🙂
    That pic left hand side , bottom.. LOL that furthers the imagination too 🙂
    I’m looking forward to a certain ‘packaged’ image making an appearance in a shrine soon! It’s certainly burned in my memory.. ups wrong verb! Anyway i am trying to find a capping tool i can use on this pc.. which probably won’t happen or else i might beg one of the specialists for it 😉
    Looking forward to the collection ❤


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