2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #26

Let me admit to you that my heart is not really in this week’s round-up. At the time of writing this (Friday lunchtime), I still have a heavy feeling in my stomach. And no, I didn’t overeat at lunch. If anything, I had no appetite at all. I suppose that’s enough of a spoiler, even without giving away details. You will all know soon, and I really look forward to discussing the final episode and the Red Dragon with you.

In the meantime, maybe the round-up will provide a bit of distraction, especially since I did not post last week. My duties as a host and family member have taken precedence. I did reblog plenty of stuff on my tumblr, though, and hopefully some of it will entertain and amuse you, too.

Red Dragon round-up 26

  1. Gimmethehobbit is spot on why we have to be grateful to Bryan Fuller
  2. And here’s another one by gimmethehobbit that accurately describes my general reaction to Dolly
  3. Drldeboer has collected all BTS photos of Hannibal 3×12 and 3×13 preview in a set
  4. Jollytr gives thanks to the fandom with a collection of thanks – well done to everyone!
  5. An intense moment from Hannibal 3×12, giffed by armitagesangel (gosh, he really is effective, isn’t he?)
  6. Well, after that we need a bit of relief. Jassy2101 has some Chop for you
  7. And more Chop via Clematis70
  8. This is what is currently on continuous loop on Guylty’s devices, mobile and stationary. UNF. Thanks riepu10
  9. It’s hard to believe it is really RA in that first of starkandsnow’s gifs
  10. LOL – here’s some light and naughty relief courtesy of nfcomics
  11. A great set of pics and gifs from my favourite bits in Hannibal 3×12 by ninapenyap – that tattoo is like a living thing…
  12. A triple-R-confession (don’t worry, not NSFW) that teaches you not to tempt fate
  13. Microlina posted the stills of Dolarhyde’s scrapbook. This is amazingly detailed work – do have a look at it, even if the images regretfully do not contain Dolarhyde
  14. This scene from Hannibal 3×12, giffed and coloured by francisdolarhyde, totally hits me – and now more than ever
  15. However much of an apologist for Dolly I may be, I really laughed out loud at this post by giovanni-broccaccio. Particularly the “with socks”-bit
  16. This gif by ausschweifendemotte (source??) is so cute, I love everything about it
  17. I liked this birthday graphic for RA by mur-dorks
  18. Circusgifs gave us a lovely collection of eye-gifs for Richard’s birthday. Thank you!!!
  19. I love riepu10’s birthday graphic for RA
  20. 44 pictures of the birthday boy by thorin-baconshield. Lovely
  21. This set of manips by tandfe is just touching and beautiful
  22. “Think of me, in case you are hungry at lunchtime.” “Yes, Dolly, I will. All the time.” Pics by jassy2101
  23. LOL – oh mezzmerizedbyrichard, I have thought exactly the same thing every time I have made a donation. (But unticked nonetheless…)
  24. In case you hadn’t noticed this on the Cybersmile Justgiving site, thorin-baconshield has documented something really sweet for you
  25. Love applefia2036’s classic Richard Armitage in b/w collection
  26. Always heart-warming to see him laugh. Thanks look-back-look-back-at-me

No spoilers for 3×13 today – just a few more hours, and the majority of you will have seen the finale of the show. Maybe it’s time to enjoy this, one last time…

Screenshot 2015-08-14 13.37.09

Enjoy your weekend ❤


28 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #26

  1. Jaja, mit dem Kopf ganz woanders…… 😉
    Meine ganz klarer Favorit der dieswöchigen Tumblr-Ausspielung ist …. Tadaaahhh: die 16! Ich könnte dem Kleinen in seinen diversen Verkleidungen stundenlang zusehen. Hat das vielleicht was mit meiner Rolle als Mutter zu tun, dass ich hopsende kleine Jungs per se ganz niedlich finde? 😀 (Mist, und dabei wollte ich die Mutter-Debatte doch endgültig aus meinem Fangirling verbannen, damit das nicht zum Fanmothering wird *schüttel*)


    • Solche Endlos-Gifs sind aber auch besonders nett anzugucken. Da verliert man schnell das Zeitgefühl. Und ja, diese Chibi-Armitages sind einfach supersüß. Das Kindchenschema greift sofort.


  2. Before we go back to being sad (haven’t watched it yet, saving for tonight ;-)) here’s a definitely cheer-upper from the fab GofG 🙂

    That’s how i want to star my day 😉
    Thanks so much for the roundup, housework and then i’ll come back for my treats! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Oh, wie schön. eine Runde Richarding. 🙂

    Hab’s letzte Woche schwer vermisst. (Äh, kein Vorwurf – höchstens an das Leben, das so unverschämt ist, nie genug Zeit für die wirklich wichtigen Dinge zu lassen. 😉 )

    Schönes Wochenende auch dir. ❤


    • Vielen Dank – und ja, ich vermisse meine tumble Runde auch, wenn ich nicht dazu komme. Ist irgendwie schon Teil meiner Routine geworden. Selbst dann, wenn mein Herz nicht drin ist… Bald ist meine Besucherrunde vorbei und ich habe wieder mehr Zeit…


      • Du hast schon viel mehr Zeit, wenn du nicht mehr jede Woche gucken, schmachten und schreinern musst. 😀

        Ist aber irgendwie auch nicht so ganz das Wahre … 😦


        • Da hast du Recht. Ich bin ein kleines bisschen froh, dass der Druck jetzt wieder etwas weniger wird. Mit meinem Schrein-Projekt hatte ich mich da wirklich selbst unter Druck gesetzt und musste Freitag/Samstag zusehen, dass ich klar kam. Andererseits – ohne Druck kann ich auch schlecht arbeiten.


  4. I’m feeling some trepidation watching the last episode (it’s waiting and ready on my laptop)… last week’s was gory enough, I hope I can deal with this week’s episode…


    • Have you seen it yet? It’s airing now in the US. And yes, it’s difficult material. But I have to say, despite trepidation, I have enjoyed the whole ride. Not least because RA makes it worth-while.


      • Yes, I watched it last night and did need to look away occasionally in the end. Yes, I really did love what Richard did in Hannibal and I also love Hugh Dancy in this but the way everyone speaks in a measured, hushed tone all the time made me impatient and in the middle bits my attention did wane. Without giving away any spoilers, the very last scene between Hannibal and Will Graham I thought was a great end.


        • The finale was a true finale – and I am sure the Fannibals were all truly satisfied. Even by the slight openness of the ending – especially in light of the very last scene after the credits… As an Armitage fan, it wasn’t satisfying at all, though 😀


  5. Weirdly enough, I’ve seen quite a few of these, but good to see them in a collection!!!! And look again. I said Frankie (I just like that better than Dolly! LOL) would tear my heart out and he did. Not sure this will a Richard series I’ll watch over and over, well maybe his scenes with Reba, but I’m amazed at the brilliance of the man. Just amazed.

    Still thinking Chop is hawt.

    Trying to write. Hard to do when one is drugged. You up maybe this weekend for a bit of gamma-ing??? Trying to wrap up Roland and he gets QUITE the shock….


  6. Richard saying “thank you” and Richard laughing. Are always the best for me. Better to think about him like this than… I have not seen Hannibal but through photos on the blogs I have some ideas. And I remember RA saying that F.D. at the end would have what he deserves so… I like his look in Urban. Time to think about a “Chop-RASP” Guylty and get out of the dragon sickness. Have a nice week-end you and all your followers.


    • I know… Hannibal is hard to stomach. But alas, tonight is the end. I must say it was a fun ride, and I am glad I was on it, but yes, I also like looking at feel-good images…
      Yes, it’s high time for a Chop RAPS, especially as we now have lots of images.
      Have a nice Sunday, too ❤


  7. Lovely roundup, always a pleasure, thank you so much!
    My favourite pieces are no. 16 (very nice collection of all his characters, but, as a newborn fan, I have to concentrate very hard to recognise all of them…!), then no. 20 (just beautiful to watch) and no. 21 (somehow impressive).


    • Hello and welcome, Camassia! Glad you are finding the round-up helpful/entertaining. I loved number 20, too – even though I knew all the pics, but seeing them all together… ah, sigh.


  8. I’ve been trying to reblog your list … but I can’t figure out how to do it and my reblog button is gone from the header 😦
    Anyhewww … another great list – and especially since you’re busy with RL and you’re heart is all chewed up from Frank’s foibles this week!


    • Oh, that’s weird about the re-blog button. It’s not in the header, you are right, but it is underneath the post, at least when I look at my own site.
      I’m telling you, Francis has had me in bits. I have rarely felt so affected by a character’s story…


  9. Das scrapbook ist ja total interessant, da würde ich ja gerne mal eine Weile drin lesen. Danke für den Link!
    Urban ist für viele schöne neue Fotos gut, das gibt den overkill wenn er dann tatsächlich mal zu sehen ist. Wobei der neue trailer ja doch viel actionlastiger ist als der erste den sie wieder gelöscht haben, bin gespannt auf die Umsetzung in der Langfassung….


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