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It’s over, it’s done. Hannibal has culminated in a spectacular season finale. When I watched it on Friday morning, my first reaction was stunned shock. I was literally in mourning for half the morning, my stomach churning with sadness, because even though the Red Dragon had it coming, I was not ready to let Dolly go. My first instinct was that I couldn’t possibly find a way to make a shrine for the last instalment of the Red Dragon shrine project. Until I realized that ignorance is bliss, and that I could write the story in a different way in my shrine. So here’s to artistic licence – and to leaving out the bits that do not suit my taste…

For my final (D)RAPS shoot, I was able to bring out the previous five shrines for episodes 3×08 to 3×12. I think I am going to indulge in a final group shot tomorrow, before I send the shrines to their new owners. The last shrine has not been raffled away at the time of writing, and you will find instructions on how to get into the raffle for it at the end of this post. Let me show you what you have a chance to win:

Dolarhyde Finale (15)

The latest shrine is right there, on top of the others. A red heart for Dolarhyde. And a black one for the Red Dragon.

There was a key scene in the show, and I had some fun playing with keys in my shoot, too. Plus, I got some lovely shallow depth of field in 🙂

Dolarhyde Finale (18)

Ok, enough teasing. Here’s what’s inside:

Dolarhyde Finale (6)

As I said, the final episode of Hannibal contained difficult material. I opted to ignore the end and to focus on some of the imagery that had Dolly save Reba. Fire and dragons go together. But let’s pretend that this is not a fire of destruction, but a phoenix from the ashes…

Dolarhyde Finale (3)


I loved the key scene between Reba and Dolarhyde. Not only because Dolarhyde made sure he saved Reba from the Red Dragon, but because we got a lovely view of that tender throat and neck… So I gave Dolly a key around his neck which the future shrine owner can take off over Dolly’s head and put on again. And his dragon wings hopefully look less creepy in my version…

So that’s the shrine in full glory:

Dolarhyde Finale (8)

But wait. There is a bit of interactive fun in this shrine – Dolly’s silhouette sits in a slot, hidden behind the “flames”. So he can be removed – which reveals a hidden message… and instead of a Dolarhyde silhouette engulfed in flames, there is a Dolly walking back out:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So yeah, let’s believe in a “happy ever after”…

Dolarhyde Finale (2)

And *phew* that’s the last of the Red Dragon shrines done.

Would you like this last shrine as a souvenir of a challenging series, a fantastic fan/fandom/fannibal experience and a tragic character? You can win it in my Twitter raffle. These are the instructions to be in the draw:

Go to my Twitter @GuyltyPleasure. I have tweeted seven shrine-related tweets, indicated by numbering (1/7, 2/7…). Quote (which is a kind of RT) my tweet number 7/7, making sure you include the hashtags #Hannibal #HannibalMicDrop. And you are in. RT open until Monday, 31 August 2015, 8am GMT.

The shrine will be sent anywhere in the world, free of charge! And this time I don’t even have to ask for patience – I will do my group shoot in the next couple of days, and then the shrine will be on its way.

Lastly – thank you for your support and indulgence of my Red Dragon shrining efforts. It’s been great fun, and only so because of your kind feedback. We’ll return to regular scheduling, soon – and to more raffles over here on WordPress.


57 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 93/? – IgnoRAnce is Bliss

  1. Wow! You’ve got a whole new level of shrining, a narrative arc, which is why it’s good to have the “group shots.” Love, love the key!! And it sounds like Francis managed a noble gesture at the last…


    • You are spot on, Linnet – a narrative arc. And that’s something that I have wanted to explore for a while, a series of shrines that are connected and progress in an interconnected way. It didn’t quite pan out like that with the shrines, partly because I had to wait from week to week to see how the story developed. Would be easier to do with material that I am already familiar with. (Maybe I should do a series of Guy shrines or something.)
      Yes, Francis turned out to be good in parts – although that is what he always was. He saved Reba. He could not save himself. The fangirl is devastated 😉

      Liked by 3 people

      • Devastating yes, but it’s goooood because he had a final redemption. If he had gone out being a horrible icky monster, then you would really be heartbroken. This way is better!


        • I am playing devil’s advocate here: His redemption is a bit two-sided. Ok, he *did* spare Reba. But he also used her to put Will on the wrong track. By letting her survive, she was able to tell a wrong story. Which really suited his plans… But well, let’s just pretend that that was incidental and not intended *yeah, right*. You are right of course, it makes it much easier to ignore the harrowing ending and focus on the redeemed sinner.

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  2. Thank you for your 6-episodes-endurance S.! These tiny shrines helped me bearing this occasionally quite unbearable stuff. I’m glad too, that it is over and done with. Nevertheless it was quite a great perfomance (as already said) seeing HIM acting like THAT. But now heading to new shores Mr. A. AND Guylty 😉


    • Aw, thanks C!! ❤ Yes, the beauty of the human mind: Not only does it produce people who can wholly become someone else for the sake of acting, it also is incredibly selective and ignorant :-D. And so we *choose* to see the good in Dolly, and ignore the rest…
      It was a fabulous experience – from A to Z, unlike any other Armitage-related fangirling I have done before. And despite the challenging material, I loved it all.
      D is dead, long live D! 🙂


        • Nee. Ich drücke mich da gerade noch vor. Das ist wieder mal ein Fall von – “wenn’s geschrieben ist, dann ist wirklich auch alles vorbei”… Allerdings habe ich bereits Freitag ewig viel stream of consciousness ausgekotzt, weil ich echt loswerden musste, was mich beschäftigte… Da geht hoffentlich die Review schneller von der Hand…


          • Das MUSS ein Ende haben. Tue.Es.Jetzt. Dolly hin oder Armitage her, der Drops ist gelutscht. Es wird höchste Zeit, dass wir dieses ganze, leicht (sorry) kranke Umfeld um Hannibal verlassen. Also, spuck’s aus 😉 Du warst sowieso schwer tapfer, wenn ich da an unsere Gespräche bei dir zurückdenke.


                • Genau deswegen ist es ja so “bäh”, das Ganze noch mal angucken zu müssen. Das Ende war einfach undignified. Und die Review will sich deshalb einfach auch nicht schreiben lassen. Hab gestern mehrere Ansätze unternommen und zig Wörter geschrieben, aber das hat irgendwie alles keinen Fluss und ist einfach nur ein persönliches Gejammer von mir, das keiner lesen will.

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                    • Da hast du zwar Recht, aber irgendwie deckt sich das nicht mit meinen Erwartungen an eine Serienkritik :-D. Aber ok, das Ding muss heute raus, denn der Kaffee wird auch schon immer kälter. Gestern war einfach nicht so richtig mein Tag. Der heutige hat zwar auch nicht mit Jubelschreien angefangen, aber vielleicht lässt sich da noch was drehen. Self-suggestion.


                  • Doch,naturlich wollen wir 🙂 meine Gedanken sind im Augenblick auch gar nicht organisiert, aber ich habe es nur einmal gesehen, muss mal schauen ob beim 2 heute Nacht mehr rauskommt. Eindrucke ja , aber keine logische Geschichte. Aber das war sie andererseits nicht, denn sie haben sich ein Ende fur Fans ausgedacht, also gibt es da keinen logischen Faden, es ging glaube ich eh um was Emotionales. Ich will auch ein paar Gedanken aufschreiben uber die Serie im allgemeinen und wie ich durch sie Sachen auch anders anschaue usw, aber wie du auch sagst, schwer beim Ganzen Kopf und Fuss zu finden:-)


                    • Du triffst den Nagel auf den Kopf, Hari. Das Ganze ist extrem emotional, und auch ich wollte eigentlich noch mal eine Gesamtkritik loslassen, aber auch da bin ich derzeit emotional noch zu nah dran. Mir fehlt wirklich der Abstand, mich kritisch damit auseinanderzusetzen. Aber ich bin jetzt trotzdem dran und schreibe gerade an der 3×13 Review.

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              • Wie wäre es, wenn ihr einfach mal eure Reviews schreibt?

                Eure Kritik wird dann von euren Kritikern gnadenlos kritisiert, und am Ende sind alle glücklich.

                Oder alle gehen sich gegenseitig dermaßen an die Kehle, dass der gute Hannibal blass vor Neid wäre. 😀


  3. LOVE the overall look of this one! the flames on top and the paisley looking wings on the bottom with the key. I like the shadow amidst the flames but then when you remove it and see the words “I can’t watch you burn”, the top and bottom work with each other in a beautiful way. I’m not caught up on the series yet but I can definitely appreciate this shrine & feel *you* in it’s making ❤


    • Yep, this is me going “lalalalalala I can’t hear you” and completely ignoring the reality of the show…
      Damn, I just checked the book and Francis actually says “I can’t stand to watch you burn” – well, I shortened that, and decided to apply it to him, too.
      Glad you like it *despite* the show. As always, my mission is to make the shrines a fun and happy thing, and as such they will always be sanitized, appropriated versions of whatever source material I use.


  4. Du hast dich aber nicht zufällig unterbewusst durch meinen “er wird durch diese Rolle wie ein Phoenix aus der Asche hervorkommen” Text beeinflussen lassen? Grins 😉 Vielleicht ist es ja auch einfach nur ein “zwei Irre ein Gedanke” Zufall 😉 egal: wundervoller Abschiedsschrein 🙂


  5. Won’t be able to catch up until next week but nothing is spoiled for me. The more I read about it, the more I want to see it. Love the shrine and the removable necklace. So sweet. And seeing all those shrines in an artfully arranged pile, quite impressive. They are beautiful.


  6. Terrific last shrine Guylty and a good place to stop and pretend the rest didn’t happen. I watched the episode yesterday and I’m still a bit brain dead over it, seem to have lost the ability to write much of anything for the moment. It was a superb bit of acting from Mr A and I’m glad I saw it but I’m also very glad it’s over too xx.


    • That pretty much sums up my feeling, too, Austoz. The end really had me in bits for half a day – an intensity of reaction that I had really not anticipated. I do think this was a role of Mr A’s that will be considered a really important step in his career, but I am glad it is over for the moment. However much I like to see him on TV, I’d prefer easier material…

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I am still suffering the loss of Dolarhyde. I knew it had to happen but the way they moved in like a wolf pack cutting and tearing his flesh made me sick and angry. And FD, with his military training couldn’t kill Will with one stab, could shoot the police dead while driving down the road? Something terribly wrong with that script. I like your rewrite much better. FD is alive and well and redeemed. But what will I do now on Sat. night? Oh yes, Doctor Who is about to restart.
    As for #93, another inspired masterpiece. Your wings are so elegant, not dragony at all. It looks like there is writing behind the wings. I see “take”, “the”, and “you” but can’t make out what it says.
    And this time I remembered to RT 7/7 as soon as you tweeted it.


    • I am so with you on the loss of Dolarhyde. I am quite surprised at how much that character has affected me. After all, he is also a nasty killer. And yet… Well, it’s probably also the fact that with him died the regular weekly Armitage fest 😀
      Well spotted, Snowy, there is writing in there, indeed. A bit faint, and a bit hard to read. (I didn’t have enough space for my usual magnets.) It actually says “take the key”.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Das interaktive Element ist für mich immer das Wichtigste. Ich mag es, wenn die Schreinbesitzerin irgendwie etwas am Schrein selbst verändern kann, also nicht nur passiv guckt, sondern richtig eingreift. Da sind so kleine Spielereien wie ein umgehängter Schlüssel genau richtig.
      Will heute mal die Kollektion fotografieren. Mal sehen, wie sich das so nebeneinander macht…


    • You know, I would have never thought that I’d be sad once Hannibal was over. With all the misgivings I had about the show… Well, just proves how opportunist and superficial I am *lol*
      Shooting the shrines later today, hopefully will get a post out tomorrow. Stay tuned 😉


  8. I think it is beautiful and suiting! I wondered last night after i finally decided to watch it (again my 2am slot! in the silent darkness…) how you managed to come up with a shrine idea 🙂 Ie something that wouldn’t be sad. I love the key and fire theme and the words and the whole look of it. It’s luxurious, glamorous and slightly darker? Do you think the show’s look influenced you a bit?
    I can’t wait to see them all together and see how you will photograph them, it will be interesting to see how inspiration changed and how it all inspired you 🙂
    I thought the shrines were all special and i know this has been very challenging, not least because of the crazy timetable but i am glad you took in on, the results are worth it 🙂


    • Yeah, I wondered the same thing after watching the final episode – how was I ever going to create a shrine for that. It only worked by ignoring the bits that hurt. But I did love the fire scenes, so they were the inspiration.
      I would have loved to give the shrines a particular, unmistakable Hannibal feel, but I don’t think I have. If they appear a little bit darker than usual, then that is down to Dolly’s usual frown.
      As soon as I have a free gaff today, I will assemble the shrines for a shoot. Not sure yet how I am going to set them up, but I want to get it done today and then send the shrines to their new owners. Some of them have been waiting for weeks…
      And yes, I am glad I pushed myself to do it, too. In fact, I hope I’ll continue with the “at least one shrine per week” schedule – I enjoyed having a clear goal, a time-frame, and a reason to make a shrine.

      Liked by 1 person

          • Lol.. well some of them were funny.. i miss him, or rather him having fun with it like a year ago when he started. I think he’s found it much less fun that he thought it would be, or rather very different. All too serious, all too many waves for every single things he says and so on. I miss the jokes and photos from the time of the Crucible but i think that vibe is just not there. I can sympathise why. Things i think worked better maybe for both sides when communication was more written messages with quirky jokes. Anyway, it is what it is. Maybe i need to read those interviews that i think have been published last week and i haven’t gotten round to, as well as reviews. I just miss hearing him talk and joke about his work and stuff. Feels like we heard and seen a lot of his work but mostly from thirds and have heard less from him.


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