2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #27

This, my dears, will mark the end of this 👇 round-up illustration:

Red Dragon round-up 27

Yes, the Red Dragon is dead, Hannibal is over. We need to move on to the next project in line. Except – I have no idea which project is next??? Can we hope for UATSC? Over on Twitter, film maker Candida Brady is very busy, spoiling us with lots of photos of RA…  Let’s hope that is indicative of a release, soon.

For this week’s round-up, however, we are still firmly in Hannibal territory. Gifs and caps from the final episode of the show dominated my tumblr this week. I am aware that some of you may not want to see graphic violence. I am not too keen on it, myself, and so there is little of that to be seen here, anyway, but there is one link which needs to be approached with caution. It is indicated in the list.

Other than that I can only say that I felt seriously confused yesterday morning. I got up at my usual time, did my first morning shift work and settled in for my usual routing – only to realize that there was no episode of Hannibal to hunt down, to watch and to form an opinion about. It’s scary how easily I get into a routine… Not one for much moping, I quickly rejoiced that at least that means I have more time now.

I hope you have a bit of time to click your esteemed selves through this:

  1. Have we seen this before? I thought this little Compton joke by applefia2036 was really funny
  2. Little smiles are the best. Even in dim light. Gif by armitagesangel
  3. The gif pops up again – but read this richardarmitage-confidential. Completely agree
  4. Circusgifs fulfills a request of “Carrying Reba”. I wonder why people (including me) like seeing something like this
  5. I had a little tumblr conversation with gifted artist anastasium. Here’s a set of all her RA drawings – fabulous
  6. And this is anastasium again – she made a time lapse video of her drawing process. Must watch, plus really nice portrait!
  7. Once the wings are black, the Red Dragon actually looks quite magnificent. Gif set by stvrkindustries
  8. You’ve seen this seminal Dolly/Reba scene before (probably multiple times), and this gif set by existingcharactersdiehorribly will break your heart. It sure stabbed right into mine
  9. Not-that-kind-of-hot shows us what it looks like when Thorin is on top. Ahem.
  10. He kind of did mine, too, richardarmitage-confidential
  11. Ok, WARNING: Not everyone wants to see this. Gif set of RA’s death scenes. By circusgifs. Click through by your own discretion
  12. We’ve seen this pic of Francis before, but I am including it here because larygo’s image is so nicely big
  13. Loved this gif set with RA’s major chaRActers by applefia2036
  14. Ok, it’s a shame, but compare chaRActers getting dressed. Somehow gif 2 really hits me. Gif set by ausschweifendemotte
  15. Do killers blink when they pull the trigger or is that Mr Armitage there? Awwww Gif set by francisdolarhype
  16. Sorry for the richardarmitage-confidential overload, but THIS…
  17. A RA quote on Dolarhyde via applefia2036 I hadn’t read before. Spot on, Richard!!!
  18. This gif *had* to be in this compilation, the ArmPitage Army demanded! By kzei-smrk
  19. I know, I know, the anti-smoking gang will be on to me, but this one is just for me then. Smoking Chop. By thorin-baconshield
  20. A Red Dragon portrait by thelastgreenseer
  21. Speakfriendandenter has identified what Thorin and Dolarhyde have in common. Funny/cute comic
  22. Tandfe has put Siouxie’s lyrics to a couple of images. Nice!
  23. I really liked this drawing of the Red Dragon by raz089
  24. Lovely combo of UATSC gifs and quote by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  25. Slomotion-s has made a nice Red Dragon/Woman Clothed in the Sun logo/painting
  26. Circusgifs proves that RA has still got the majestic hair acting skill, two years after TH. Does that mean we get a “L’Oréal Leeds”, soon?
  27. Jollytr draws our attention to “blinky eyelash porn”. Always welcome

There. Lots of material to make us feel the “loss” less acutely 😉 .  I distracted myself yesterday with shrine business. I spent a few hours getting the packages ready for my Red Dragon shrine winners. The packages finally went into the post in the afternoon. Experience tells me that packages to the US (hello 🇺🇸 SHtoday, greetings Carolyn 👋) take between 8 and 10 days to reach the recipient. The European winners (hooray 🇩🇪 Gai, Frauvonelmdings, Oaky and Alessia 🇮🇹) may already receive mail early next week. At least I hope so, because yours high-flying truly is heading to London on Thursday for a conference, and after that straight on to Cologne for a major convention, so I may not be around and online as much as I usually am. But I hope you’ll let me know if and when the package arrives. Oh, and I would love it even more, if you did me a favour: Send/tweet me a picture of your shrine in its new habitat. Doesn’t have to include you, if you are too shy and/or value your anonymity. But I’d love to see where Dolly #2 – #7 reside now 🙂

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

Guylty ❤

23 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #27

  1. Here we are:
    Nr. 6 ist stark: interessant, dass sie mit den Augen beginnt und dann sofort die Nase 🙂 Ist wahrscheinlich die übliche Technik, aber hier irgendwie passend. Gut gefällt mir auch der Moment, in der nur Gesicht und Ohr fertig sind. Da sieht er aus wie einer aus der Elfengang von diesem Blondling ( wenn du verstehst) 😎
    Nr. 14: ist doch klar, warum dich das 2. Gif so packt. Wann bitte hat er sich denn sonst mal direkt vor dir ausgezogen? Na also 🙂 Komischerweise ergeht es mir ähnlich……
    Nr. 26: Und L’Oreal d’Urban hält dem Vergleich mit Style “Erebor” nicht wirklich stand. Die angetackerte “Mähne” ist dann doch ein wenig zu fusselig. Es fehlt ganz klar der majestätische Schwung. Lediglich der brennende Blick wird vom ausführenden Model sehr überzeugend eingesetzt. Überhaupt, die Wahl des Models…..


    • Ich fand das Video auch absolut faszinierend – und einfach interessant, wie es so funktioniert, wenn jemand malt. Toll gemacht.
      Nr 14 – och, daran, dass er direkt vor mir stand, als er sich aus- und angezogen hat, war mir gar nicht so bewusst. Ich glaub, ich hab eher die Rippen und die Muskeln angeschaut. Die sehen nach Arbeit aus. Und nach genau dem, was RA selbst in einem Interview sagte – Proctor als sexuelles Wesen. Mehr als Guy und Lucas, die irgendwie noch etwas weicher rüberkommen.
      Was Nr 26 angeht, hast du natürlich Recht – so ganz kann Chop mit seinem halblangen Bob gegen die Lockenpracht von Erebor nicht ankommen. Aber dennoch war da wieder tolles Hairacting dabei. Lang lebe die Windmaschine…


  2. Anastasium–very impressive talent!! I like the “carrying Reba” motif too. Looking back on my fiction I can think of at least two “carry” scenes, even if I added comic elements to each 🙂 They’re sexy, pure and simple.


  3. I have spent several minutes studying the Carrying Reba… notice the difference between Francis carrying Reba and The Dragon carrying Reba…. at least, I see a difference.

    Lovely compilation, as always. Thank you so much.


    • 🙂 I am glad it is still part of your Saturday morning routine. For me it is a “Friday evening routine”, because that’s when I finalize the post, ready to be scheduled for the next morning. Glad to be of service 😉


  4. I am going to wait a little while longer to venture on to tumblr again precisely for this reason — tired of seeing pictures of Armitage in this role after six intense weeks of the pictures (no, I never felt that way about any other character). I admired his portrayal but watching it tired me out. I know we’ll never get rid of or unsee those pictures but hopefully their prevalence will wane, in time.


    • Oh, nothing is as old as yesterday’s news. The enthusiasm will wane, I am sure, and since the character doesn’t exactly meet a noble end, I don’t really see his death scene become a favourite. Well, no death scene ever does.
      I’ve noticed in recent weeks that Thorin seems to be making a comeback. Testament to the inherent goodness of that character, despite a tragic end? Or just a reaction to the impending EE release? Or just a particularly strong fandom? Guy is always a “Dauerbrenner”, I suppose. But good man Porter doesn’t always show up, despite his heroic status…


  5. No.4 “Carrying Reba” the question you posed was asked in jest I take it? ;o)
    No.14 I’ve seen those gifs before and always found them quite mesmerizing, no surprises there ;o) but something always bothered me about them and I’ve just worked out what it is. He puts his shirt on sleeves first then over his head, when I dress I put my head through first then my arms into the sleeves… trivial and silly I know but I’m kinda glad I’ve finally worked it out.
    Great round-up Guylty, thanks xx


    • No 4 – no, the question is not entirely rhetorical. I am wondering why I like the image of a man carrying a woman. I have made an attempt at answering somewhere above – something about the care expressed in carrying something that is too precious to let it touch the ground, and the fact that carrying means cradling someone in your arms, close to your heart and your lips, I guess… (Not speaking from experience here – I’ve never been carried after the age of 3 :-D)
      Hehe, putting on clothes. I actually do it the same way that RA does it, arms first, then head.


    • I am glad you found the round-up safe to navigate. Hannibal was really tricky in that regard, although I have to say that I luckily didn’t get to see too many gory things on tumblr, either.
      As for #14 – not sure whether it is only that I saw Proctor taking off his shirt in front of me. There was something else there, about the physicality of that character as opposed to Guy and Lucas. In a way I found Proctor more “real”, and more “real MAN”…

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Es ist doch immer wieder begeisternd was Fans bezüglich der fanart auf die Beine stellen, tolle und sehr beeindruckende Bilder. Früher……in Jugendzeiten habe ich auch mal Pferde, Tiere allerArt, Indianer und was noch gemalt, wie wahrscheinlich alle Mädels, aber zum Glück der Menschheit habe ich damit inzwischen aufgehört. Aber diese Fanart von Dolly und dem Drachen hat doch schon echt Klasse ❤


    • Nicht alle Fan Art, die man so sieht, ist auch wirklich toll. Und ich kann auch nicht immer etwas mit der Idee anfangen, selbst gezeichnete Portraits an den abgebildeteten Star zu schicken. (Ich würde z.B. niemals ein Selbstportrait von mir aufhängen… aber gut, das bin nur ich. Aber es ist natürlich immer unterstützenswert, wenn Leute Inspiration durch einen Schauspieler oder einen Film finden.) Aber z.T. sind da echte Talente am Werk, und ich finde, dass man ihnen den Applaus gewähren soll, der ihnen zusteht. Allein schon deswegen, weil sie uns mit ihrer Kunst kostenlos erfreuen. Gerade das, was ich bei Hannibal gesehen habe, war schon ziemlich gehobene Klasse.


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