FYI Red Dragon Fans re. #cRAftingForCharity Auction

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You may want to tune in next weekend (19th to 22nd September) because there will be a few essential Red Dragon fan items going on auction here. A fantastic opportunity to get your hands on hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces that have been lovingly crafted by talented, fellow fans of yours. What is even better, is, that you probably know those lovely ladies – so not only could you auction something that will remind you of our wonderful Mr A, but also of his creative fans…

Such as…

Nancy aka Sinnamin. I probably do not have to introduce her – I have mentioned her frequently in the past, and her plushies are a much sought-after fan object that have found new homes all over the world. Nancy first came to my notice over on tumblr, but once I discovered her on Twitter, we very quickly became “Twitter buddies”. And this lovely lady is not just a creative artist, but also a kind compassionate woman, because she reacted to my tentative announcement of a charity auction with a private message, offering a plushie for the auction. And what a plushie it is – a very special one… so cute…

Sinnamin Belstaff Dragon Close up

Well, consider yourself teased. If you want to see more of him, you’ll have to tune in on Saturday 😉

But since we are talking Red Dragon – here is another wonderful story and addition to the auctions. Much like Sinnamin, the creator of the following artwork also sent me an unprompted message bts and offered up a contribution to the auctions. Some of you may remember Lily as one of the instigators of a beard-fun fan reaction last year before Christmas, a fun little Twitter project to make Mr A laugh. She is also a crafter, and is currently particularly keen on needlework. Hence her submission is a tapestry miniature of symbolic nature…

Needleart Teaser

Yes, I am totally teasing you, not showing you the entire work of art. But I have to cheat you – because I want you all to come back on Saturday and have a look at the fabulous pieces on offer in the auctions. I promise you, you will see full size images of the auction items – and they will blow you away.

Until then I hope to tease you a bit more with further hand-made items and a few great souvenirs and collectibles that are a must-have for any RA-fan 😉 And in the meantime – go and give Sinnamin and Lily some love. They deserve it 🙂

14 thoughts on “FYI Red Dragon Fans re. #cRAftingForCharity Auction

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  2. Der ist so süß und knuffig, schade, dass es ein Dolly ist. Was meinst Du was ein Guy zum knuddeln oder ein Thorin bringen würde….. ❤ aber es werden sich bestimmt auch Damen finden die einen Dolly ans Herz drücken möchten!


  3. Reblogged this on Opera is Magic and commented:
    And here is a teaser of some of the goodies one can auction for! With the 5p bag charge being introduced as of end of this month in England too and i desperate need of a tote! (well, maybe not desperate in general, i just need one PARTICULAR tote 😉


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