RA Pocket Shrine 95/? – Prisoner of my ❤️

Who do you think is the most popular shrine object subject? As a Guy-girl, I would’ve thought that Sir Guy, who firmly keeps *my* ❤ prisoner, is up there. But then guess how surprised I was when I recently did a quick statistical overview over the shrines so far and found that Guy is no more than among the top three… Worst of all – the shrine subject which I initially set out to avoid entirely, has firmly established itself as one of the two most popular shrine personalities. Can you guess who I mean:meta-chart

That’s right! Stats tell me that RLRA is at joint top spot together with Thorin. I am not surprised about the latter – he has an enduring appeal. But RLRA shocked me. Not because he’s not worth it. Far from it. But because I had stipulated at the beginning of this project that I was only ever going to enshrine fictional chaRActers, and not a living, breathing man. Well *hmph*, 12 RLRAs prove me wrong. How the F did that happen???

Surely, the situation must be amended. And especially Guy’s woeful status at #3 has to be addressed. And thus I present you the Guy who holds my heart prisoner – and whom I’d like to make prisoner of mine…


Staying with the “prison” motif, I decided to lock Guy up. You can decide yourself whether it is him who is breaking out of his cage, or whether you are breaking in to join him in his rather comfortable cell…


I confess, personally I am not a fan of season 3 style Guy, but I have to admit that he looked really and truly beautiful there… I couldn’t resist this picture:

IMG_4748 The “dark velvet desire” are magnetic words, so they can be thrown out by the owner of the shrine… The “prisoner of my <3”, however, is fixed and not removable…


This, dear all, is another shrine that will go on auction at the coming weekend. I hope that a few Guy-loving sisters might feel interested in him. Watch out for announcements and auctions from Saturday, 19th of September.

If he is not your “dark, velvet desire”, there will be lots of other fabulous items to bid on 😉 Check yesterday’s teaser post for hints of more items, as well as the Great Big Armitage Picnic which will also go on auction.

42 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 95/? – Prisoner of my ❤️

  1. Guy certainly is yummy. It’s kind of a toss up with me between he and Chop. I don’t know….there is something about Chop. Perhaps that he is a writer. And scruffy. Although…dark velvet desire. Tough choice here.


  2. Oh yes! Guy is incomparable… Though this doesn’t contain my favourite smoochy Guy image, from the necklace episode (you know the one). But I LOVE the teddy bear! 😉


    • The whole necklace episode looked rather *yummy* – despite Guy’s despicable actions, essentially stealing a necklace off a poor girl to give to his love. Hmph. But yeah, season 1+2 Guy is much more my guy…
      Glad you spotted the teddy bear. Just imagine – Guy cuddling up to his teddy bear in bed *lol*


  3. Hihi, I’m one of 13 🙂
    Der RLRA ist aber auch einfach zu reizvoll. schließlich ist das auch eine seiner erfolgreichsten Rollen: beeing Richard Armitage.
    Und sorry, aber das folgende Bild fiel mir spontan ein, als ich dieses fast lächerlich wunderschöne, aber schon reichlich kitschige S3-Guy-Abbild sah:

    Unfassbar, dass sowas mal in bundesdeutschen Schlafzimmern hing. Habe das tatsächlich bei meiner etwas entfernteren Verwandtschaft in den 70ern erspäht. Grusel pur 😉
    Ein super Schrein.


    • Jaja, Leute wie du sind schuld, dass ich hier peinlichst echt lebende Männer in Schreinen verewige… Das wollte ich doch immer lassen, so a la “RPF is evil”, aber man kann sich natürlich den Wünschen seiner Leser und Freunde nicht entziehen…
      Und OH MEIN GOTT – die rassige Schönheit. Klar, ne rassige Schönheit ist Guy auch, und irgendwie auch mit ähnlich kitschigen Zügen, da hast du nicht mal Unrecht. Aber dennoch… Und nun stell dir mal vor, dass ein in Öl gemalter, rassiger Guy in jedem zweiten bundesdeutschen Schlafzimmer hängt. Gröhl! Naja, das machen die Männer dann wohl nicht mit (obwohl sie es vermutlich völlig normal fanden, dass ihre Gattinnen eine fremde, vollbusige Frau im Schlafgemach hinnehmen müssen…)

      Liked by 1 person

    • Oh, that’s true, Pudsy. I had forgotten about him. I was just looking for something to lighten up the cage scenario with when the teddy bear pendant came my way… And I thought he’d look good in that medieval four poster.
      I know you love season 3 Guy. You can have him 😉 – I’ll settle for season 2 Guy. Not sure if anyone will have season 1 Guy with his mustard-yellow kerchief of evil…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Ah, what a lovely shrine! But, in honesty – Guy is not in my top 3 list… Richard was good as Guy but just not my fave of his characters… I’ll look out for what else the aucton has to bring. 🙂


  5. Oh no, i thought i was having a nightmare when i stumbled over pie-charts!!!! You are over-conferenced my dear, please don’t drag my work into this, it is not compatible! 🙂 Which is why i took a while to clock on to Pudsey.. i just thought what??? oh that is his gift for the lady 😉 Sorry Pudsey but i’d rather have Guy!
    And then YES, YES YES YES!! i kept crossing fingers that this one was for the auction and not already owned 🙂
    Oh my, have to have him! cough, erm….
    I couldn’t possible fathom how Guy is not nr1 ?! We need to fix that asap.
    Maybe the pic below is how prince John saw him? ‘ggg’ but oh well, maybe it is good to laugh a bit at Guy otherwise one just gets stunned by all that male .. cough, cough… I literally get breathing problems looking at this.
    And i love the detail in it, look at all those bars and look hos exactly he leans on them 🙂 Maybe i am the caged one and he’s come to my rescue?
    Darkly delicious ❤


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