#cRAftingForCharity – in Aid of the Syrian Children’s Relief Fund

It is now five years that the Syrian civil war has been raging. Since 2011, more than half of Syria’s population of roughly 18 million people have been forced to leave their homes – and are either taking the perilous journey across the Mediterranean in search for safety and peace, or have become displaced and vegetate in the squalor of make-shift camps. It is a matter of urgency – and of human compassion – that we help the most innocent victims, the children, whose heart-breaking pictures have been going around the world. I cannot get the image of Aylan Kurdi out of my head – and I never EVER want to see something like his tragic death again. Therefore I would like to pledge the proceeds of the #cRAftingForCharity auctions to the Save the Children appeal for Syrian Child Refugees.

Save the Children Syria

Source: Save the Children

Save the Children has been working in the region even since before the conflict. More than 570,000 children have received food and water, clothes, education, health services and counselling in the past five years. The international charity supports schools, supplies food and other essentials, repairs and makes schools safe places, and provides education by supporting teachers. If you would like to know more about their work, please read this fact sheet with up-to-date information on the situation for Syrian children, and the measures that Save the Children has taken so far.

Save the Children logo

I believe that the proceeds of the auction will be well invested in this charity and hope you approve of my decision. And even though it may seem flippant – I do hope that you will enjoy our #cRAftingForCharity auctions. The situation for the children is dire, and serious. But that does not mean we have to stop enjoying ourselves to make their lives better. Our engagement as fans may be silly, self-ironic and possibly even decadent. But if we can raise money with our smiles, then we may have the last laugh over our critics. Let’s make the children of Syria smile again!

Have a look the #cRAftingForCharity auctions from tomorrow, and/or join the initiative by contributing to our donation. Rules and regulations here, further details on how to take part with bidding and donating will be posted in the auction posts tomorrow.

cRAftingForCharity Header

This initiative is supported by item donations from Lily, Kellyduck, Obscura, Pat, Pollysthings, Sinnamin, TheMissGreen, as well as contributions to postage and packing by Mimi, Perry and SHeRA. Thanks also to all readers/followers: Your help in spreading the word about the auctions is much appreciated!

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