Essential Armitaging Items in #cRAftingForCharity

[Due to my travels the pre-auction schedule has been interrupted, sorry. I am hoping to catch up on all my blogging duties today – so expect to see a number of posts going up about the forthcoming auctions – yay, starting tomorrow!! I apologize in advance for all the promotional posts…]

It’s hard to pin down what performance by our dear Mr A has actually been the high-point of his career. Mr Thornton? Thorin? Proctor? Francis Dolarhyde? I think it can be safely said that RA has consistently raised his game from one role to the next, and he really is a winner. I suppose that is also what our resident archeologist, Obscura from AncientArmitage, thought when she designed an essential Armitaging item that will appeal to a) the classicists among us and b) the practical-minded. So pretty much everyone 😉 As one of the two forces behind Spread The Love, (one of) the RA blogging world’s charity initiative(s), Obscura is supporting the #cRAftingForCharity auctions with an exclusive item, a one-of-a-kind Armitaging tote bag that will make you smile and be of great use.

tote bag

And harking back to what I said about Armitage’s top performances – I think we can safely say that his turn as John Proctor in the Old Vic’s production of The Crucible in summer 2014 was a career defining moment. For those who would like to remember his memorable performance, my Twitter buddy kellyduck and blogger RAmused (whose RAndom acts of kindness you might want to read up on if you haven’t yet) are generously gifting two original Crucible items to the auction – a poster from the production, and an original post card.

Crucible poster

Thank you to the lovely donors for these items!

The Armitage tote bag and the Crucible items will appear in two separate auctions tomorrow. I can’t wait for those auctions to start.

cRAftingForCharity Header


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