Multi-chaRActer-Package for #cRAftingForCharity

Alas, my dear friends and readers – you may rejoice. The promo onslaught is nearly over. But there is one more sneak peek I need to tease you with because you are in for a treat. Reader and fellow sister-in-RA Pat blew me away when she got in touch a week ago. Full disclosure: I did not know Pat at all, we had not previously been in touch, but she e-mailed me with an amazing donation to #cRAftingForCharity. This generous fellow fan is a gifted crafter as well. I’ll let her speak her own words:

I used to make and sell dolls on eBay. Although it has been years since then, I did make a 12 inch John Thornton/Richard Armitage doll for myself that I would like to donate to this cause. He is Ken/Barbie sized but is a highly articulated action figure wearing John Thornton’s iconic black suit and top hat. He comes with a pocket watch and chain, a book (not Aristotle or Plato but Robin Hood. I thought that was funny), a John Thornton “Look Back At Me” bracelet (human sized) and a Thorin tote.Let me know if there is any interest.

Any interest? Pat – you had me at 12 inch!!! But the images she sent of her multi-chaRActer donation would have convinced anyone that this package had to go into the auction. Here is a sneak peek:

Thornton Doll (9)

Come back tomorrow for more details on this fabulous package of Thorin and Thornton. And massive thanks to Pat for donating this ultimate fangirling set!

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