RA Pocket Shrine 96/? – Skin Galore

Let me start off this RAPS post with a massive thank you to the creatives, producers and writers behind Hannibal. Yes, that’s you, Bryan Fuller. Like everyone else, I feel greatly indebted for your dramatic and styling decisions on the show, when it comes to Francis Dolarhyde. Your decision to have the Red Dragon prance around almost naked most of the time, has provided many a visual to inspire shrine work. In marketing speak sorry, I am just back from one of the biggest marketing events of the digital industry : There is a great DNA match between your aesthetic and the RAPS Inc. requirements. Skin galore! *whoop whoop*. And so it happens that another Dolarhyde shrine easily flowed off the workbench…


The tin was already nicely decorated, and so I left it as is, and only stuck Circusgifs’ fabulous RArmy coat of arms onto the outside.

Right from the first episode of the Red Dragon arc I had had this creative idea of recreating a mirror scene, including a proper mirror. As usual, improvisation and my inability to throw out crap provided me with just the right bits to allow Dolly to pose in front.


The impro? Well, what looks like a miniature free-standing mirror is part of a compact which I dissembled and fit into the tin. Dolly’s house key is already hanging on the mirror, btw…


Sometimes less is more – and this close-up of Dolly was just too good to obscure with other stuff. The letters are magnetic and can be moved. Or the shrine owner can create her own message and stick it into the tin…


This RAPS will go into the #cRAftingForCharity auction tomorrow as a separate item. It joins RAPSes #95 and #94, which will also be auctioned for charity. Whether Fannibal, Guy-girl or RLRA fan – I hope you will find a RAPS that you are interested in and make a bid for.


Please join me tomorrow from 3pm GMT for the #cRAftingForCharity auctions. Other fabulous items in the auctions are Red Dragon goodness and essential Armitaging items. Watch out for another teaser later today 😉

For information on the auction process, please check this post.


21 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 96/? – Skin Galore

  1. Ohoh, you always surprise me with your crafty ideas (the mirror! behind the golden curtain!). Creates a rather intimate atmosphere…I like the Guy-RAPS, too, with this mouse-trap look!
    Can’t still decide… Congratulations to you and your fellow manufacturers for this great campaign to raise money for the refugees👍👍👍


    • Thank you Camassia – and welcome to the blog! Yay, glad you spotted the curtain-thingie on the mirror – that was taken straight from the scene.
      I hope your comment will be read by my partners-in-charity 😉 They have been very kind and generous – as have all of you with comments, support and passing on the message. xx


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