#cRAftingForCharity auction 5: Pat’s Thornton-Thorin-Package

Welcome to the #cRAftingForCharity auctions in aid of the Syrian Children’s Relief Fund! Any “Thorinton” lovers out there? This is the fan package for you! The ultimate fan items for lovers of long-locked warrior Thorin, and overbearing master Thornton. If you appreciate hand-made items, and also are practically minded and like a bit of bling, well, look no further – you can get it all in one auction. What is particularly amazing about this particular auction is that the amazingly detailed Thornton doll (see below) is hand-made!!! The detail of this piece by Pat is amazing. Check Mr Thornton’s pocket watch! His top hat! All the clothes are removable. What’s the point of having a doll if you can’t undress it, says Pat with a wink. And to top it all off, Pat is also including a soft Thorin tote bag and a Thorin bangle that would look back at me… eh, wrong film… would *look good* on any wrist. This is a fantastic opportunity to get fan art not just for one, but for two characters. Thank you to Pat for parting with this wonderful contribution.

This multi-chaRActer package contains a 12 inch Thornton doll, handmade on the basis of a Ken/action figure, with accessories, a Thorin tote bag, and a Thornton bangle (human size!). All clothes are removable. The doll comes with tiny accessories such as a pocket watch and a book.

If you would like to bid on this item, this is the procedure:

  1. Send an e-mail with your bid to guylty@photographer.net, subject line “Bid for Pat’s Thornton-Thorin-Package”.
  2. Please convert your bid to US-Dollars. A handy converter is here.
  3. You will receive confirmation from me that I have received your bid.
  4. I will update the bids in the comment section of this post and in-post.
  5. Please subscribe to the comments of this post in order to get notification of bid updates.
  6. You may raise your bid, but please only bid if you really are prepared to win the auction (and pay).
  7. Bidding is open from now until 3pm GMT, Tuesday, 22nd September.
  8. The auction winners will be notified by e-mail; the auction proceeds will be published on-blog after the end of the auction.

For further small print please read the auction rules here.

The item(s) will be sent by Pat to the winner as seen, and post-haste, with no further postage and packing costs!

All proceeds of this auction will go to the Syrian Children’s Relief Fund of Save the Children. If you do not wish to bid on an item but would like to contribute with a donation, please send me an e-mail and I can facilitate that.

So off we go – bidding is now open. Please bid generously for a good cause, Syria’s children need it. I will be back with updates in the comments as quickly as I can. (Note to all US/APAC bidders – the time difference will require your patience if your bids come in while I am sleeping 😉 Thanks ❤ ) And if Thorin and Thornton do not rock your boat, please also check out the other auctions – there are items including other chaRActers!

13 thoughts on “#cRAftingForCharity auction 5: Pat’s Thornton-Thorin-Package

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  4. Wish I had the right kind of “place of honor” for Mr. Thornton….he is beautiful!! ❤ ❤ but I think my husband would kill me…. lol 🙂 That tote is beautiful too……


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