2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #28

With a two-week break, here is the round-up again. I was away for the first of the two Saturdays I missed, and then last weekend the #cRAftingForCharity auctions were happening, so I had to forego the weekly catch-up with all things tumblr. Apologies for that! The good news is, that that means I will have loads to post today because I did note and reblog a lot of posts during my absence – I just didn’t have time to compile it in my usual Saturday morning post.

On a different note: Not sure if you have noticed it, but I usually illustrate my round-up posts with a banner that takes a photo from Richard’s current projects. With Hannibal sadly over and nothing out right now, I am at a loss what to use. Any suggestions? I somehow think that UATSC has the best chance of being the next project, so I am settling on this for now:

UATSC round-up 28

I think I am in record-breaking mode here – you better get yourself a cup of tea and make yourselves comfortable, because this is gonna be looong…

  1. Look at these felted cuties by halapipita, aren’t they adorable? They are right up there in huggability with Sinnamin’s plushies
  2. I am fully behind this richardarmitage-confidential
  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwww – Richard is a true artist then, according to this richardarmitagequotes
  4. Loved this edit by visenayasnow
  5. ilariaeugealtomasini put together a profile post on Guy. Or rather, a post on Guy’s profile. Always welcome!
  6. And even further back in time – Mr Thornton. This is a gorgeous gif by armitgd, b/w, the backlighting… I could watch this forever
  7. Gorgeous painting of Thorin by cro-gall
  8. esparzist “dissected” Armitage. And boy, was I distracted by some of it, particularly the pale skin in the open colour. Christ almighty!
  9. Love this gif of Dolarhyde by armitages-angel
  10. I know, I know. We have seen this all before. But really, you can’t look often enough at circusgifs set of Proctor washing. I was enthralled, and I suddenly noticed heartbreaking details that I had overlooked in the heat of the moment in the theatre… the ribs on the back in the first gif, the way he pauses with his hands on his face after splashing water on in gif 2, the armpitage, the way he constantly interrupts the washing to still and to rest – in frustration, despair, exhaustion? Ok, that’s enough now – you see what I mean…
  11. fringeofmadness collected tumblr tags of Francis Dolarhyde and displays them with the appropriate imagery. This is LOL funny
  12. tosquinha draws two different kinds of Thorin – both great (although my heart beats for version one, and yours?)
  13. Goodness gracious, circusgifs. What have you done???  Ahem. And I actually like to imagine that sort of above me *coughs*
  14. Four Armitages, plushie edition, in a day – fabulous work by Sinnaminnie. And one of them the newest medieval knight. Check that fringe!
  15. Riepu10 has it in spades. Well, she has Richard in spades. In playing card spades…
  16. What’s your opinion on this richardarmitage-confidential?
  17. Hehehe, I loved the middle name given to Thorin by middle-earth-obsessed. Gif set
  18. This comic by iraya gives us a glimpse of toddler Thorin. So cute
  19. LOL – mini-bilbos’s lego Durins getting up to no good. Kids, don’t try this at home!
  20. Wow, this Dolarhyde gif set by rcarmitage-poland has it all. Nice!
  21. LOL – there was a whole new story there in Hannibal, visualized by sympathyforthecannibal
  22. Riepu10 celebrated World Beard Day with this yummy edit (even beardophobe Guylty was transfixed…)
  23. Mrpuddingston put out a set of Armitage pics that I didn’t remember seeing before. Apparently from the Brazil junket
  24. Again, a totally heart-breaking gif set from applefia2036, of Proctor. Observe how he reaches for Elizabeth’s hand in gif 1, and then visibly shrinks into himself when she removes her hand. I am only noticing these details now, in the gifs, despite having see the play from close-up three times… And I am quite awe-struck with the level of detail that Armitage put into the performance
  25. not-that-kind-of-hot wished Happy World Beard Day. Guylty wishes Happy World Throat Day *ahem*. Priorities, eh?
  26. applefia2036 added to the “Straight Outta…” meme and made me laugh
  27. This North & South sequel fan fic on writeandwronged had completely passed me by until chapter 4. I am linking to chapter 1 – it looks promising
  28. Dolly all cute and cuddly in this fan art by xxkaseixx
  29. Look at this teeny tiniest of Porter smiles, caught by mezzmerizedbyrichard
  30. And finally – if Richard Armitage were to write an autobiography, would this be the cover? rubybeutelschild’s suggestion

Right, if there is any time left of your weekend now, have a good one.

Lots of love,

Guylty ❤

24 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #28

  1. Hah! Das wurde aber auch Zeit, dass du mal mit der Faulenzerei aufhörst ;-D und endlich mal wieder deinen Pflichten nachkommst. 😀

    Im Ernst: Schön, dass das Round-up wieder da ist. 🙂 Danke dafür.
    Jetzt muss ich nur noch Zeit finden, mir alles in Ruhe anzusehen … Nicht jetzt, leider. *Lesezeichen setz*


  2. Well now that I have finally finished watching North and South, I can start reading NOrth and South fanfiction! I’ve seen this one skittering around my dash. I”ve got it bookmarked now.

    And no, I’ve nary a bite to write NS Fanfiction. Gary and Guy have me very very occupied.


  3. Thank you for the weekly round-up with beautiful Chop as the lead! That’s why I’m absolutely delighted about Sinnamin’s new plushie version of him (the two coats worn in layers! the buttons!). This helps a bit to come through the long waiting for this film…
    I also loved No. 5. I can’t get enough of profile pics of RA and always wonder which side is his best. I just can’t decide, he’s simply perfect.
    No. 8 is very amazing but somehow like spying through a keyhole. It really strikes me that the creator is only 17…


  4. Thank you Guylty, I’ve missed the round-up. I like 5, Guys profile pics, very nice! 10, Proctor washing, well what is there to say really, it’s just sublime. I still fight the urge to look away though even after seeing those gifs before, it’s such a personal moment. 12, I’m with you Guylty I like the first drawing. 13! Blimey!! 14, Sinnamin’s work is as adorable as ever. 16, I too like Richard best in three quarter profile. 24, “Hold my hand” is one of my favourite gifs from The Cricible, so sad. 27, bookmarked for later. xx


    • 🙂 After all the weekends with other pressing matters, I hope to be back to the round-up on a regular basis. I miss it too, when I am not compiling it on Friday and commenting on Saturday…
      Thanks for reading 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  5. N’abend:
    Ich finde es toll, den World Beard Day mit einem World Throat Day abzuwechseln. Ich glaube, ich muß gleich mal ein paar Bilder spammen…….
    Ach so und das einzige, was mir zu 13) einfällt: na? Genau: StopMoving!!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Half way though i need a break, or else my brain will explode, among other things! 🙂
    And this is a really good one and i’ve missed it so i want to leave myself a few goodies for the start of the week when i’ll surely need it.
    I looooove that Chop still… Isn’t that like such a completely different fell than Francis? Almost from another planet and i really can’t wait to meet Chop…. i really really do hope we get to see him before the year is over…
    Should i be worried that it no longer worries me at all that i spend at least 5 minutes straight staring at some photos? And those are just the 2 photos of Thorin in the end battle.. in fact i have to confess i still have that one open because i want to look at it again before closing down… And it makes that knot in my throat appear almost instantly…
    And yes, definitely drawing nr 1 of Thorin!

    Proctor… i guess it really is a given, i will always go back to Proctor fondly and emotionally. I remember the feeling of utter exhaustion and almost depression he exuded, the tired sounds he was was making, as if even taking a breath was an effort. As if he was trying to cleanse his soul almost more than his body…

    Francis 🙂 how comforting that time changes impressions quite favourably, i’ve almost forgotten the gore completely and these make me smile almost fondly. The quotes ate hilarious 🙂 I never quite realised how great that stomping of the dragon with his wings was! And shall i mentioned those beads of sweat slipping down? I better not.. upsy, i just did 😉
    The dissection goes perfectly with that gif of Reba opening his collar with both hands, it makes me almost uncomfortable to realise how well Fuller read my mind ‘ggg’.

    And yes i think i gazed about 10 min at those profile pic of Guy.. especially the one where he rests his lips on his hand… and he 3/4 profile upturned and those focusing on his nape and the damp curls… Ok A, beard must be gone and we want some hair back, have mercy man.. i’m yet to see that bow of your lips from the forest! Not fair!
    Thanks Guylty, just half way and this is a really good one and love the memories of all these chaps 🙂


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