Heads-up for #cRAftingForCharity

For all those of you who have been following and participating in the #cRAftingForCharity, I’d like to give you a quick insight where we are at. You may have been waiting for the final number on the fundraiser, as well as notice of donating. I had been planning to donate this weekend, but unfortunately I have been delayed a bit due to Paypal. Some of the payments – through no fault of the senders nor myself – were automatically rejected and reversed to the sender. Hence, not all of the donations and winning prices have arrived in my account yet. The technical issue seems to be resolved now, and I am only waiting for two more payments to come in.

curly wurly Guy 4

I should’ve let this fierce guy look after our payments…

I hope to be transferring the money to Save the Children’s Syrian Children’s Relief Fund during the coming week. As soon as I have done so I will post and let you know. [tease mode on] And that is also when I will publish the final amount that we have raised. I will only disclose now that we have passed another significant milestone in our number, thanks to further donations. [/tease mode off] Reminder: the last known fundraiser total was $ 2388.50… Whatever the final donations are, I will bump it up to a nice round number.

Due to the payments delay I have not yet raffled the mini RAPS I have promised to one of the generous donors to the fund. Sorry about that. I will do once all donations have come in. Until then, I am keeping the donations open. If anyone would like to add to the pot, please send me an e-mail and I will let you know how you can transfer the money. These donors will of course also get into the raffle for the mini RAPS.

And here is another great piece of news. Our sister-in-RA Glady was so impressed with the good-will shown by you in the fundraiser, she would like to send a gift to a participant. She has put together a wonderful RA-themed package for one lucky recipient who will be drawn from all donors and all bidders, regardless of whether they won or how high their donation was. I will let Lady Luck aka randompicker decide on the winner of this beautiful present, consisting of a necklace with the initials RA, and a customized “jewelry box”. It is a gift box (11×14 cm) decorated with two pictures and the “chocolate quote”, and can be also used as a Crucible “altar”. (Click pics to see details.)

How lovely is that??? At this point in time we have 33 supporters on the list for this draw, so your chances are not bad in being the lucky winner of this kind gift. New additions to the pool welcome 😀 . A big massive thank you to Glady for that lovely idea! I can’t wait to raffle this off!!!

Lastly – just to say that the addresses of the auction winners have been passed on to the contributors of the respective items, and many of them are already on their way to the winners! It is my hope that the recipients will not only fangirl over RA with their new fan items, but they will also be reminded of the compassion and kindness of RA’s fans.

Have a lovely Sunday!

26 thoughts on “Heads-up for #cRAftingForCharity

  1. oh how lovely of Glady! curious about the final number now :-)))
    feel free to use Guy anytime, made me click much faster 😉 But… though i would trust him with my heart anytime i would not trust him with my money ‘ggg’ But she sure has the chops to get our money back from the evil Paypal systems and we will just have to keep a very watchful eye on him to ensure he delivers the money to you! which should be no problem at all 😉

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  2. Hm, was ist das bloß mit Guy derzeit? Ich hab den Nachmittag mit hirnlosem Kleinkram verbracht, was absolut nervtötend gewesen wäre, aber durch die laufenden DVDs war’s sogar ziemlich angenehm … Ich meine, es hätte natürlich viel mehr Guy sein müssen, aber … dann wäre ich wahrscheinlich gar nicht vorangekommen. 😀
    Jedenfalls kam überhaupt nur Guy dafür in Frage. Der spukte mir schon seit Tagen im Kopf rum. (Hartnäckiger Mistkerl! 😀 )

    Hoffentlich ist die Paypal-Problematik wirklich geklärt. Sowas nervt!

    Ich warte jedenfalls auch gespannt auf das endgültige Ergebnis der Aktion. 🙂


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