Bum, Modesty and the Lash

Anybody notice something different on Guylty.WP.com? The anthracite background was looking a bit too gloomy for my taste, and so I’ve treated myself to a pristine white background. And what better to inaugurate the expanse of the virginal white, than a gallery of contrast-rich b/w images. *Guylty rummages in her archive* I may have to work on the header image, though… looks slightly out of place on the classy, fresh white.

Forgive me if I am flogging a dead horse, but a few of my pictures have proven quite popular over on Twitter these last few days. You probably have seen them before – it’s the images taken at the European premiere of DOS in Berlin, December 2013. Without going into technical details – I was never too happy with them, bar that *one* image that I made look acceptable using the old trick: When it looks shite, just make it black and white. It never occurred to me to give the other images from the series the same treatment. They are fashionably soft with some edgy grain in them. Yeah right. They are out of focus and suffer from camera-shake. But in the post-climactic lull after the auctions, I had a little play with them. Encouraged by the Twitter response, I am re-posting them here in the gallery below (click to enlarge). Feel free to use (please credit, though). My pressie to the fandom. I’ve even refrained from sticking a watermark on them 😀 So here is “bum, modesty and the lash”

All images © Guylty Pleasure – colour versions and full Berlin loot here in the second slideshow.

Jump to Part II with bonus pics of the Berlin premiere here.

PS: Dedicating this gallery to Herba at Unkraut vergeht nicht. Happy birthday 🎂 and thanks for your always entertaining blog! ❤

75 thoughts on “Bum, Modesty and the Lash

  1. ❤ Not healthy for my heart. Few moments ago a slice of pear almost went the wrong way down my throat seeing one pic of Ann Boudreau and now this. 😀 They are simply breathtaking, I mean he is 😛
    p.s. I don't know what that girl (with curly hair) was looking at in opposite direction!! I mean, having Richard in front, and looking somewhere else… hellllooooooo?! *shakes her head in disbelief and sighs*


    • I am beginning to get worried about you, Andrea! Every time I post something, you experience health problems. Do I need to include liabilities notices? 😉
      Hehe, yes, the curly-haired girl was noticed by someone on Twitter, too. Easy explanation, though. She was looking at this:

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        • Yes, that’s mine 🙂 My friend, who was standing below me directly at the railings, asked BC to please look up into my camera. And he did. He posed very nicely, and then he sweetly said “thank you” to me… What a gentleman!

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      • Ok, I know how tastes different from person to person, but I will repeat my question: why look at another when Richard is 40 cm from you? 😀

        p.s. I know what to expect of your post or anyone else’s for that matter, but still I am amazed every day how he amazes me. And let’s call that healthy health problems *grins* And judging by all lovely ladies here and their reactions (fanning, swooning, etc.), I am not the only one with the problems 😀


  2. second from the bottom on the left is my fav as well, but the one that is two up from that is cracking me up- it looks like he’s trying to be polite but looking a tad bit scared 😀


  3. omg, we get all this with no water-marks and no begging, like all at once???? and we can touch them and use them?? the world has turned on its axis! :-p

    And Herba gets all of these to herself???? you trying to kill the girl or what? 🙂

    I like.. nr 1…. those curls… and the oh well.. and the bottom right corner one especially and the profile one of him talking all attentive, so sweet! And can you imagine him batting those eyelashes at us? .. swoon

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    • LOL, well I am not Dunn, eh, done *innocently whistles*
      And Herba has to share with you all – but at least she’s got her name on this post 😉
      Number 1 – there is something so vulnerable about the neck, and I love it when you can see the tendons on it, highlighted by the hair growth. Makes you want to reach out and feel, doesn’t it?
      And whoa, batting the lashes? It was bad enough just staring at them through the lens….

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  4. Herba should have a birthday like this every day! Where is my fan? It’s HOT in here. =) I love the attentive one. Oh to be engaged (in conversation!) with such a one…. No, seriously, I need to find my fan.

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  5. Wow! That’s a big camera! ( I’ve never forgotten that line from him to you)The pics are great and as you know, I have my own special version from you, featured prominently on my dresser. ( The cat keeps knocking him over).

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  6. What a treat. Love all of them. Makes me mourn his luscious locks. BTW, none of your shots are shitty. They are beautiful as the man himself. I am hoping there is a Pilgrimage premiere in Ireland where you can use your big camera to capture him again. Fingers crossed.


    • The Berlin look was just perfect. He seemed to be in a good mood that day, probably excited and happy that his family was there, and I think that shows on all the pictures that were taken of him that day. He was smiling and positively beaming.
      I am hoping for a “Pilgrimage” prem in Ireland, too – and if so, I’ll make my way there, come what may 😉

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  7. wheeeeewwww. let me just wipe the drool off my face. thank you. thank you. thank you. seeing our favorite guy like this surely makes my day. love the curls and five o clock shadow. when patients start acting up first thing in the morning, i just put my screen saver on (of course it’s going to be a montage of him) and all is well in the world. nothing can ever ruin my day.

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      • i have him on all my computers!!!! thank god hubby is not the jealous type. i even told him i want to buy the full size photo of richard with the jailhouse rock pose. claiming this is art and will appreciate in value. why bother with warhols with marilyn monroe and others when this brings such pleasure???

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  8. I love these pictures and I have already told it to you but I am happy to do it again. I love the way the light is shining in his hair, I love his smile almost shy. It’s strange to think that this is the one being Proctor one year after. They are so different. Hard to think that this is the same man. How this man is able to change physically it’s amazing. You can be proud for these photos Guylty and on our side we are proud to be your RA’s blog fans !!!


    • Thank you Katia for your kind words <3. Yes, he looks so completely different from Proctor. Or from Thorin, for that matter. He was much lither than the chunky dwarf king, and much smilier than the grumpy farmer.
      And how are you, btw? Hope you are well!


  9. Did you have ANY idea when you took these, that they would be some of the greatest pics of him EVER?? Because they are ❤
    I'm having trouble coming up with a fave, I like the one on the top right (I just ignore the pole 🙂 Bottom left is fantastic stubbleporn and lashporn both 🙂 Still love the composition of the one I have, bottom right ❤ And top left is great because of "the view" (ahem 🙂 and the little girl on the left!! That would SO be me!! 😀 😀
    B/W is beautiful ❤ thanks!!

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  10. Thanks for sharing these again Guylty, it’s been a while since I’ve seen them. The second from bottom left is my fav’ too along with bottom right which I happily stare at often as it sits on my desktop computer ;o) xx


  11. …..sigh…… oh I suppose I should say something else. His suit, his hair, his entire look in Berlin was one of the best. My favorite of all his premiere looks. OK, maybe a “sigh” is all the statement necessary.


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  13. These photos are stunning. I don’t see any fuzzy-ness or blurry lines. All I see is one gorgeous man. Good job taking them; I would have been absolutely and completely numb from awe.
    My favourite look on him too. I remember being in London at the time of the Berlin premiere when you bloggers began publishing all these images. What a shocker – in more ways than one 🙂


    • Well, he’s gorgeous, whether photographed all sharply in focus, or with a bit of soft blur. *purrrrr* 😉 And let me assure you – I would’ve been numb and awe-struck myself, had I not completely switched to work mode and shot, shot, shot… Mind you, I certainly noticed it when he directly looked at the camera (the extra blurry pic) – I had a near-stroke LOL


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