Berlin Prem Bonus

Can I lighten up your Sunday with a bit of bonus material? My beta test group aka Twitter seemed to think this was worthy of looking at, too, so here is some bonus material from the Berlin Hobbit premiere, freshly edited. Word of warning: Scraping the barrel here, because some of the images are very small crops from larger (i.e. further away) scenes where I cropped Armitage out of the surrounding scrum. However, there is a really sweet scene in there, too. Look out for a picture of Armitage receiving a rose from an admirer – note his face in that. And his reaction then speaks volumes (the one and only colour picture in the gallery below). The last two images are aforementioned crops, i.e. they are small and fuzzy. But I quite like the first three images, despite their softness. Enjoy! (Click to enlarge)

All images © Guylty Pleasure.

Part I of the B/W re-issue of the Berlin premiere images is here. You can find a slide show of the colour versions here. For the description of the premiere, go here.


40 thoughts on “Berlin Prem Bonus

    • Yes, it’s an adorable mixture of pride and “aw, you shouldn’t have…” 😀 He’d totally nail a rom-com charmer role. Stubble and Berlin length hair (including nape curls) a prerequisite, though 😉

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        • BTW – bumped into three friends last night at “Macbeth” and briefly talked about Barbican “Hamlet”. They were full of praise for the production. And without any prompting they unanimously said that BC’s fantastic performance actually paled in comparison to someone else’s. Guess who? Yes, they were talking of Ciaran Hinds who apparently completely blew them away. Oh, and to give context to this: The three ladies are steadfast Sherlockians, therefore such praise does not come lightly from them…

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          • Wow, thanks for telling me! I thought his performance was excellent, especially in the “Do it, England” scene. I noticed that very few professional critics focused on him, although audience members on Twitter often single him out 🙂
            And he’s made a number of new fans with this show, though I think it’s the SD that utterly charms them.

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  1. I can’t get over how much more detail I can see when you take the color out. I am a huge fan of this series!! (Thank you and MarkyMark for preaching on a bench!!)


    • I think that is an extremely good point, Obscura. I admit, there is some enhancing going on in the images – I have meddled with the highlights and shadows, and some images have been given more “focus” by blurring and vignetting. But with the distractions of colour gone, the eye focusses more on the actual components of the images.
      Yeah, me and Marky Mark had a really good day, that day… despite soft rain, he held up under pressure. Good man (camera!).

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  3. wunderschöne Fotos zum schwelgen, irgendewie habe ich das Gefühl wir befinden uns gerade auf einer Durststrecke…???… da kann man sich dann für Stunden in der Betrachtung von ‘Einzelheiten’ in Deinen äußerst anregenden Fotos verlieren ❤


  4. Oh, WOW. You know, waking up on a lazy Sunday morning, stumbling across these so-called barrel scrapings… Barrel Scrapings? I don’t think barrel scrapings should cause me to gasp and pant quite so much as these did. You’re to be congratulated on your editing prowess because those top upper left took my breath away. Just… magical. Otherworldly beautiful, yet at the same time, somehow the softened appearance makes the man look all the more approachable, and the nape curls… the nape curls all the more touchable. I don’t generally pine for a Rom Com from Richard, but I fully agree, I could see it here. What is that gold thing in his hand in the color photo?


    • That is a commemorative Hobbit gold coin from the premiere. (The decor of the premiere site in Berlin’s Sony Center consisted of tens of thousands of them. It was meant to look like Smaug, buried under his treasure.) He is passing it back to the fan. *thud*
      Ok, yeah, “barrel scrapings” really only refers to my photography, not to the subject contained therein. He’s everything but. I really like the top left image, too – what a surprise. I had forgotten it existed…
      And yeah, should Armitage ever say again that he looks “inherently evil” and is therefore not rom-com material, I promise I’ll send him a print-out of these shots and prove him wrong!

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  5. In my opinion, the best he ever looked, or anyway, the way like to see him look was at this premiere – and I think these bottom of the barrel pics are just terrific. The profiles especially.

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  6. I really like these, sweetie. No. I LOVE them. They are among my favorite pictures of him and like many others, I love this look on him.

    Another thing I love are the expressions on his face. He’s HERE with the fans. It’s not just part of the job, he’s not bored, he’s not just getting through it (we know he hates the red carpet) he is here, with his well-wishers and he’s part of it. I think this is probably what I love most about him.

    What loveliness to look at on such a grey, rainy drab morning.

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    • Not to put a dampener on it, but that wasn’t quite the impression I had of him at the red carpet. At least not when he was right in front of us. It seemed all a bit conveyor-belt-y – smile, nod, sign, thank you, move on. I perceived a bit of impatience. But I have to concede that no one in front of me actually really asked him to interact apart from offering a card to sign. Maybe the lady further on who passed him the flower, had a better approach. In hindsight, he actually did take his time with selfies, as documented by the number of pictures I have posing of him for such… There’s a lesson in this, I am sure…

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  7. Weißt du, Guylty, eigentlich könntest du einen Foto von einem Schemen posten, einen Kommentar dazu schreiben wie “Ich glaub, das war Richard in Berlin … oder der Yeti.”, und du bekämst immer noch eine Lawine an Dankeschöns. 😉

    Aber hier kann ich dir versichern, dass es von ❤ kommende Dankeschöns sind.

    Ich glaube jedenfalls nicht, dass *ich* beim Yeti solche Wuschelgelüste hätte. *hingebungsvoll seufz*

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    • Hehehe, meinst du? Ich weiß nicht, ob sich unsere RA-Schwestern ganz so leicht die Wolle über die Augen ziehen lassen (frei aus dem Englischen übersetzt – passt so schön)… Aber wir können die Probe aufs Exempel ja machen und ich schmeiße irgendwann noch mal ein schemenhaftes Phantombild auf den Markt, auf dem Richard nur von hinten oben und unbeleuchtet drauf ist…


  8. How can one man be so beautiful…
    He looks almost like a latin lover with this dark wavy hair, quite perfect. Thanks a lot for these pics! I knew a few, but didn’t realize you shot them. Although I like him most with the beard, I have to admit, that this is really his most glamourous look…sigh…

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    • Yep – definitely a look that made him “beautiful” as opposed to the usual “handsome” adage. I am convinced he could easily play a rom-com lead with this look… the beard? not so much 😉
      And yeah, my pictures. A few of them have been floating around online for (nearly) a couple of years, but some of these I only pulled out of the archive last week to give them the b/w treatment. I am fond of these pictures myself, because they are a memento of an exciting experience, but photographically/technically they really do not cut the mustard. But well, this is not a photo competition, and since I am not selling them, I might as well gift them to the fans. Glad you like them. 🙂


  9. Never mind me, just lagging behind everyone 🙂
    But i worked from 9 to 6,30 and left feeling like all i wanted was a cuddle, got home and did some housework and necessary calls and managed to knuckle down and do more work until 10. And now this just crowns the 1 hour of indulgence with Richarding and fills that cuddle gap before bedtime 🙂
    I really love these, and yes they are even more sigh worthy in b/w. I am so glad you took them all, so many different perspectives and expressions 🙂
    I love the profile but for me the real stunner is that 2nd row left hand side corner , the semi-profile. That one is just.. wow… matinee-idol and all! Definitely R at his most stunning! 🙂 Not quite the real him if i am allowed to say so 🙂 But still a shade or instant shift of his chmeleonic self 🙂 And of course he can play a rom com boy! He just has to set his mind to it… and find a razor 🙂 And stop chopping off that nice unruly hair of his. sigh…. maybe one day 😉
    The rose and coin just put a smile on my face, so like him to notice and react just like that… thud indeed.
    Thanks so much for spending the time to go through these and share with us. They are special because they feel very present, alive, full of energy and excitement and it all comes across 🙂


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