A Badge for a Good Cause

Some of you might remember that I had a second batch of badges printed a while ago.


I had ordered them for no other reason than I had run out of the first 100 so-called “fandom identifiers” and thought it would be nice to have some more available for… whenever. Well, it seems as if the opportunity may have arisen just now. The long-awaited Urban and the Shed Crew film will premiere on the 7th of November at Leeds International Film Festival, and I have heard that there may be a fan or two going to the event.


Flower crowns optional, peeps!

An opportunity to don a discreet little badge that signals the shared fandom to a fellow fan while not plastering the allegiance to Mr A all over the shop. Or as I wrote last year when I originally executed the idea on prompting by notallwhowonderarelost, after realizing much too late that there had been fellow fans at the same performance of TC in London – yet I hadn’t recognised them:

We really need some discreet way of recognising each other in the future. Really, all this clandestine walking past each other while being sure that we have spotted a fellow sufferer of Armitagitis… Silly. I mean, *I* have a brilliant bag with Robert Hermitage’s face plastered all over it, so *you* might spot me. But how can *I* spot you? Save the silly beard idea (really, Richard, that’s a no-go. I don’t even like a beard on you, never mind on myself…), or militaristic uniforms, the only way forward seems to be removable insignia – something unobtrusive to outsiders. Yet recognisable by insiders. A little badge that only gives away that we are part of the RArmy to those with inside knowledge…

I reiterate the fact that this is just a fun little fandom thing and I am not prescribing to anyone that this is the *one and only* badge for fans to wear. It is merely a fun little gift from me and my supporters, CraMERRY and Hariclea, and may even serve a practical purpose. The second batch is ready for anybody who would like to have a badge. I will send a badge to anyone who would like to have one, no matter where, all costs covered! All you need to do is send me an e-mail to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net with your request and address (please put “Badges” into the subject line), and off it goes in the post to you!

Richards Action For Children pageHowever, if you feel like it, I would like to follow the esteemed Mr A’s example and make a little suggestion.

The badges only cost €0.35 to make and postage is € 1.05. Postage, package and badges are covered by previous donations, but if you like I would be delighted to collect donations in return for a badge. The proceeds will all go to Action for Children via Richard’s Just Giving page. (Congratulations at this point to all the generous supporters who have already given money to Richard’s new cause! The £ 2000 mark has already been passed – amazing generosity!!!)

Let me emphasise again, though: This is a voluntary contribution; I do not expect donations but am happy to send them off free of charge.

IMG_6601So, rescue me, I am drowning in a sea of badges. They need new owners. And think of how much fun it would be if you were lucky enough to go to the screening of UATSC in Leeds AND meet a few fellow fans without asking awkward questions…

I await your e-mails!


62 thoughts on “A Badge for a Good Cause

    • Thanks for reblogging, Zee. And don’t worry, I am sure there will be plenty of reports on various channels…
      PS: Received mail – heavy work. Need a bit of time to review but it’s coming!

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        • Damn, that means I am far behind – and I hear you have uploaded it anyway. Sorry. I am sure you got plenty of feedback from your betas. And no, it was not nailbitingly bad at all – it was just really interesting to see a completely different reincarnation of RA!!!

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          • Actually, all I got from my grammar betas was… well… grammar. And both commented it was rather dark, but he IS patterned after early season 1 Guy, so it needs to be dark. I’d still like to know what you think. So far, all I’ve gotten is….

            Oh my. How dark….

            (liked the house, but it was SMALL. My dining room table would NOT fit at all – I need to buy a new one, but I was kinda hoping not to have to deal with that off the bat – and bedroom sizes are a bit – I shouldn’t say they’re small. They are normal sized. I have huge ass furniture and a lot of it. Pros are nice large stockade fenced back yard, quiet neighborhood, 2 bathrooms – my son would be over joyed – cons, too small dining area, tight kitchen Spawn and I would have a hard time getting into at the same time, can’t hang dresses or long pants in the closets that we would use as bedrooms as they are double barred – which is find for blouses and pants on hangers, but NOT dresses and pants on pant hangers… DAMMIT, I forgot the 2 computer desks and my rocking chair…



            • Hm. What are those rental contracts like? Do you have to commit for a huge long time? I mean, I know that moving is annoying, but maybe it will be better to settle on something now and keep your eyes open for other houses coming on the market that will eventually fit all your furniture?
              And re. William – great – if you haven’t received content feedback yet, I will have something back for you later.


              • Rentals are typically 1 year. And I LOATHE packing. moving the piano and heavier furniture is a royal pain in the posterior and I have to get someone to do it as I can’t anymore. So no, I want to lock and load and rusticate. I’m rather a homebody and I want to know it’s all good and I don’t have to worry about packing and looking for a new place.

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                  • And I’m not young anymore. I have to have help and the only day my brother can come drive my huge ass truck is Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving – and will also be Spawn’s bday.

                    He has 10 days off (SPawn) and we’re planning to meet at a midway point the previous Thursday and he can stay with me those 10 days… reconnect, decide where we want things. I’m sure we’ll make a few trips down tto the unit that weekend before – might even rent a van – that, I can drive! – and start bringing up boxes and such.


                    • Sounds like a good plan, and despite the work involved, also something to look forward to! Ok, I understand Thanksgiving is a big thing, but even if you are moving then, at least you’ll have Spawn with you…

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  1. I need a deRAnged badge, please. Habe meinen schon so oft verloren, dann wäre ich heilfroh für einen Ersatz wenn er mal ganz unauffindbar wäre, Ich hatte Dir Portounterstützung zugesagt, die aber bei der Versteigerung vergessen. Schicke ich Dir gleich noch. Wer weiss wie viele Bestellungen Du bekommst 🙂 da steigen die Kosten bestimmt enorm 🙂


  2. i’m still entRAnced but it needs a spare because it gets bashed around loads on my backpack 😉 Do you want to the collection to yours or shall i send it to his link directly?anonymously of course
    And please don’t send, we keep the maim busy enough :-p


    • You shall have one, of course! But you’ve already backed the badges with a donation!? I don’t mind where you donate – I habe already got some donations in, so I will definitely have to donate a Justgiving at some stage.


      • There is one thing to have them done and such and another to support the cause for the kids 😉 I remembered a chat i had with a friend of mine who works for a foundation, which is less knows, not so big and she made a very good point about smaller initiatives actually needing more help 🙂 So i’ll pitch in in this one 😉


          • Oh, i forgot, i mean i always think of it as the big pot of fandom good deeds 🙂 From where we channel it to various places. I know i was like ho-humming out of reflex and then i thought about it and decided i like this one so i’ll get on board 😉
            I just love the badges, in all honesty (and not that i own many, but i have seen a few) it is the classiest bit of fan paraphernalia i have ever seen 🙂 And the only one in my entire life i have been happy to wear in public 🙂


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  4. Thank you! Habe gerade Post bekommen, gleich 3 Stück!! Jetzt kann auch mal einer verloren gehen und ich kann meine beiden!! Handtaschen bestücken 🙂 Vielleicht sollte ich mal auf dem Ddorfer Flughafen suchen? 🙂 ❤ Danke!!


  5. Mine just came in ❤ Though, the wanted 'entRAnced' somehow, magically, turned to 'distRActed'. (Richard, have you anything to do with it? Are you doing this on purpose, ha? ha?Have you somehow got on the plane and switched envelopes? Admit it! :P) So, may I ask you to leave 'entrRAnced' locked safely and keep it for me? 😀 Thank you for the lovely note and 'see' you in a couple of weeks :* ❤


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  7. Ha, I’m gonna come at you from all kinds of directions for blasts from the past! I absolutely love these. I think I would’ve been a deRAnged, for sure! :-*


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