2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #31

Have you recovered from extended editions yet, people? I was a bit quiet this week – sometimes it’s good to lie low for a bit – but I was following reactions on blogs on and off tumblr about the screenings in the US. Sounded as if BOTFA EE has received general thumbs up from everyone? I am really looking forward to the DVD release of it. Will there be a box set of the whole TH trilogy, you think? If so, Christmas *could* be sorted.

Meanwhile, I have been busy sending out badges to RA fans. Mind you, I nearly went deRAnged over the whole thing, and not through any fault of my own. I had packed a whole batch of the badges, printed envelopes, securely fastened with extra tape, and dumped them into the post on Tuesday. Only to find a pack of nine of them returned to me on Thursday. According to An Post (the Irish postal service), I had underpaid the postage – which was strange, as the envelopes were and contained exactly the same as I during the badge mission last year. What was far more annoying, though, was that An Post had plastered massive return to sender stickers over the envelopes, completely obscuring the address. The worst, however, is the fact that underpaid postage is marked void, and you have to buy new postage in its entirety, not just underpaid extra. What a bloody waste. And wait, it gets worse. I managed to peel of the stickers and reuse the envelopes. And so I stampeded back to the post office, in order to have the envelopes weighed and buy the correct postage. Well, guess what? My original postage was correct. I nearly threw a tantrum right then and there! What a waste, again! That is some way of making money, An Post!!! I hope the envelopes make it through An Post’s cross-examination this time ’round. They are on their way again. And the first badge has made it to an unknown location in mainland Europe, I have been reliably informed. But hello people who are going to Leeds!!! Have you sent in for your badge yet??? I haven’t had any requests from Britain – and I’d love to send some badges to people who are attending the UATSC screenings. Please give me a buzz – I’ll send you a badge post-haste!

But now on to the weekend’s entertainment. Another week, another round-up. Here it comes:

UATSC round-up 31

  1. A young and fresh-faced John Porter, slightly manga-ish, by ezyoung made me smile
  2. Judging by the number of notes on this slide-show presentation on why Armitage is bad for you, this post by sundaychild must have been around for a while. No matter, I am including it here because it made me laugh out loud in places
  3. This edit by jojomasonvictor goes along the “He ruined all other men for me” meme. Touché, though, touché
  4. Clematis70 (who never fails to deliver, btw!) put together the best bits from RA’s audio-commentary on Robin Hood. I never knew!!! How do I get my hands on a DVD with his commentary???
  5. Mezzmerizedbyrichard caught John Porter at a beautiful moment. Screencap
  6. Do you also think about Richard’s belly? A richardarmitageconfession
  7. Again, lots of notes on this post by tosqinha, which might mean it’s been around for a bit. I only saw these hilarious drawings this week
  8. Presumably this “birthday card” for RA by sefarlen came out in August. I am late, but it’s too good to pass
  9. A richardarmitage-confidential confession that I second. (But don’t try it in German, Richard. It won’t work. Not on me!)
  10. For those of you who prefer Casual!Richard, here’s a jumper collection by look-back-look-back-at-me
  11. Jassy2101 had a picture of Thorin on the ram that I hadn’t seen before. Majestic, down to the caps on his boots
  12. If you ever browse on tumblr, do not ignore the tags. These days they seem to be the place where the really interesting comments are (I have noticed that with regard to my Berlin photos, too.) Anyhow, fringeofmadness collected the best tags and illustrated them. An absolute gem!
  13. Claude Monet doesn’t really pop up very often. Riepu10 remedied the situation, and while I am not a huge fan of the wig-cum-goatee combo, I was transfixed by gif 3 in this set. *smiles*
  14. Not sure if I had seen these pics from ITS premiere before. Posted by aniarafan2
  15. This picture of fighting Thorin on a post by thorinds accompanies a quote from Glenn Boswell whoever he is on the thought-process behind the way PJ let Thorin die in BOTFA. Interesting
  16. Gorgeous edit by allita – Proctor
  17. A set of reaction gifs by applefia2036 – oh god, the last one never fails to make me guffaw… maybe not for the right reasons…
  18. And just because I can, I focus on the essentials here with tistai’s picture. I reiterate: Scrap ‘National Beard Day’. We need ‘National Throat and Hairy Chest Day’!!! Or better still – make that the ‘Year of the Throat and Hairy Chest’. Ahem.
  19. Since the Thorin kitten got quite a response last week, here is another kitten with RA. By elibet6

Short but sweet. Go enjoy your weekend, all ❤


34 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #31

  1. Arrrggghhhhh, du quälst mich mit diesem Kätzchenbild!!!! Das war Absicht, gib es zu. Das ist, wie ich finde, eine der besonders dunklen Seiten des Fandoms 😁
    Die Initiative “throat and hairy chest forever” unterstütze ich vollumfänglich. Sind jetzt eigentlich alle nennenswerten (sprich: gut sichtbaren) Körperregionen abgearbeitet?


    • Haha, Kätzchen als die “dunkle Seite” des Fandoms. Infam, kann man da nur sagen. Und ja, ich bin für meine Perfidität ja auch bekannt…
      Was die verschiedenen Körperregionen angeht – ja, ich denke mal, das ist alles umfänglich und lückenlos dokumentiert. Aber man guckt ja immer wieder gerne hin…


  2. Would’ve never seen it, were it not for you. …#2 is HILARIOUS!
    Sorry for your badge troubles. Annoyances while doing good is always such a test of one’s good intentions! You pass with flying colors each and every time. Your graciousness doesn’t go unappreciated!


    • Glad the slide show was new to others, as well. It was just too good to pass up…
      And thanks for your nice words, chazak… I am doing my best, and the occasional rant are a nice relief. Thanks for indulging me!


  3. I look forward to this every Saturday… and i’m having to STOP IN THE MIDDLE because I have an appointment to look at a house.

    yes. Look at a house. Let’s hope it’s an improvement from the last one. (Itty bitty bedrooms, one electrical outlet in the master, itty bitty closets – actually NO FRIGGIN closets, bathroom a joke…)

    #2 killed me. Just killed me.

    And BotFA extended was awesome. Just awesome. I sat in the theater until the very very end, just… yeah. They should have publicized this better. Sad to watch such an awesome movie, one showing only, with only 9 other people.


    • Hooray – another viewing. I am keeping my fingers crossed for you, Zee. It really has to happen at some point…
      The slide show is developing to the obvious favourite on this list. Hope you gave it a like on tumblr, too 😉


  4. Besten Dank für die Zusammenstellung.

    Nr. 2 hat für mehrfaches Grinsen und dreifaches lautes Lachen gesorgt. 😀

    Nr. : Äh …? Hast du etwa deinen geliebten Guy nicht auf DVD??? Schlechter Fan, Guylty!!! 😛 😀
    (Offen gestanden: Ich bin bisher selbst noch nicht dazu gekommen, mir die Audio-Kommentare anzuhören, um zu erfahren, was über Richard gesagt wird bzw. was er selber zu sagen hat. Wo rennt nur immer die Zeit hin?! *seufz*)

    Nr. 19: Okay, okay, die Katze zeigt die Krallen und faucht jeden an, der *ihrem* Richard zu nahe kommt. Verständlich. Trotzdem teile ich Merrys Verdacht: Du willst uns ärgern. 😛


    • Ja, stell dir mal vor, ich hab Guy nicht auf Konserve. Muss ich irgendwann noch mal berichtigen, diese Nachlässigkeit. Ich hab mal vor zwei Jahren bei Oxfam die Hälfte von Staffel 2 auf DVD gekauft, aber noch nicht nachgeguckt, ob RA da den Kommentar spricht…
      Höhö, die Katze – och, ein bisschen Quatsch muss ja auch mal sein…


  5. #12 and the tag “there’s an entire collar situation that I cannot handle”… LOL! All the tags were great- thanks for the suggestion to read the tags (something I rarely think to do).


  6. Great selection as usual. I find myself torn between laughing at witty humor and crying that I am not sitting in his lap combing his chest hair with my well- manicured fingers. (Two fantasies in one. My fingers are never manicured.)


  7. Nummer 2 ist wirklich creativ, großes Kompliment!
    Die Birthday card ist zum knutschen ❤
    Und beim Katzenbild: einfach den Blick intensiv auf die schöne Lederjacke richten !!!!


  8. can we have year of throat&chest at nr 18 starting with today?
    and why is it i really like cat pic 19??? so wrong but so funny 🙂 especially because it is not a cutesey cat


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