2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #32

This is going to be a short one, ladies (and gents?). I am experiencing creative flow and currently have 7 shrines on the go. And damn, do I hate interruptions when I am finally in the zone for creativity. It’s almost as if I am afraid I might lose the idea if I turn away from shrining and do something else. Family life is not conducive to that, either, and neither is my right arm which has got some sort of tendonitis brewing, I think. But since I will probably not be posting a round-up next week (I am heading to London *yay* where I will finally see Cumberbatch in Hamlet), I better get this baby out… Here is #32:

UATSC round-up 32

  1. Starting off with something incredibly cute: legothorin has been creating whole Hobbit scenes from those tiny mini Legos. This one is V for Vows, and the photography is brilliant, too. I love me a nice tilt shift 😉 Check out the other scenes – it’s a whole alphabet!
  2. Clematis70 has collected “drinking chaRActers”. “Afternoon version” LOL
  3. With the addition of a simple white line, these gifs by elvenking become really 3D. Love them
  4. Coolio Thorin, brandishing Orcrist. Drawn by reammm
  5. Jassy2101 has caught a cap of Thorin that is just too good to ignore. What a smile – probably more Richard than Thorin, actually *thud*
  6. So simple. And yet it is entirely clear who these two adorable figures are. Picture by zorafishball
  7. richardarmitage-confidential nails it once again. “Dat bum”…
  8. Please indulge me. I just really like this set by ninapenyap. For reasons
  9. Did you know Richard’s childhood soundtrack contains ‘Grease’??? “Summer lovin’ happens so fa-hast…” jenny-tonic adds the music
  10. Toddler Thorin… awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. By bebeiku
  11. What does Richard miss when he’s not in Blighty? Well, he’s a Mr Average, because his coveted thing is something that I have often heard from Brits (and Irish) when asked what they are missing… I quite like it, too… Clematis70 has uploaded the soundbite
  12. Mhhh, I like a nice rear view *ahem*. But then I got a bit distracted by the back of RA’s head. Hm. Do we have to worry? Gif set by constantlyfreemaned
  13. Milesofkeefe accidentally created a Thorin shrine. Well, let me tell you, happens to the best of us *ahem*…
  14. Haven’t linked to a triple-r-porn story for a while. This one is of Porter, and though probably NSFW still quite gentle
  15. Talking of NSFW – this is getting there. I had never seen this scene from BTS – censored by Youtube? triple-r-porn posted it. Approach with caution bucket of icecold water near
  16. Concentrating Armitage on set – in shorts. Capped by minty-oakenshield
  17. A picture set of images that relate to the ‘oakenshield’ which Richard helped design. By samsscentury
  18. This could make an interesting ringtone *coughs*. Soundbite by thoza-oakenshield (Grace??? Where has the baconshield gone???)
  19. Don’t despair! r-armitage-characters-home has a gif set of highly dramatic chaRActer moments
  20. Honestly? Sharing clothes? What are you? 16??? Torsherka has the evidence
  21. In case you hadn’t seen sinnaminnie’s RAvarian yet… As a German I can only say: “Too close to the bone for me” 😉
  22. A really lovely quote about RA, posted by richardarmitagequotes. Granite and humility – an interesting combination…
  23. Wow – what an interesting suggestion in this richardarmitageconfession
  24. And lastly a special mention to an initiative which is not only creative but will also bolster some community spirit: Plushie-maker extraordinaire Sinnamin is calling for participants for the Richie Holiday Swap. The idea is for crafters to sign up, be paired and create a RA or chaRActer themed pressie for the respective partner in the swap. Think kriskindle with a cRAfty twist! Information on how to take part on this link. Open for *any* kind of craft! I’m on! – And if you are not crafty yourself, don’t worry – you’ll be in for a ride, too, because Sinnamin is asking participants to post sneak peeks of the works in progress, so there’ll be plenty to see. I can’t wait for Christmas 🎄🎁

Leaving it there. Have a great weekend, peeps!

Guylty ❤

16 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #32

  1. Die 20) habe ich die Tage auch schon gesehen (Twitter?) und war kurz davor einen ähnlichen Kommentar abzugeben. Ich dachte, das Thema wäre abgefrühstückt 😉 Interessant, wie sich manche Kindereien halten. Und zur 12) sage ich nur: Ja, das wird mal was , wenn es groß ist. Ich sehe diese “Schwachstelle” schon seit N&S. Wahrscheinlich werde ich dafür in Teilen des Fandoms gesteinigt. Aber so isses halt. Alles menschlich 😉


    • Creative flow is going to continue today. I finished my 7 shrines yesterday, but I will have an empty gaff for the afternoon, so as soon as I have done my commenting/correspondence, back to the shrining board it is 🙂
      And yes, very much looking forward to Saturday and Hamlet. My focus will be on Cumberbatch and Hinds. I think we have seats in the 2nd row. Not sure whether that is good or bad.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Excitement is definitely building re the trip. There is quite a schedule on because it is daughter’s first trip to London proper and this is going to be all about her. She has a list of sights she wants to see, and I can’t wait to play guide.


    • Hehe, I had lots of time to build up some creative energy. It’s been weeks since I last did creative work. I always work best when I have deadlines, and going away always puts the pressure on…


  2. #8. For reasons. *feeling a bit faint here*
    #12… I see your concern, but I think it’s more of a bad hair day. Young Love gets the same appearance every morning if it’s not combed. He can’t see it because it’s right in the back… and poor RA didn’t have his mom nearby, clearly. LOL. Bed head, or wig head… I wonder. But I do applaud you for even noticing. I was focusing my attention a lot lower.


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