RA Pocket Shrine 98/? – I’m All Heart

If you are a regular reader of Guylty Pleasure, you may have come across the name “Riepu10” on a regular basis. Riepu aka Paula is mainly active on Tumblr where I often find great photo and gif sets by her that frequently pop up in the Weekly Round-ups. You may also remember her name because Paula has made a few extraordinary cRAfty submissions. It all started on Valentine’s Day 2014 when she surprised me with a custom-made frame for my darling black knight. Then she made a companion piece in the shape of a Thorin frame in May 2014. Finally, a few months ago and I can’t really find the post where I probably showed it off she gifted me a Lucas North frame. What amazing work:


I had promised to make a shrine in return, and it has taken me forever to do so. But before I went away on my weekend last week, I finally managed to make and send it to her. She asked for John Porter, as she already has a Guy RAPS in her possession. And since she loves him so, I went for a ❤ ❤ theme…


A heart theme and Porter? Well yes, dears, action man Portah is actually “all heart”, by his own admission. It comes in episode 4 of SB where he is defending the orphanage together with Masuku. It’s just a sarcastic aside, but let’s take him at face value, shall we?


Yup, in Guylty’s version, John “Bling” Porter couldn’t be any more heart… Sorry, it had to be done.

As usual, there is a bit of interactive fun. I have decided to give Paula some words to play with. Depending on her own mood she can declare “I am… ↓”


“… wild/good for you” 😉 The funny white triangle adds a bit more fun because it unfolds into a…


… heart as well. Yes, it’s all very pink and bling. But I thought Paula deserved a true anti-dote to dark and broody Guy… And maybe Porter deserves a little bit of love, too, hard action hero or not 😉


I’ll leave you with a photo of the glory that Paula gifted me with. Upon my return from my recent travels, I found a parcel from her waiting for me. In it were loads of beautiful tins to make more shrines with.


I love those square, small mint tins of the “blink” brand. Aren’t they cool? I had bought a couple of them myself and received some from CraMERRY,too, before, but only recently made the first emergency shrine in one of them. They are small but look great and don’t need any outside adjustments.

So a big massive thank you to Paula for this shipment. Bling galore!

32 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 98/? – I’m All Heart

    • I know – aren’t they cool? My favourite is still Guy. Leather!!! But they are all so meticulously well done. They are in my study right above my desk, guarding my collection of photo books.


  1. I have had the type of day where I just wanted to tear all my hair out, every strand. I think flamboyantly blingity bling-bling Porter was just EXACTLY what I needed to see. I feel better already. =) Love it!


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