Pop!Thorin Goes London – Again

Dear all, this post is in lieu of the usual Saturday Weekly Round-up. I had all the intentions of posting it on its usual slot and had reserved Friday evening for the compiling and scheduling. And then the concert I went to last night went horribly over-time due to a very unfortunate (and scary) incident during the performance. Just as the Allegretto of Shostakovich’s Symphony No 7 “Leningrad” neared its crescendo, a trumpet player collapsed and the concert had to be interrupted while the conductor called for doctors in the audience to step forward. It was really frightening, I have to say, a young musician fell over in a seizure, or simply blacked out, but it seemed like an eternity until we saw him get back up on his feet and walk out with medical assistance… High drama:

So instead I have decided to do a quick post with Thorin’s latest adventures in London. He (and I) had a great time – and an involuntarily prolonged stay due to cancelled flights on Sunday when thick fog made all air traffic impossible. But before that we had a brilliant time, doing lots of sights.

On day 1 our first port of call was a bit of culture in the National Gallery. Thorin proved to be quite the connoisseur and insisted on a picture in front of a large-scale painting by his favourite impressionist painter…


You can take the warrior out of the war, but you can’t take the war out of the warrior. Thorin had expressed the wish to see the Cabinet War Rooms in Whitehall. Good ole Churchill seemed a man after his own taste. Selfie with a celebrity!!!!!!


Thorin was a bit miffed that the trooping of the colours wasn’t being put on for him when we passed this big square. After all he is a reigning King, too:


Nonetheless, this little part of St James’ Park just opposite made him quite homesick. Looks straight out of Middle-earth, doesn’t it?


Next day, fresh after a night’s rest we went on to the Tower of London. Thorin was in his element. He likes castles.


And an armoury full of armours and weapons. I can tell you, he fitted right in.


However, he was not amused by this fella, guarding the armoury. Mind you, Thorin barely huffed – he’s dealt with bigger dragons.


For tea Thorin allowed us to take him to another cultural institution – the Tate Gallery. It sports the best members’ lounge with a prime view of London. Good tea, too.


On our final day Thorin indulged the resident Dr Who fan and went along to the BBC to have a look at the tardis.


With a bit of time to spare, we walked through Carnaby Street and then came across this little gem. Thorin wasn’t quite sure why I insisted on taking a picture of him in front of the Cats poster, but he played along because I had promised him a visit to the site of his triumph after that.


Yeah, he looks a bit put out, doesn’t he? Well, the last stop really cheered him up. Never mind that my memories of this street corner are mainly of frustration and cold feet…


Yep, I’ll never forget that corner of Leicester Square where we did NOT see RA at the BOTFA premiere *LOL*…

Anyhow, the whole trip was great fun, and with Pop!Thorin at my side, I am always sufficiently distRActed. I hope you are, too.


And thus concludes London with Pop!Thorin 2015. Hope you enjoyed the little trip, sightseeing inclusive. Thorin is getting ready for the next trip. I’ll bring my camera and document it.

Have a lovely weekend, all – and sorry for the lack of Round-up today.

Guylty ❤

28 thoughts on “Pop!Thorin Goes London – Again

  1. I hope the musician is okay. How scary!!!! When I was singing with my college choir many years ago, we were at a BIG to-do (luncheon for 1000) and singing under a spotlight in the middle of the diners, when I got over-heated and fell off the top riser onto a dining table with several people. SOOOOO embarrassed.

    The Shostakovich is glorious!!!

    And this time next week, my POP!Thorin will be presiding over the first stages of my move!!! He’s already telling me how to go about it!


    • I wish I knew whether the young man is alright again. It was so scary, I really felt like crying when it happened.
      Oh wow Zee, that’s quite a stunt you pulled there at your concert. I hope it didn’t traumatise you forever!
      And hooray for the move! Finally!!! Keeping my fingers crossed!! X

      Liked by 1 person

      • Stuff that like happens to others and you just say a prayer and hope.

        Falling off the top riser (which is a place I usually am never at) was more embarrassing than anything else. In the aftermath, it was the nicest my choral director ever was to me. Go figure.

        And the move…. yes… and would you believe the MUSE bit me hard 2 days ago. So I must write this weekend, while cleaning and getting stuff together, in order to appease him. At least we have Wednesday off so I can SERIOUSLY pack the room then. I have stuff at school – DVDs and books – that I”ll pack and take with me Friday night. My air mattress is already in the trunk.

        Just excited!!!!

        Still trying to find help and arrange the REAL move – you know, furniture, BED….


  2. Love it! And is it weird that I can actually see a change in his expression with each of your photos? 🙂 Must be your wonderful descriptions and the great angles and placement that you use. (Or I’m just delusional, as usual!)


    • I am hallucinating as well. I think Thorin’ s face is very expressive. I don’t know how he does it, but his royal grumpiness never leaves a doubt as to his moods or inner thoughts. When travelling with Guylty, he is positively effusive. Must be the companionship.

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  3. I love Shostakovich. Hope the musician had no lasting problems. Look forward to more of your travels and, if you make it to Leeds, I’m crossing my fingers that this time to will see Mr. A. Little T and I leave for Europe in a couple of weeks. Had to explain that weaponry would not fly. I hope to have many more conversations and adventures to post on his FB page.


  4. Gosh I could do with a bit of that lovely cake and coffee from the Tate about now and the view, wish I was there…….been painting my lounge/kitchen, which is nice to do but it’s all the stuff I have to move…
    I love that little house in St. James’ it’s so Shire and the garden looks like it’s blooming too. That ‘baby’ dragon does look pretty harmless by comparison, no wonder Thorin looks unmoved by it. I confess to being a Dr Who fan so thanks for the Tardis pic, did Thorin want a ride? When I was last in the UK in 1988 it was the bi-centenary of the first fleet and colonisation of Australia and when I went to see the Trooping of the colour the Aussies were there ‘on loan’ dressed in their boring cacky, I mean khaki green marching instead, I didn’t go there to see my countrymen I went there to see the British by cod! so I can understand Thorin’s disappointment at missing the spectacle.
    Glad you had a good trip, enjoy Leeds I’m looking forward to hearing about it. xx


    • Oh, have you finished painting your house, austoz? If so you may look forward to a blogiversary post from me later on 😀. Turns out I mixed up dates and will have to incorporate that into my first Leeds update.


      • Oh, happy blogiversary Guylty!
        No the painting’s not finished yet. It’s a bit of a process and half way there so far. I have done the ceiling in white and the walls in light blue. I have out dated timber dado from the floor to half way up two walls that is waiting to be sanded, (my neighbour is going to do it with an orbital sander) and then it will be painted in white enamel. The skirting boards, window frames, door frames and lounge to hall door are currently darkish brown and they too will be painted in white enamel. It’s all very 1980’s décor and I have been wanting to do something with it for ages. The white paint over all the dark brown should really lift the room and I have installed and painted a new front door with glass panels in it which looks great and gives more light. After that I need new carpet throughout the house, lounge curtains and a new kitchen bench top and cupboards and floor so I have a bit to do. I also have some existing pine furniture to paint white. After all that I’ll start on painting the doors and frames throughout the rest of the house white then modernise the bathroom…..it’s never ending and I have to save money to do it as I go so it wont be done in a hurry. xx


  5. I love reading about your adventures (albeit months later) with your traveling companion and of course wonderful photos. I hope you don’t mind, I’m living vicariously through you. 😀


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