2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #34

Apologies for skipping the round-up last week. I was a bit distRActed. By this.


Sorry. Just had to be done. But now on to this week’s tumblr compilation. Dominated by UATSC premiere, of course, of which you probably already have had an overload. I am therefore omitting most of that – hence this round-up is pretty short. Forgive me. Here we go.


  1. Richardbirdwitharmsitage is back – with a fierce Thorin. Always a great laugh
  2. This gif set of Richard’s last scene and RA’s own memories of it – and a heart-felt hug by Phillippa Boyens – is very moving. By thorinds
  3. Some gifs of the Q&A at Chapel FM by clematis70
  4. richardfcarmitage compiles polaroids of airport!richard
  5. I love noshon92’s painting of Richard – really well caught
  6. A very cheeky submission by nfcomics from the “What a Guy wants” series… *tuttuttut*
  7. Niphredil-of-lorien has created a lovely scene with Lego Bilbo and Thorin
  8. A richardarmitage-confidential that could be mine. In fact it is mine
  9. Tosquinha has drawn another cutesy family scene between Thorin and nephews
  10. Do you imagine Richard in every movie you see? Another richardarmitage-confidential
  11. OMG, Sinnaminie is so quick. She has already reacted to Leeds!Richard with a plushie. I love this
  12. And ezyoung has a little drawing of Leeds!Richard, too – sweet, especially the grin
  13. A review of UATSC and an account of the fan encounter at Chapel FM by hobbitjt
  14. LOL – this takes the biscuit. What gave Richard Armitage permission to be so handsome? armitageaficionado has the answer

12 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #34

  1. No. 2 *sniffles* I absolutely adore Phillippa in that moment, poor lad needed a hug.
    ‘What a Guy wants’ never fails to make me laugh.
    No. 8, Oh I’m definitely with you there Guylty, I think he can be very naughty indeed when the mood strikes and I love it!
    No. 11, another cute plushie!
    No. 14, inspired.
    Thanks for the round-up xx.


    • That moment between Phillippa and RA just relates so much, I thought – how close everyone must have been on the shoot, and how difficult the impending end must have felt.


  2. Die 14 ist wirklich die Beste, als wäre es genau dafür aufgenommen. Da hatte jemand den richtigen Blick ❤
    Ich wünsche einen guten Start in die neue Woche! Liebe Grüße….


  3. oh 2…. the way she caresses his face before hugging him… awww.. and he can barely move… so touching.
    That Guy… always naughty!
    giggles on those confessions.. mhmmm
    14- great spot and what a nice pose 🙂 makes me picture him in another frescos… ehem.


    • Hehe, you had to resort to commenting on last week’s round-up as I haven’t yet been able to compile this week’s. Doing it now.
      PS: Survived the teenage party. House still standing. One seat broken. Several puking incidents. And a shocking array of bottles and cans left behind.


      • just as expected then 😉 could have been worse, there was no police! LOL Ah and don’t worry i hadn’t actually gone through last week’s , just catching up hidden under covers with tea, v cold today! the man always provides the wARmth 😉


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