The Dote As An Antidote

Like many of us I feel very depressed today, in the face of the atrocities of Paris. I have several friends living in Paris and two photographer friends were on a visit there this weekend on the occasion of Paris Photo, the  international fine art photography fair, which has been closed today, under the order of the authorities. Everyone I know is fine. But the world is not, and while Paris saddens me, I am more disturbed that the world only seems to wake up if atrocities on this scale hit the West. What about Beirut and Baghdad, and what about Syria, Afghanistan, and all the other places where death tolls in this region happen every other week? Sometimes I do not like living in this world very much…

My heart goes out to all who are affected by it, whichever nationality, religion or ethnicity they belong to. We are all human beings. We all know fear and grief. And love and belief. That’s what unites us, not the marginal differences of our fears and beliefs. Nothing could be further from my mind than ignoring these horrific events, but I refuse to give in to the threats and the terrorists. We have to continue living our lives. And when I am publishing this post as a distraction, I do not mean that as a trivialization but as an antidote to the pain, a reminder that there is so much to enjoy in this world, together, across borders, ethnicities and religions.


Not just Liberty, but also Hope. (Manip by @tannni on the basis of my picture)

This time last week we had such a moment, when people gathered, united in their admiration of an actor. At the time of writing this, it was exactly a week ago from the screening of UATSC in the Hyde Park Picture House. RA took to the stage of the cinema for a few introductory words together with Candida Brady and Fraser Kelly.


I was sitting in the front row of the balcony and took a few pictures from up there. They are grainy and discoloured (the light and lack thereof…) and there is neither much detail nor variation in them. But at least they complete the archive of photos from the event.


I have put them into the gallery below, for your perusal. Consider our dote the antidote to terror.

All pics © Guylty Pleasure 2015.

These are not the full loot, but you get the picture 😉

And maybe one of these days I will get that review written, too.

#Paris stay strong!


26 thoughts on “The Dote As An Antidote

  1. *seufz* Ich muss gestehen, dass ich gerade versuche, möglichst wenig Nachrichten mitzubekommen. Ich will mir keine Details in den Kopf holen, bei denen ich doch nur wieder und wieder fragen kann: “Warum tut jemand so etwas? Warum solcher Hass auf Unschuldige?”

    Klingt das zynisch? Oder nach Vogel-Strauß-Haltung? Vielleicht.


    • Ich kann das gut nachvollziehen. Ich habe heute mittag vorm laptop gesessen und mir alle Informationen reingezogen, die es nur gab. Mit Tränen in den Augen. Ich bin selten so sentimental, aber mich hat das diesmal irgendwie schwer berührt.


  2. Well said, Guylty. And there are some lovely shots there, especially under those light conditions. Love the manip too, though I don’t always think the USA is the best role model for the Western world.


    • Yeah, wish the shots had been a bit clearer. And photographer a bit closer. But well, it’s a general impression.
      And yes, I agree, the US is not an ideal role model, but I’d like to see the Statue of Liberty as a general symbol of liberty, rather than synonymous with the US. It was, after all, a gift from France to the US, so it has at least a tenuous connection to France…

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  3. I like the manip, G, and even though I’m American, I see Lady Liberty as representing not the USA per se, but the God-given right to freedom for all humanity.As I’ve done occasionally in the past, I’d like to use it for my Twitter profile pic and credit you & Tannni, if neither of you object. ❤

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  4. I’ve been really depressed today, too. But thank you for posting your photos, and for the manip. The Statue of Liberty symbolizes everything that stands in opposition to the ideology behind such atrocities, and while it may be located in America, I would hope that the message would be universal. Given that it was constructed in France, I think the manip couldn’t be more appropriate. (((Hugs)))


  5. We all need to dote on something or someone and find an antidote for sadness. That’s what gives us the heart to stand strong in the face of such horrors. Thanks for the cornucopia of sweet shots.


  6. Ich bin spät, aber zur Stelle. Halte mich auch von zuviel Berichterstattung und “Hintergrundinformation” fern, das ich das persönlich nicht so wahnsinnig zielführend für mich empfinde.
    Deine Bilder sind auf eine nette Weise amateurhaft 😉 Total ungewohnt. Und ich mag die Farben mit schwarz, weiß und orange.


  7. If more people would concentrate on those who suffer, on helping, on making a difference instead of taking things away horrible things like these would happen less 😦 I don’t find it in any way inappropriate, especially given the theme of the film. I stopped watching as well today as what more can news tells us than we already know that people have been killed again, pointlessly, violently and the reaction in many seems to be to ask for even more violence in retaliation.
    I think all we can do is to remind ourselves that not all the world is violent, that there are good and sane things out there, people who make a positive difference and hang on to that.
    Thanks very much for these! x

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