RA Pocket Shrine 99/? – Ferocious Angel

In between the madness of work, an upcoming business trip, and my social life yes, I do have one such I turn to a shrine post for a bit of fun and insanity. It has been two weeks since the last RAPS was posted, and the discussion and processing of UATSC, as well as editing and posting the photographs from the premiere took up most of my attention since then. So much so that I have missed my 3-year-blogiversary last week, as well as the project I had up my sleeve for that occasion. The latter is currently being recovered with the help of the professionals. I hope to have it reconstituted and back soon because I’d love to share it with you. Once that is done, I am going to celebrate my blogiversary belatedly.

But let’s get back to the shrining business. The mini-shrine I am presenting today was overdue. Has there been any shrine in the last few months that *hasn’t* been overdue??? I seem to be chasing my shadow all the time. It was due to Linda60 who had won it in my incentive raffle for bidders on the #cRAftingForCharity auctions. What gave me the push to finally get it done, was the fact that I was going to see Linda at the premiere in Leeds – perfect opportunity for a clandestine hand-over.

thumb_IMG_0475_1024 (1)

Since Linda is a) German and b) works a stressful job, I found this little tin particularly fitting for her. It reads “Ommmm – relax!”

For the subject I settled on John Proctor – because I know that Linda is very taken with the character, as well as the experience of watching The Crucible on stage in London last year. Her favourite travel companion these days is a Proctor plushie from Sinnamin’s workshop… thumb_IMG_0479_1024 (1)

Ahem. Very discreet objectification here… chesthairitage. *coughs*

thumb_IMG_0481_1024 (1)

I often use my collection of fridge poetry magnets for the little interactive slogans in the tins. One of the reasons I like doing that, is, that much like fridge poetry itself, you come across evocative word combinations – such as “ferocious angel” more or less by coincidence. I wouldn’t say Proctor was an angel as such, and besides the ferocity he was also portrayed as a tender man by Richard Armitage. But somehow I liked the adage. Since these are magnets, Linda can take them out and leave the image unadorned.

thumb_IMG_0483_1024 (1)

This was just a small and quickie RAPS, but I hope it will remind Linda of the fabulous ‘summer of love’ 2014, and of everything that is good about the character, the play, the actor and the fandom…

PS: More mini RAPSes coming up soon… Here is a deliberately small teaser…IMG_4997 sm


46 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 99/? – Ferocious Angel

  1. awww what a cutie! 🙂 it’s set now, 1 year later he can still pull at my heartstrings, this Proctor guy 🙂 And somehow ferocious angel really hits the spot. To me in some respects the way he played them he was an angel deep in his heart, maybe a fallen one 😉 W


  2. Guylty, No 99 is a great number!!! I treasure my ferocious angel, Proctor. It indeed was a most fabulous summer 2014. Meeting so many fellow fans and having the opportunity to watch Richard so closely in The Crucible several times, was a true alltime highlight. It was an outstanding staging and dramatisation, which still stays very much with me, as it evoked such strong feelings and lasting impressions. Even tears (of joy and incredulity) are not that far when I think of it…. Thanks my dear, for this beautiful pressie!!

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    • “Schnapszahl”. I am happy if the RAPS reminds you of the great times we were gifted by Mr A, knowingly or unknowingly.
      And you are more than welcome to this shrine – you deserved it!


  3. HAPPY 3RD BLOGIVERSARY!!!! May there be many many more to come. Yesterday, on two different RA-centric FB sites, we were asked what was our favorite website or blog. Both sites the answer was you, babe. Guylty Pleasure is not only humorous in the words and phrasing and uber creative with the shrines, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bitter word or anything that sounded mean here. Instead I always leave with a smile….maybe even a chuckle.
    Now I’m taking you to task. There is no such thing as discreet objectification of Mr. A’s chest hair. It is worthy of extreme face-rubbing-thru-it shouting hallelujah from the rooftop idolatry. The glorious Proctor was a magnificent beast of a man, definitely ferocious angel, and his chest hair was a religious experience…God bless the Pause button on my Crucible video….slobbering quivering puddle here. How lucky Linda is to have that delicious #99 Proctor in her pocket. I have my beloved misunderstood Dolly in one pocket. Think I need Proctor in the other. Both angels. Both devils. And I want to be the creamy filling in their Oreo sandwich.

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    • Aw, Snowy, you are so sweet. Thank you – I am glad you like the blog. It is a conscious decision on my part to make this a feel-good place. I’ll be honest and say that I can bitch with the best of them 😀 , and I confess that my thoughts and opinions re. Mr A (and/or his fandom) are not always sweet and happy and I let off steam from time to time, but I prefer to do that bts. After all this is entertainment – and negativity has no place in that (for me). Ok, yeah, I am big mummy bear 🐻…
      LOL – re. indiscreet objectification of the Chesthairitage… “worthy of extreme face-rubbing-thru-it shouting hallelujah from the rooftop idolatry” – yes, yes, three times yes. Which makes me think I should get a Chesthairitage RAPS out…

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  4. I’ll wait to congratulate you until you’re ready. Love those sheep cartoons. I know they’re kitschy but I started buying them as soon as I noticed them and have quite a collection.


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