2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #35

Apologies for a late round-up this week. As you may have gauged, I usually compile the round-up the night before it is due to be published. Yesterday I was not able to. We had a teenage party in the house, and even though I moved my fancy laptop somewhere else, I used it to watch telly with Mr Guylty. All well, btw, although an antique seat was broken…

Anyway, with a bit of a delay, here’s the round-up for you. May it provide a bit of laughter on your Saturday night…

uatsc-round-up 35

  1. If you show me yours, I’ll show you mine… An imagined comparison of tattoos by lis-alia. Cutie-pie…
  2. And this is Richard’s… by lis-alis
  3. A modern Thilbo AU by b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d. Amazing how you can take things out of context and construe something new *grins*
  4. Here’s part 2 of those tumblr hashtags re. Mr Thornton. By fringeofmadness
  5. For you Hobbit fans out there – radiorcrist, who has entertained us with many a drawing – is holding a Hobbit giveaway. You all you need to do is follow and re-blog. Cool prizes!
  6. Thorin in a sack and Thorin in a barrel. It doesn’t get cuter than this. By bebeiku
  7. Not-that-kind-of-hot gives riepu10 a really hot birthday present. UNF.
  8. A gorgeous pastel portrait of Thorin by idahlart
  9. LOL – spot-on insights from a newcomer to our fandom via richardarmitage-confidential
  10. ROFL – not sure where this comes from, but I suggest you look at vassa07’s tumblr because there are more interesting drawings there
  11. Plushie queen sinnamin(ie) is gearing up for Christmas. Love these
  12. Ledamemangociana has caught Thorin at a particularly evocative moment. I can see quite a few uses for that fan reaction pic
  13. You might think this fan art refers to Dolarhyde, but apparently it is a reaction to The Crucible. By hazel-nuss-artblog. Love the pared back style of it

Hey, even if this looks short – 13 is a lucky number! I wouldn’t want to keep you in on a Saturday…

Keep rocking, gals,

Guylty ❤


11 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #35

  1. Merken: Nicht bei Guylty reingucken, wenn du eigentlich ins Bett willst!!!!


    Nr. 10 ist … interessant.

    Danke für die Zusammenstellung trotz Teenyparty. 😉

    ‘Nacht und schlaft gut. ZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz………..


    • Isn’t it just? As I said before – on tumblr it’s always worth taking a look at the hashtags because that is where some of the funniest comments are. I am glad someone has started looking at them and putting them in a post of their own…


  2. ahhh i’m up to date hurray! (means i just dropped all other plans to just chill ..literally as well as it is freezing) Thanks for the lovely leg warmers by the way 🙂

    2 wins by a mile!.. i know it is not true but i quite fancy discovering it there.. Kopfkino 😉
    3 creative but .. naaaaaah
    4 genius!! and forgive me for saying that more exciting than in the series :-p (sorrryyyy)
    7 not a bad prezzie 🙂 beats my fruitcake anytime!
    9 yes, yes yes, she’s so got the gist of it
    10 i went like.. hm interesting fabrics, guess it makes sense, but why are they flying round? .. oh.. erm.. ah…. ‘ggg’ and there’s quite the collection Can’t unsee!
    11 she needs to produce more of those, delightful!
    12 my dvd is on it’s wayyyyyy..
    13 great style in that, i would have thought Dolarhyde too…


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