2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #37

The Christmassy theme continues into this week’s round-up – or into the intro to the round-up. Because I received my first Christmas present, and since it is connected to the fandom, I’d like to take the opportunity to mention it here. The lovely Nancy aka @_sinnamin or sinnaminie organised a fandom kris kindle for crafters this year. Under the tag #RichieHolidaySwap she paired participating crafters with each other to create and surprise each other with a RA themed Christmas gift. I have been the lucky recipient of Nancy’s holiday swap, and so a few days ago, this arrived here:


My fingers shook when I opened the package, and I screamed when I unwrapped all these goodies:


Sweets, two cards of Proctor and Thorin, three hand-stitched ornaments (unfortunately I missed the red dragon ornament bottom right) and GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have to get a closer look at him:


O-M-G. Sir Guy, trying on his armour. Guy liner slightly smudged. Is he the most adorable thing I have ever seen? You bet! He is the perfect size for a hand-charmer, and boy, does he charm me. I am particularly intrigued by the rather low-riding pants but have so far been able to resist the temptation and peek behind his waistband… In any case, Nancy made me very happy with this wonderful gift – she knew exactly how to hit this Guy-lover’s feels and especially so as I had joked with her at some point that I was challenging her to make a topless Guy plushie… Thank you thank you thank you.

If you want to see more of the crafty holiday gifts, check the #RichieHolidaySwap tag on Twitter. There will be more to see in days to come, I think, as the deadline for sending off the gifts is Dec 5. Meanwhile, Nancy is already organising the next RichieSwap, Valentine’s is just the right occasion. If you are interested, watch Nancy’s twitter where she will make announcements.

Ok, now on to this week’s tumblr round-up. I am afraid it is short this week – there was a lot of unnecessary discussion going on in the Richard Armitage tag which I have no interest in perpetuating. I am keeping *my* private life largely bts; I think it is only fair to grant the same to his…

uatsc-round-up 35

  1. A screen cap from the Hannibal deleted scenes of Francis Dolarhyde. By richard-crispin-armitage
  2. LOL – the new benchmark for libido? By thorin-ohhhkenshield
  3. Idahlart has sort of doodled a very sexy Thorin. Amazing what you can do with a biro…
  4. Big Brothers, Middle-earth edition. By tosqinha
  5. Thinkingoferebor has put Richard’s text from the Hobbit audition tapes to gifs. Very fitting
  6. Iriarty has pictured Thorin having a bath
  7. A richardarmitage-confidential that sums up Richard’s approach
  8. A collection by mzperx0506universe of pictures that give an impression of what RA faces every time he poses on the red carpet. I feel slightly guilty…
  9. By the number of notes this post by filisleftmoustachebraid has accumulated, chances are, the post is not new. It was new for me, and I laughed out loud at this little uncle/nephews scenario
  10. This link is taking you to a picture of RA that is not new. Mind you – pictures of Richard never get old, eh? But I had to include it because I was equally amused and appalled by the name of the tumblr that posted it – stunningoldermen. *gulps* Well, I like older men, then

Have a nice second of advent, everyone!

Guylty ❤

35 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #37

  1. I had to laugh at the “older men.” Leonardo di Caprio is on the list and he’s 41. If that counts as “older,” I am almost exclusively an admirer of the extremely aged 🙂 (Well, I always did love fossils.) Now Alexander Skarsgård is 39. I wonder if he’s also an “older man”?
    Darling plushie Guy, complete with eye liner 🙂


  2. Hi Guylty!!! The benchmark for my libido is still so easy to tell……. LOL!!!
    Wonder whether he has the same thoughts about red carpets nowadays?? Or did he develop a need of a certain dose of admiration from time to time. But then, who doesn’t??? 😁
    Have no idea DAMN IT, why I didn’t save the Deleted Scenes video right away, knowing (or obviously not knowing!!) that stuff like that is fickle…… Didn’t care at all about the Bloopers, but some more Francis, whom I still haven’t given a closer look… So thanks for no. 1!!
    Enjoy 2. advent with some hot sweetness and all the lovely pressies!!!


    • I was wondering about the red carpet attitude, too. I suppose he is much more used to it now than he was years ago. Everything becomes less daunting once you have experienced a few times and know how to handle yourself and it…
      The deleted scenes video is back up. I think Servetus posted a link to it.
      Frohen 2. Advent zurück an dich!


      • It was actually at Servetus’ where I found those vids, but they were gone the next day..😔 Had intended to ask, whether sb would be so kind/helpful as to cut a special version with only Dolarhyde’s deleted scenes….. You know…just the essentials…. 😁


  3. Danke für die Zusammenstellung – klein, aber fein. 😉
    Hmpf, ich habe nix Tumblrisches (und auch sonst nicht viel) verfolgt, daher auch keine Spekulatius mitgekriegt, aber ich bin mir ziemlich sicher, dass ich erraten kann, worum es ging. *Augen verdrehend den Kopf schüttel*

    *g* Die stunning older men zielen doch wohl darauf ab, dass das typische männliche pin-up unter 30 und fältchenfrei ist. *shrugs*

    PS: Den Red-Dragon-Anhänger sehen wir aber irgendwann noch, oder? *aufstampf* Ich BESTEHE darauf! 😀


    • Hehehe, ja klar, ist doch immer dieselbe Spekulation/Wahrheit – nur immer wieder neue Diskussionsteilnehmer, die im Namen von Herrn A entweder die eine oder die andere Seite vertreten. Ich würde lügen, wenn ich sagen würde, dass ich keine eigene Meinung dazu hätte. Klar. Aber ich finde einfach, dass MIR das wirklich zu privat ist und ich das weder selber in epischer Breite öffentlich ausgewalzt lesen möchte, noch selber über mich gesagt haben möchte. Aber gut, die Verantwortung fürs Lesen liegt immer noch bei einem selber… #SchottenDicht
      ok, ok, den Red Dragon Anhänger lichte ich dann noch mal separat ab und zeige ihn demnächst mal vor.


  4. Thanks for finding the time this crazy pre-Xmas period to brave tmbl and find these 10 lovely ones 🙂
    Speaking of the crafting project, sooo nice, i love all the detail people have come up with but i have to say Guy with liner and topless is just priceless! :-)))) So so cute i just want to squeeze him 🙂 How big are they?
    I’m nearly done with my list so maybe end of December or January i’ll get to my own wishlist and give my 5 Thorin’s some company 🙂 Haven’t even unpacked EE Botfa and that is bad and looks like even the Doctor mini won’t make it before i leave town Oh well, January can always do with a boost
    But back to those crafty hands, wish i could do anything with my fingers, but it’s disaster. I usually stay away from even wrapping because it makes it look as if i fought somebody over the thing and drop a brick on the present by mistake 😉 Trying to make an effort this year since you guys inspire me 🙂

    I hope everyone will share their crafty little Xmas lovelies as i enjoy seeing them very much 🙂

    2- blush.. i look at wayyy to many pictures! 🙂
    Those are some nice drawings, i especially like the one in the bath with the knees popping out :-p
    7 – yes and love him for it 🙂
    8 – ah well, not all carpets are like the Hobbit, i bet only Bond stuff and maybe some big Marvel things get like that, everything else is lower key and at the Hobbit ones he always had other cast members to share the pain with. Besides personal experience tells me that he is barely there for 10 -15 min 😉 He’ll survive.
    9 – makes me smile everytime, i hope people will keep giving us interactions between these 3 🙂
    10- Older men? oh wow… makes me feel old then 🙂 And i wouldn’t even call them seasoned tbh. I was just thinking looking at all the Bond press and what is recently on telly and who i see even in BBC series… i really felt lately i’m really bored with pretty young men. It is just nice anatomy with little expression, no offence. But there just isn’t the experience to really pull me in. And then i saw Bond, which isn’t substance really but at least 2 of the protagonists would be considered old according to that blog probably but were just so much more interesting 🙂 But yes, you’re right at 20 a 40 year old would have seemed ‘old’ to me too i think 🙂 Time teaches us the difference between ‘old’ and ‘interesting’ i guess 🙂

    Thanks for the Nikolaus goodies 🙂 x


    • Seriously running out of time again this year. Why is it that the run up to Christmas is always so busy. Never find the time to just sit and enjoy Christmas, with biscuits and tea and candles burning…
      Anyhow, re. red carpets – true, only a few minutes. And not always such a massive affair as TH. It actually often looks bigger than it really is, i.e. there are plenty of photographers and interviewers – and very few members of the public.
      And older men – well, if that makes me an older woman, so be it. I have always had a thing for people my own age. Not sure why, it’s not conscious. It’s definitely relative, too, because I think 40 is the new 30 😉
      Have a nice week – safe travels.

      Liked by 2 people

      • On way to airport what a drag phew only made better by meeting friends there during the week ☺ sigh But remembered to take Pop T with me ☺and Botfa video so it won’t feel lonely and I’m hoping to write a bit since I don’t have to cook 😆 but yeah let’s wish for some peace xx


  5. “older men”? Older than whom, pray?? I have KIDS older than him and I don’t think of them as “older men”! I believe this puts me in the “truly ancient” category! Or as they would say in Gaelic “Cailleach”! Oh dear! Now I feel SO much older than I did a few minutes ago! 😦

    LOVE the Plushie! x


  6. Can i just say how tickled I am to see the adorable topless-Sir-Guy plushie? I particularly enjoy the way the eyebrows, smudged eyeliner and smile all work to capture the attitude that is Sir Guy. (sigh) What fun! 😀


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