2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #38

Hello and happy pre-3rd of advent 🕯🕯🕯

Things seem so quiet at the moment, at least when it comes to the interwebs. Not that much new stuff on tumblr, and wordpress seems to have gone into hibernation, too. I guess we are all busy with Christmas preparations? I had a pretty horrific week, in terms of work, working my early shift from 6am to 8 am, then heading off-site to invigilate exams until 1.30pm, and then back writing to the laptop for translations and articles. I am exhausted. I can’t wait for Christmas, the “knees-up”, and a few days without any thought of deadlines and word counts.

Shrining has come to a standstill, too – I seem to have confused my printer by asking him to print both from Windows OS and from iOS. Desaster! How can I shrine when I can’t print the pictures that I need? Tragic – as I am in the middle of some Christmas-themed novelty shrining. Not much point in Christmassy shrine stuff in January… *sigh*

So let’s just distRAct ourselves instead – here’s a few links from tumblr. Enjoy!

uatsc-round-up 35

  1. Thoza, just as we know him. By sheislikearainbow
  2. Clematis70 asks “Whatever happened to Sleepwalker” with a compilation of the tweeted shots
  3. Waitforhimhellcomeback has giffed the “purple shirt of sex”, Lucas North edition – yum
  4. Nastyrutobuka warns that this is a NSFW cartoon of Thorin and Bilbo – it’s quite sweet, actually
  5. Christmas tree decorating with pizzashere
  6. Sinnaminie has also done Dr Alec Track – look at him in his orange jumpsuit… *death of cuteness*
  7. More death of cuteness in a different way – fan art by tosquinha *awwwwww*
  8. It’s entirely possible that I have linked to this important gif before. But hey, you can’t have too much arsitage, can you? Gif by ausschweifendemotte
  9. Sorry, I am a bit late in linking to advent calendars. But look at it this way: Now you can catch up on 12 days of goodness in not-that-kind-of-hit’s  Bulgitage Advent Calendar
  10. For those of you who have not bought the US DVD of Hannibal, mezzmerizedbyrichard has some of Richard’s commentary quotes, with appropriate gifs. Great stuff – thanks for the great service, mezzie!
  11. And byronicwoman actually shares the commentary as an mp3 download – fabulous, thanks!
  12. Check out this update on Sinnaminie’s #RichieHolidaySwap – the first gifts are in. So sweet. Lots of talented crafters! And good news: There will be a #RichieValentineSwap, so if you like crafting, you can sign up and take part in it
  13. A RA caricature by smotlo – Guy of Gisborn-esque?

Happy weekend, everyone!

Guylty ❤️


20 thoughts on “2015 Armitage Weekly Round-up – tumblr edition #38

  1. 2) Sleepwalker, genau, da war doch was…..
    4) ist nicht wirklich NSFW 😉 Ist das Gleiche wie die 7)
    9) What a girl wants, what a girl needs…… *ahem* 😎
    13) das ist doch wohl Berlin 2013-style, oder?
    Dir auch einen geruhsamen Advent OHNE Arbeit ❤


    • Sleepwalker wundert mich ein bisschen – v.a. nach den Anstrengungen von Herrn Elliott, uns fürs Marketing zu instrumentalisieren. Wahrscheinlich ist er hochbeschäftigt…
      Apropos geruhsam – Kinder gerade mal zum Arbeiten geschickt, damit man selbst einen freien Abend hat. Die helfen bei der Weihnachtsfeier von Onkel und Tante aus. Gatte und ich schenken uns das Ganze wohl eher. Horrido.

      Liked by 1 person

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  3. Great collection. Love the tree ornament. I keep mine guarding my shrines and pop Thorin on a shelf in my closet. After all, he keeps his sword drawn at all times, ever vigilant for dangers. Maybe I’ll give him some time off to hang out on the tree. Do you think he might like to share a branch with a Disney princess?


    • Hallmark Thorin has become a year-round ornament in the Guylty household. He’s occupying that branch in my sitting room and doesn’t want to budge. Not sure if he’d be all that pleased with a Disney princess, though LOL.


  4. Bulgitage Advent Calendar. Some days I think, “How did I end up here?” Always quickly followed by, “I love these people.” One day I was watching a period costume drama on Netflix. (BBC! What could be more wholesome?) Three years later, I’m (still) spending hours online scrutinizing crotch shots (and other shots) of a British actor.

    Liked by 1 person

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