cRAft Fun, Xmas Edition

RA globe materialA few weeks ago, plushie maker extraordinaire, Sinnamin, came up with the idea of a RA-themed holiday swap. Think of it as a Kris Kindle for cRAfty fans. Right up my street, and I hurried to sign up for it. Coincidence paired off the participants and Sinnamin sent us the name of the fellow fan for whom we had to craft our holiday gift. She was also the inspiration for my particular crafty idea because a few weeks prior to that she had made some adorable little Christmas tree decorations in her inimitable style. I wrecked my brain how I could possibly make a Christmassy decoration in my preferred artistic form. Eureka – I decided to make a half-bauble. I ordered in some see-through, fillable baubles, Christmas-themed cake decorations (!), and some Epsom Salts, and set about experimenting.

No, I was not suffering from indigestion or constipation, despite recurring tummy aches in the pursuit of coming up with a design that satisfied my own expectations. The Epsom Salts serve as the icy backdrop to the hotness that is Sir Guy of Gisborne. He was to be “enbaubled” as my partner for the swap was Glady – which is short for “Gisborne’s Lady”!

Since she has now received her Richie holiday gift, I can now present a true novelty. The makers of RAPS present: RAXS – the RA Xmas Sphere.

RA Guy globeNot sure what he is waiting for, getting his feet wet in the snow, but hot-hot-hot , there is the wintery scene. Some weird Jedi monk has sneaked into the scene… Is that that Hermitage fella?

When it’s illuminated by a candle, it glows very nicely. And the snow sparkles and looks really icy. Suitably wintery…

RA Guy globe viewSo there we are, Guy walking in a winter wonderland… Hope Glady likes it…

23 thoughts on “cRAft Fun, Xmas Edition

  1. Kris Kindle? hahaha! I love you, my friend. You did a great job, as always. If Glady doesn’t like it, I’ll ‘sacrifice’ and give our dark knight a home. ;p


  2. Nice! And of course there is definitely this Hermitage fellow hiding behind the Tannenbaum 🙂
    But wait, a monk? Maybe, this is a glimpse of this Raymond de Dingsbums?? Mysterious, indeed 😉


  3. Guy, if you don’t like your feet being in the snow, please, do come over here; it’s dry and warm! 😀
    Another great job and you actually gave me an idea for my friends. If not this year, don’t know if I will make it, but next year for sure 😀


  4. Falls Dir je die (normale) Arbeit ausgehen sollte kannst Du in die Produktion von exclusiven, individuellen und einzigartigen Unikaten der Richard Armitage Fanartikel einsteigen. Deine Kreativität ist unschlagbar! Bin restlos begeistert. Der Baum ist damit aber noch nicht voll oder?
    Will ‘noch’ gar nicht wissen was Dir zu Ostern einfällt 🙂


  5. Guy in a winter wonderland,too cute. Love Mr. Hermitage lurking behind the tree. You are an inspiration to us all. Especially someone like me that couldn’t craft her way out of a paper bag.


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