Here’s My Shrine Anthology

RAPS Book CoverWell, that was quick. I ordered my vanity project RAPS photo book on the 5th of January – and yesterday the finished product was delivered by mail. Unlike a few other photo books that I had ordered in recent times, I loved the quality of this one immediately. It looks like it *is* a proper book – with a linen hard cover, a printed protection sleeve with my cover design, and it is substantially thick (about 1 cm) on account of its 173 pages. The print quality is great. And even though this is only a book to satisfy my own vanity, made for a readership of 1, it is immensely satisfying to have. Something about the tangibility of a printed book… In absence of the actual shrines, I sometimes find it hard to believe I have made more than 100 of those little boxes of love. The book makes my shrine project more *real* to me. And ok, yeah, there is the whole thing of “seeing your own name in print” – even if it is only my pseudonym and not a best-selling book that I am actually making money with and winning prizes for…

A couple of my readers asked on Twitter to see the book. So I made a quick video with a flick-through. (Sorry about the boring clip – I actually spent about 3 hours this morning, editing a bit of fun into the thing – and then found out that the free editing software slaps a huge logo on top of this clip and mars the whole thing. What a waste of time!)

RAPS Photo Book from Guylty Pleasure on Vimeo.

If I had had an editing programme, I would’ve made a few notes in the clip, pointing out that the cover and pages *are* actually white, not light-blue, that there is always a large image of the shrine on the right and a few small detail pictures on the left, and that the book has page numbering included in the price.

A couple of people have suggested I make the book available for sale. It actually is, HERE. Sorry about the price tag. Not my decision. The price is set by Blurb and is due to the large number of pages! I had to pay the same for my printed book – and I was stupid and forgot to search for online vouchers for discount codes.

Self-adulatorily yours,

Photo book authoress Guylty 📸






38 thoughts on “Here’s My Shrine Anthology

  1. I went to the online Blurb Books bookstore to scroll through it. It is an anthology of almost-religious icons; something I think I need. Something I think should be leafed through in the dark with lots of lit candles and a big glass of wine…maybe some communion wafers…just kidding…maybe.
    I also noticed that on #96 Dolarhyde Skin Galore there appears to be a key hanging from the mirror. It wasn’t there when it arrived but I think that explains what some threads are underneath the picture. I just have to figure out how to get it unstuck and out without damaging my beautiful shrine. You see? After all these months your shrine is still an object of worshipful discovery LOL. And I’ve been very careful not to drool in it.


  2. I’ve taken a look at the book as previewed on Blurb (bit of a thrill to see my own RAPS in there 😉 ) but wow, very impressive in the flesh (so to speak) complete with a proper dust jacket. With the actual RAPS’s out of your hands, I can imagine how satisfying it must be to have such a beautiful record of your creativity. 🙂


    • It is quite impressive, isn’t it? It’s silly, but a book lends that kind of gravitas, never mind that thanks to self-publishing and on-demand printing anyone can see their work in printed shape nowadays :-D. This one also has a slightly different feel to it than the photo books I have previously made. They all feel like “albums” – this feels like a photo book.


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