Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up – 2016/3

What a week. With such sad news – RIP David Bowie and Alan Rickman – and such happy highlights for me personally. That is life, I suppose… Ups and downs, grief and joy. And what will this weekend bring? Will there be a little bit of joy for Mr A in it? He is nominated for the Critics Choice Award as Best Guest Performer in a Drama Series. I believe that he has a really good chance at winning this category, and it would be nice to see him validated by jury of journalists. My fingers are crossed for him.

Screenshot 2016-01-15 21.36.15If you want to pass the time until the awards are being aired (or the news are filtering through), why don’t you have a look at this week’s tumblr round-up. It’ll pass the time! Well – or that’s what I thought… And then I realised that the recent spam problem on the Richard Armitage tag was resolved – in the worst possible way. Tumblr eventually got rid of all the unrelated links to dubious websites – and in the process deleted literally *everything* that had been tagged #richard armitage. It’s a bit like solving the Earth’s pollution problem by blowing up the whole planet. Ehhhhh – not clever, tumblr!!!

2016 tumblr round-up

  1. Somehow, Lucas never gets old… Can you believe that it is now five years since series 9 was aired??? Myrichardtreehouse ignores the pain and gives us a set of Lucas North hand porn instead. I think I need a wash now…
  2. Let’s stay with Lucas for a moment – here in a Russian photo. And clematis70 is too right with her comment on her screen cap
  3. Even though the original confession (which sounds like me whingeing) was posted by richardarmitage-confidential, I am linking to crystalchandlyre’s reblog because she has an interesting answer to the question posed
  4. I know I know. You have seen this before. But also at high resolution? And frankly, this is good even after umpteenth times. Gif set by existingcharactersdiehorribly
  5. Gorgeous Thorin (or is this RA *dressed* as Thorin? Subtle difference, but decisive!) in a digital painting by of-earth-and-stone
  6. A variation on the Modern Thilbo AU that I have not seen before: A Deeming/Don image. Not sure who Don is, but he is unmistakably Martin Freeman. You know who Deeming is – unforgettable 😀 By b-a-g-g-i-n-s-h-i-e-l-d
  7. Applefia2036 unearthed a picture of RA in 2008 that I don’t remember seeing before. Profile porn! Nose!
  8. Clematis70 remembers Alan Rickman with this great manip of the Sheriff of Nottingham and Sir Guy. I must say – the two of them make a frightful pair, much different from Keith Allen’s sheriff. Maybe it is because of the matching mullets?
  9. Catch up with the follow-up/extra to “Manna from Heaven”, Zeesmuse’s “The Shepherd”, part 5. In her own words: pink and fluffy…
  10. Lastly, motherofbees shares a gif of her painting a watercolour of Thorin. Kind of therapeutic. And really beautiful, although only visible in unfinished state

And that, my dears, concludes this week’s tumblr round-up. I am so sorry it is so short, but the above mentioned tag-o-cide resulted in the scarcity of links. Tumblr is a bit of a haystack when you have not got a magnet (=tag) to look for the needle (=RA) with. Let’s hope that we are back to the usual plethora of gifs, caps, manips, artworks etc!

Happy weekend,

Guylty ❤

13 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up – 2016/3

  1. Re Tag-o-cide, I haven’t been on Tumblr much and hadn’t noticed or known about any of this. (When I’m quiet there pretty much no one talks to me, but I am working more, so it’s a trade off.) Anyway, this post sort briefly sent me into a tailspin, because for a moment I thought it meant EVERYTHING “tagged” Richard Armitage had been deleted, expected to see it ALL gone and I was prepared to be mortified and angered to near violence. So I looked. Whew! Nice to know all they did was clear the cache in the tag dump (for lack of a better term.) No, it was not a good idea, but not as bad as deleting nearly ALL of our posts.

    (Can you imagine the banshee like screaming heard around the world!?…I did for a moment.)

    So…that said…I think this gives a fresh start and some new life to some old posts I’ve been meaning to recycle and reblog. Good ones. Maybe my own, but certainly some of the truly creative memes, gif collections, anecdotes, fan memories, Stage Door testimonials, articles, interviews, and art, art and more fan art.

    So after the panic subsided, I saw a glass half full opportunity.

    Tumblr is likely to be on the lookout for spamming, so I’m going to go in slow. I’m showing spammers my F.rank U.nderwood custom cufflinks. You’ll see this on Tumblr.

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    • Oh, I’m sorry, I realise now that I expressed myself unclearly there. No, the posts are still there, but tumblr evidently deleted the “Richard Armitage” tag in order to start afresh. That means that the posts that had been tagged thus, can not be found via the tag search anymore.
      And you are absolutely right. There is always a chance in an enforced start. Looking forward to your reblogs – good idea, actually. I might throw my own pics from Leeds, Berlin and London in there, again, too.

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  2. I’ve seen the RIckman/Armitage manip before and I still love it. Between them and Jon Snow, who I think is probably Seth all grown up… Goodness there was only one barber and one tailor in Nottingham. LOL! THanks for an awesome roundup and thanks for the plug. Pink and Fluffy indeed!

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  3. shame for the tumbler mishap with the tag i just got lost into photoland before and then it was gone.
    And yess, please please can we have a new photo-shoot! like a proper one…
    And love those flexing arms… they are a things of beauty
    Lucas is always nice, i do miss him… he was such a good man (i just ignore S9 and will continue to do so ;-))


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