Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up – 2016/4

A good week for fan art! Not only here, in blogworld, where you may have spotted the avalanche of odes that was kicked off when Servetus posted a call to ogle Richard, and Kathy retorted with an ode to ogling. Not to be outdone, several other readers chimed in with their odes. (For your convenience, they are all compiled in a post here on Guylty Pleasure, which I have had to update three (3) times because new work was coming in.)

But with what I have termed “Tag-Gate” now behind us, tumblr gave us a lot of ogle-worthy stuff, too. Look, listen, read, ogle, drool – it’s all there for you. Enjoy

2016 tumblr round-up

  1. Clematis70 goes back to an old interview – but does so with lots of pictures and funny quotes. It’s great to re-visit old things again. Pans? No! Pants!!!
  2. Some fantastic fan art – Thorin in shades of grey. No, not *that* way! A painting by johnny-depplyloveyou
  3. Who hasn’t fantasised about almost-kisses? Bagginshield fan art by ewebean
  4. This is total throw-back stuff, but I liked seeing all of this section if the David Venni photoshoot in one place. My favourite ever picture is among these. Put into a set by richard-crispin-armitage
  5. Richiecrispie gives us full-length Richard Armitage walking appreciation. I say tight, tighter, the tightest…
  6. Do you like cup cakes? They are usually a bit too sweet for my taste, but this one has some spice. By applefia2036
  7. In case you haven’t seen Sinnaminie’s latest chaRActer plushie yet: Claude Monet. He can leave his hat off, for me
  8. Maybe not just the perfect Christmas gift but also a Valentine’s surprise? Richard Armitage and socks. A set by richards-smile
  9. Ghisborne thinks Richard is cursed. I don’t know. It strikes me, that this kind of thing should help him identify with his roles – makes it easier, in any case 😉
  10. Two really brilliant Crucible edits by Tannni
  11. Bagginshield shipper or not – this wedding scenario is just too cute. By tosquinha
  12. LOL – remy-thebedoux asks a very important question re. Red Dragon. I’d like to know, too #toilet humour
  13. This richardarmitageconfession works for me, too *LOL*
  14. Thoza-oakenshield has unearthed a picture of RA from an old casting book and explains what it actually is – interesting
  15. Amazing piece of fan art (Guy) by yennefer-ice
  16. Always welcome – RA in glasses. Edit by aniarafan2
  17. A picture of a letter from RA to a Korean fan – apparently this is “old” but I had never heard of the story before. Posted by allineedisra

Hope you have been entertained.

Now, kick back, relax, enjoy the weekend.

Guylty ❤️


33 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up – 2016/4

      • I stay the hell out of the tag and the majority of people I follow that used to reblog Richard, don’t anymore due to the ugliness in the tag; and I don’t mean the rash of spamming we had for several weeks. I think it’s pretty sad.


          • I’ve had several tell me they can’t stand the tag anymore. I use blacklist and xkit, so I don’t see a lot of it, but the spam hurt and yeah, when you go into the tag and you see more ‘blocked because of *********’ than you see of Richard, yeah. I follow several tags and sadly, it’s an isolated problem. 😦 (And I’m told if you view via phone, you can’t block or blacklist. IT’s really sad.)


  1. Oh, that interview was a gem, and one I hadn’t heard! I was doing some important Richarding in the bed this AM and clicked on Clematis70’s link, started listening, using my ear buds while Hubby slept alongside. Unfortunately I couldn’t stifle some snorts and little bursts of giggles, and accidentally woke him up! Then, just as he was starting to fall asleep again, I spotted Sinnaminnie’s bacon-face Richard plushie below the Claude Monet (which was also adorable) and accidentally LOL’d again, at which point Hubby grumpily muttered something that sounded a lot like “Damn it, Richard.”

    Liked by 2 people

    • LOL – Richard’s ears must be burning from all the curses uttered by husbands… The radio interview is really fun, and Clematis did a great job, illustrating it. That’s why I included it, even though I knew the interview already.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Wow, never thought to use earbuds while listening . . . but the hubs would for sure have some choice words of the ridicule variety if I was listening/reading/looking at anything Mr A related while in bed together. I can get away with it until he gets in bed w/me, but I don’t need the teasing otherwise. He thinks I’m gonna run off w/the dude or something silly like that. Men are funny.😈


  2. Loved Sinaminie’ s impression of Claude. After an hour of watching RA paint, Mr. Jones said “Wait a minute, isn’t that ….that Richard guy?” That was a few years ago, I can’t sneak RA past him anymore.


    • Even a wig and a beard can’t obscure RA anymore. It’s his voice. Or possibly the dreamy look on our faces when we watch him? In any case, Sinnamin’s Monet is the cutest thing. The little red waistcoat and the green cravat – *coooos*

      Liked by 1 person

  3. A dancing banana? LOL. Mr. H.’s first paid acting job was as the front (so he claims!) of a pantomime horse. The dancing banana reminds me of a cheer we used to have in high school:
    Go banana, go go banana
    Go banana, go go banana
    Lean to the left, lean to the right
    Peel yo’ banana and (oof!) take a bite
    ; )


  4. Moin.

    Danke sehr für die Kreppelchensammlung; sind ein paar süße Sachen dabei. 😉

    Hab gestern übrigens Hannibal erworben (während ich ein Fladenbrot in der Linken hielt – es hat aber niemand gefragt, was ich wohl dazu servieren möchte). Ich habe dann mal die Auflistung der Extras der US-Ausgabe gesucht und verglichen: Die deutsche Version hat offenbar sämtliche Extras außer den “Post Mortem”-Promodingern. Und wenn mein Gedächtnis mich nicht *sehr* täuscht, sind die Folgen, die in der US-Version als “Producer’s Cut” bezeichnet werden, auch bei den deutschen DVDs leicht anders als wir sie schon kennen. 🙂


  5. So this is slightly (or a lot) unrelated, but helps one see how easily I get myself in trouble… all the time. A while back, when I was curled up on the couch with the hubs, I was playing Eskimo running my nose along his. Something I have done since we were dating, but this time he sighed and said, “I know, I have a big nose.” Without missing a beat or stopping my nose rubbing, I said; “It’s cool, I’ve seen bigger.” (Sigh) Open mouth, insert foot. He pulled away and gave me his I-know-who-you-are-thinking-of look. He KNEW of which nose in particular I was referring.

    Seriously, I am my own worst enemy.


  6. Catching up as you may have guess but this is great pickings 🙂 I live that old interview and there is some beautiful fan art, that Guy drawing yennefer-ice.. wow.
    Monet and his goatee.. almost cuter as a plushie :-p
    Great dip in through the characters…
    and the British should come.. round.. more often 😉


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