RA Pocket Shrine 109/? – #RichieValentineSwap

The next reveal is happening much earlier than I thought. You see, I only sent off today’s shrine less than a week ago; on Monday, to be precise. It had to travel all the way to India to get to its recipient. That is where the instigator of the #RichieValentineSwap lives – who had been drawn out of the hat as my swap partner. For those of you who have no idea what “swap” I am talking about: Plushie maker @_Sinnamin, whose darling plushies have featured in tumblr round-up links and on this blog before, had called for a creative exchange among interested crafters on Twitter. Participants were given a counterpart for whom to make and send a RA-related, hand-made gift for Valentine’s, following the success of the inaugural #RichieHolidaySwap before Christmas. (You can see my submission for that HERE.)

RichieValentineSwap Teaser

A Valentine-themed gift exchange calls for lots of pink and hearts, don’t you think? And some romance. Sinnamin is a big fan of Hannibal and Francis Dolarhyde, so I imagined a little scenario involving Francis and the Red Dragon…

Richie Valentine - 4

Just get them to the church on time… The candles are already lit:

Richie Valentine - 2

Francis is ready to pass on his heart to… whoever wants it. (Words can be removed – they are magnets. And the two yellow blobs are lit candles.)

Richie Valentine - 1

(And yes, I know, Francis is holding something altogether different in that scene in the show. But hey, this is a Valentine’s gift, there is no room for guns in this.

One more for fun:

Richie Valentine - 3

He’s passing on his heart for you, Sinnamin <3. Handle it with care 😉 And thank you for organising this fun initiative of fandom love. It’s great to see all the creativity online, and to meet new fellow fans in the process.

If you are curious about the other gifts that have been/will be swapped, have a look on Twitter under the #RichieValentineSwap tag. I’ve seen glimpses of a gorgeous drawing, a sweet scRApbook, a beautiful Thorin frame and lots of hearts and glitter… And if you are kicking yourself because you were not part of this exchange, don’t fret. I have heard whisperings that the swap will go into another round when another opportunity arises. Many holidays come to mind… Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Eid, Hanukkah, Divali – heck, I’ll make one for the summer holidays if nothing else comes up 😉

PS: Related shrines:


28 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 109/? – #RichieValentineSwap

    • Yes, please check the tag on Twitter – or follow @_sinnamin there. She is the instigator and has also posted the calls and reminders. (Plus, it’s worth following just for the cute plushie pictures she posts!)
      And yeah, lots of hearts… 🙂

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  1. Wunderschönes Valtentinsgeschenk! Auch wenn ich Probleme habe Dolly mit dem Valentinstag in EInklang zu bringen 🙂 Du hast die schönen und anregenden Fotos ausgewählt und wenn er das Herz so hinhält schmilzt der Betrachter einfach so weg……! ❤


  2. Really cute. Dolly and hearts, what a great combination.although I wouldn’t be surprised to have one of them be anatomically correct. But where is the outside if this lovely shrine?


    • You know what – I had briefly thought about an anatomically correct heart in Dolarhyde’s hand, but then decided I wanted something 3D-ish 😉 Possibly is more Valentine’s compatible anyway 😀
      And you have put your finger on a little omission of mine. No picture of the outside because I did not weave any magic on it. I deliberately used an unchanged Altoids tin because it had “cinnamon” written on it, and I wanted to keep that as a reference to Sinnamin 🙂

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    • Just imagine – Dolarhyde striding into the restaurant where he has told you to meet him for Valentine’s, and in he barges, his heart in his outstretched hand, “this is all yours”. Awwwwww 😀

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