We have a “Snow RAPS” Winner

With a little delay – because I was tied up at an event – here is the winner of RAPS # 108 “Frolicking in the Snow”.

RAPS 108 winner

Delighted to send this little frivolous concoction to someone I have previously not known. Dear Sarina, please get in touch with your address, and the shrine will be on its way to you asap.

IMG_5278 sm

#108 Frolicking in the Snow

Thank you for taking part in the raffle, everyone! The next reveal will probably not be a raffle-able shrine, but since there is Valentine’s Day coming up, I think I need to spread some love… Stay tuned.

The small print:



13 thoughts on “We have a “Snow RAPS” Winner

  1. Ah!!!! Congratulations to the winner! Thanks Guylty for sending frolicking RA in the snow, then putting him in this cosy little travel box/tin and despatching it together with loads of RAPS love around the globe again…. mmmhh…..assuming it’s leaving the island that you call yours….. 😉

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