Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up 2016/6

Still no news, but some mentions in the press – Armitage at lucky #13 of Glamour’s sexiest men list; David Copperfield apparently consisting of 30+ hours of Armitage reading (I might rethink my pronouncement of not buying that audio book. 30 hours of chocolate, silk and velvet suddenly sounds pretty good to me. Maybe because it won’t just be a “quickie” but a really long, drawn out pleasure?) – but a lot of home-made Armitage fun which you will find in today’s round-up list. And in case you hadn’t seen my own silly submission on Twitter or Tumblr yet, this was my piece of digital silliness this week:

RA super cheapHonestly, the stuff they sell online these days…

But the spotlight should be on the creativity and fun produced by other fans than me. Have a look at this week’s round-up. It will keep you entertained for a bit, I promise.

2016 tumblr round-up

  1. Bianjula calls for “Fluffy February” and starts off with some romantic Thilbo
  2. Sir Guy, fresh off the boat. By Serik27
  3. Yes, we know this picture of RA, it’s two years old, but somehow the large crop by richard-crispin-armitage makes it irresistible to include
  4. Jassy2101 has put together a set of images that show Richard at play. He likes his action figures…
  5. Richardcfarmitage was asked about recommendations about Armitage movies and films. A handy little list, with short critique
  6. Did we already have Armitage hand-porn, Lucas North edition? If so, you’re gonna have to sit through this again. No hardship, I think. This is by look-back-look-back-at-me
  7. Fan artist norloth has reacted to the current trend of colouring books. What a fabulous idea – I bet, anyone would enjoy colouring in these lines…
  8. LOL. thoriinsacorn summarises each dwarf. Guess who “supreme trash lord” is…
  9. richardrmitage does the same with Richard. Funny
  10. Lauraday61 reminds us why Armitage is called ARMitage. *drools*
  11. Another talented fan artist, gizthegunslinger, presents “The spirit of mountains”. This has a really interesting folk art feel that I have never seen among the fan art before
  12. Friendly reminder by Jed Brophy that “he is the most generous guy on the planet”. Guess who? Aw. Posted by jassy2101
  13. Apparently I had a hand in this little beauty of a manip… Thanks for the belly laugh to richard-crispin-armitage and mrpuddingston
  14. Who’s Ruth Wilson. And what does this mean? A picture posted by bushy-beard-moomy
  15. Tantalisingly enigmatic? Or annoyingly secretive? A richardarmitage-confidential
  16. Thoza-oakenshield aka Amazing Grace shows off her Armitage fan collection. Sweet stuff!
  17. WOW! Fantastic fan video of Francis Dolarhyde – Warning: includes the yucky scenes! No romance, but great video editing by sammyjd
  18. Beautiful Valentine’s fan art by drawingmyselfonepixelatatime. For sale, too

Ok, that was the last bit of light relief before the release of David Copperfield. Watch out for another RAPS shrine reveal here in the next couple of days, to pass the time until Audible launches the audiobook.


Guylty ❤


54 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up 2016/6

  1. Wie, du kennst Ruth Wilson nicht? Die Frau mit der ausgeprägten Oberlippe? Jane Eyre (mit Toby Stephens), Luther…. Die ist richtig gut. Wollte ich auch bloß mal sagen 😀 “Mann” könnte es schlimmer treffen 😉


    • Sie hat mir in Jane Eyre gut gefallen. Es hat richtig geknistert zwischen ihr und Toby Stephens. Der ironische Unterton und die starken “Schwingungen” zwischen den beiden kamen sogar in der deutschen Fassung rüber. Die DVD steht auf meinem Wunschzettel. Aber Beziehungen irgendwelcher Art zu RA werden in diesem Heftle wohl wieder mal rein hypothetisch angesprochen.


  2. I remember Ruth Wilson from Luther and really murderous crazy in that series, I don’t get the implication the article is trying to make, but I’m a dense one most of the time⭕️❌♥️


  3. Serik hat immer schöne Fotos, Guy als Pirat, das hatten wir ja schon mal. Das würde gut passen 🙂
    Das Hannibal Video ist gut zusammengestellt bei Sams world, es läuft einem sofort kalt den Rücken runter…….klasse!


  4. Das erste Foto von Nr.10 gefällt mir ausnehmend gut. Man erkennt Richard, aber er hat Thorins laaaange Haarpracht. In den Anhängen der EEs kann man ihn manchmal so sehen (ohne die ganze zwergische Masse) … so viel zu frühen Prägung 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

      • Ich seh schon, wir zwei sind uns in dieser Hinsicht sehr einig.
        Ich finde ja, er könnte mal einen tiefgründigen (langhaarigen) Schotten spielen, der in allerhand dramatische und romantische Ereignisse verwickelt wird. RA im Kilt, das wäre mal ein Anblick und in dieser Richtung müsste es doch noch Einiges zu verfilmen geben.

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  5. Oh wow that Dolarhyde video is impressive, very well made and a strong reminder of how powerful his performance really was. Scared me loads… not quite how we like to remember him 😉 but i do wish more people would see it, ie i mean the right industry people , to be reminded of what an amazing screen chameleon he is 🙂
    Guy always welcome, on ship, horse, whatever
    The names to the RA faces by richarrmitage are hilarious.. man-bear.. purrr 😉
    Arms and hands… how we like those .. i literally spent 5 minutes just looking at Lucas’ hands, the seems so powerful and yet delicate, no idea how.
    Definitely tantalizingly enigmatic 🙂 and i hope that never changes 🙂
    Thanks for the lovely slide into the weekend!

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    • Yeah, that video was really good, even though it omitted all the nice Reba storyline. But it is sort of a compilation of all the Dolarhyde stuff. And it was really well edited.
      Glad if the round up was a nice intro into the weekend for you!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Hehe, carry on, carry on!
      And next reveal is due soon. The shrine in question has arrived at its owner’s, so I can present it without taking away the surprise. Another one is still on its way, and this morning I started another shrine…

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  6. Phew, I knew all of the recommended works of RA (No. 5). I was a bit nervous, that I missed the most important stuff but have obviously done my homework as a fan.
    I love no. 13, laughed so hard! A picture of former times, hair still brown!
    And no. 17 (the video) is fantastic, very intense and reminds me to rewatch the episodes with RA again. It’s been a while and now it’s time to refresh the memories…
    Thank you for doing this!


    • Hehe, I think that RA’s oeuvre is rather “concise” – easy to keep track of and to catch up with. But it’s always interesting to see what others consider the must-see performances…
      No 13 always makes me laugh. If I remember correctly, I actually wrote an *ooof* that mentioned the issue… *memory like a sieve*
      I should really re-watch Hannibal, too. I only ever watched it once – much unlike all of RA’s other stuff. That kind of says it all…
      And thanks for reading xx


  7. Thanks for another great round-up Guylty, I really enjoyed it and it’s good to see new things even though our man has all but disappeared into the ether :o) xx.


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