Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up 2016/8

A quick apology at the beginning. You are reading a shortened, slightly premature version of the weekly tumblr round-up, caused by my short absence due to a mini-break in a major European city. So while you are reading this, I am frolicking on the continent, enjoying big city buzz (and possibly some fangirling in RT and RL 🙂 ) I have tried my best to get a list of cool tumblr posts together – but I am missing one day as it is Thursday evening at the time of writing this. In case the list turns out short, I have at least made a new round-up poster for you.

Round-up v2

“Am I a man?” “Definitely.” “Am I alive?” “Very much so!” “Am I young?” “At heart, I guess.”… 😉

There. Hope that gives you a smile. Here’s more to smile about:

  1. Launch right into raunchy thoughts – do you also “see” what applefia2036 is hearing? 
  2. Fanboy Thornton? He’s got the feeeeelz… jmrichards puts thoughts and words into Thornton’s mouth
  3. Another richardarmitage-confidential that is right up camera-lover Guylty’s street
  4. Fan art by lucife56 that makes Thorin look almost petite
  5. As always, circusgifs leaves the best thing for last… juicy Lucas!
  6. I’m linking this gif set back to armistone as both the source as well as another poster seem to have deactivated their accounts. But this is must see. Did you know that Gary ‘hot dad’ Fuller split his pants? Or was that the actor s*it his pants because he was required to deal with deep water again? 
  7. Richardcfarmitage did a great job at cleaning up the images of the Berlin reception from the background logos. Jholland check this out!
  8. Richard-crispin-Armitage has compiled a post about “recurring co-stars” that have worked with RA on different projects
  9. And another one
  10. Apparently the Hobbit fandom has an art contest/book compilation project going. This is radioproxy’s fantastic entry that reminds me of rich, propaganda-style poster art work from the first half of the 20th century
  11. For the lovers of the AFC (Armitage Forehead Crinkle) – a nice big ‘un by mrpuddingston
  12. Wow, what a capture! Pic by mezzmerizedbyrichard – who would think that this is from a screen grab?
  13. iamjaynaemarie says “Heir of Durin”. I say “Hair of Durin” *grins*
  14. This gif set by laughingsloth presents you – Thorin as a server, and Thorin as a masseuse. I’d take either
  15. Myrichardtreehouse is back with her little game of “Guess the chaRActer/scene”. Number 43?
  16. If you are following Zeesmuse’s Manna series, here is a gem for you – Zee actually forgot to post this instalment of the “Aside from Heaven” extras. Sweet, sexy, “Gisborne” as we like him. Posted on rasexualfrustration
  17. Some late Valentine’s pun courtesy of Porter. By gonzonr3
  18. Hilarious Valentine’s comic by gimmethehobbit. 
  19. Gimmethehobbit continues his tiny cartoon Richard series. LOL tighties
  20. Jahoe1960 noticed Lucas North’s love hands for Valentine’s
  21. I haven’t listened to this yet, but Clematis70 posted an interview with RA describing his process of creating different voices for the Venetia audiobook

And that’s enough for an ordinary Saturday, even if I am not around to interact much 🙂 Hope you have a great old time. Talk to you mid-week.

Love and hugs,

Guylty ❤


33 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Tumblr Round-up 2016/8

  1. Wow, there are some jewels in this collection! Starting from #1, which is made even more delicious by the smile at the end 😃 And #5, and #12… And #18, #19, #20! And the Venetia interview is really lovely (and very interesting… Obviously from Before Hobbit time… Thanks Guylty, hope you’re having a great time 😃


      • It’s hard to explain, but he takes his time saying it. Maybe it’s the “sh” sound, but it always strikes me as a very sensuous word coming from his lips 🙂 An unusual name, but can you imagine some fan out there who happens to be called Venetia? She would be in ecstasy! LOL. Mr. H. says the word “linnet” in one of his audiobooks and I have to admit it gave me a thrill.


  2. I have to agree with Hele and linnetmoss–I enjoyed the interview with him about Venetia. It was interesting to find out how her researches the voices for the audio books. I have the three Georgette Heyre(?sp ) audio books and love them. I have listened to them frequently and never tire of them. In The Convenient Marriage Richard does the heroine’s stutter amazingly well.


    • The Convenient Marriage is the only one of the Heyer books I haven’t yet listened to. I remember how surprised I was when I heard the first one – I had not been prepared for his vocal antics, and I laughed out loud.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hoffentlich hast du gerade eine gute Zeit.
    Herzlichen Dank für das Interview. Seine Gedanken zu seiner Arbeit höre ich immer gerne. Schöne Stimme und interessanter Inhalt 🙂


  4. I snickered out loud at #5’s last gif of “juicy Lucas”. From the looks of the side of that smashed up box lid, the director had RA ….ummm, not sure of the words here…lean into the box?? quite a few times!


  5. Nice! Whew, those Lucas gifs (#5) were gorgeous! My grateful thanks to circusgifs! Also love, love, love the screencap of Lucas by mezzmerized (#12)! Definitely a nice big adoRAble forehead crinkle (I’m in the crinkle-lovin’ category!) there in #11, and nice work cleaning up those pesky backgrounds at the Berlinale on #7 (I snaffled those immediately!)


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