Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/11

It has come to my attention that the weekly round-up was greatly missed last week. My computer troubles are not yet over, but I can’t be responsible for a withdrawal crisis in the fandom, so I am back with a compilation of all things wonderful from tumblr for pleasure and perusal.

Late again, though, this time due to Friday night being taken up with my subscription to the National Concert Hall which could not be missed. My favourite composer was on, Rachmaninov, with my second favourite piece of his, the second piano concerto. I love Rachmaninov’s perfect mix of symphonic tradition with distinctly modern elements – see if you can catch that bit in the second movement where you involuntarily want to break into “All By Myself”. Shamelessly stolen by Eric Carmen!!! Why don’t you let this YouTube clip run in the background while you click yourself through the list of links. It may enhance the experience 😉

And now let’s dive into the round-up. It may comprise the loot from two weeks, seeing that I missed last weekend.

Round-up v2


  1. I really enjoy the new daily RArmitage categories. Here is Feudal Friday courtesy of queenoferebor1204
  2. Where is this petition? I’ll sign it straight away. Richardarmitageconfessions
  3. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put together a quote from Orla Brady re. Richard acting Porter and the pictures to illustrate the scene
  4. Circusgifs feeds my nipple kink with this set of gifs. Mind you, I am always much more fascinated by the shadow created by the Armitagean proboscis. Anyone remember Big Bird from Sesame Street? (Sorry Richard – it’s a beautiful nose, honest! I really like it! Love it, actually!)
  5. Clematis70’s dash did a thing *miaow*
  6. Riepu10 is on number 40 of her infinite list of RA characters manips – Porter #4
  7. Fan art at its best: radioproxy reimagines Thorin and Bilbo first encounter – on the tube
  8. Bagginshield fan or not – this is so cute… and don’t we all remember doing exactly this, too, in the first stages of love? Comics by rutobuka2
  9. “Tender Tuesday” by queenoferebor1204, Lucas North edition
  10. Glady71, who is a regular commenter here on my blog, and also a Tweep, has started out on tumblr with a splash. I love her collages. Have a look at this one – the first picture is a great edit!
  11. A richardarmitage-confidential that takes on a distinctly fictional note. I like it…
  12. Fan artist norloth has prepared for the forthcoming HobbitCon 4 in Bonn next weekend. This is what she is taking with her
  13. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put Raymond de Merville into the appropriate context. Guylty loves the background
  14. Richardcfarmitage OTOH has cleaned the background out of the set images of Richard as Daniel Miller from a couple of weeks ago
  15. So glad to see a bit of Chop on tumblr. Here are gifs by ksei-zmrk (and on that note: Where are the news about UATSC? I so hope it will eventually see the light of day!)
  16. Francis Dolarhyde as seen by richard–wayne
  17. Audiobooks read by Richard are the hot topic right now. Clematis70 reminds us about Richard talking about performing Venetia – I had not heard this interview before
  18. Look at this gif by fruityadobo, rehearsing Thorin and Bilbo’s confrontation on the ramparts. Check Jed Brophy in this – am I the only one who thinks that he looks as if he is going in there to hold Richard back from seriously hurting Freeman? Method actors, eh?
  19. Thehobbitpanda is on to something. I wonder, does Richard know?
  20. No round-up without a mention of Sinnaminie – here’s the Paddy’s Day plushie
  21. Myrichardtreehouse is still playing “Guess the character” – number 49 is a hard one
  22. LOL – great manip by hannisome
There, I hope you have had fun with that. I am heading off on a little holiday to the West coast, and if I am lucky, my new BlingBook will be waiting for me upon my return. Only one week left until Easter – I am looking forward to my return on Social Media. I have a little Twitter scheme up my sleeve, to say thank you for your help in spreading the word about my posts on Twitter. Also, a few things have arrived in my house that would look good in another charity auction. With his long essay about his experience of visiting Berliner Stadtmission the other day, Richard has really paved the way for another fundraiser – or what do you think?
And a little reminder – the raffle for the Lucky Charm RAPS is still open for 6.5 hours (until 6pm this evening). Comment, and you are in 🙂
Enjoy your weekend, everyone –
Guylty ❤

33 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/11

    • xx I actually miss my routine, too. Friday nights are not the same without my tumblr compilation session. And Saturdays are endlessly boring without replying to comments.


  1. Ohhhhhh, Rachmaninoff Nr. 2, wie geil ist das denn!!!! Da könnte ich mich auch immer direkt reinfallen lassen. Großes Klangereignis. Was für ein fantastischer Abend für dich nach diesen stressreichen Ereignissen der letzten Tage und Stunden 😀


  2. Viel Spaß beim Kurzurlaub an der Westküste! Hoffe Ihr habt schönes Wetter 🙂
    Immer wieder schön sich durch die alten Bildchen zu klicken und großartig die Comics zu lesen. Die Chop Bildchen waren mal was Neues, da kommt doch direkt Freude auf! Und auch der Ritter macht sich gut!
    Nur irgendwann, so in ganz ferner Zukunft dürfte jedes Bonusmaterial ausgeschlachtet sein. WIR BRAUCHEN DRINGEND NEUES FUTTER 🙂
    Auf den Berlinbildern sieht er etwas müde und gestresst aus, wer weiß was die so die ganze Zeit treiben…….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Du, das fand ich bei den Szenenbildern aus Berlin auch. Gut, mag die Rolle sein, aber irgendwie fand ich RA ein Semester älter geworden. Das meine ich jetzt nicht mal böse – eben altersgemäß.
      Und ja, da ist ja so einiges schon lange abgedreht, aber außer den Iren scheint ja wohl keiner mit dem Material vorwärts zu kommen. Von Sleepwalker hört man gar nichts mehr. Brain on Fire auch still. Und bei Urban vermute ich mal, dass wir das wohl nur im Fernsehen zu Gesicht bekommen. Außerdem bin ich schwer neugierig, was denn wohl als nächstes Projekt ansteht. Schließlich ist bald April, und dann ist Berlin Station doch eigentlich auch im Kasten? Es bleibt spannend…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Zur Zeit ist gar nichts in der Diskussion oder habe ich was verpasst? Da war doch auch noch der Film in Südafrika? Mit Miss Moneypenny? Ist der wieder vom Tisch?
        Ja im April sollte fertig sein. Schade, habe es nicht nach Berlin geschafft…..


  3. Mmm, some treats in that compilation 😃 Love #3 – so pleased to hear that the gorgeous Orla Brady loved working with him. They made such a good looking couple… Sigh. Don’t worry, not going there 😉 And #4 – I see what you mean! I’ve never noticed that shadow before 😂 Ahh, tender Tuesday. Sigh in a different way. Love my skinny Lucas. Welcome back Guylty!


    • Yep, agree, they looked pretty convincing together.
      That shadow was the first thing I saw, even before the nipplitage.
      Nice to be back on my regular stint 😃


  4. Hi Guylty, I understand your wish to stay away for while, but I’m very glad you are back! As for me, I cannot stay away, not now for sure! My daughter is a tumblr fan and she convinced me to give it a try. Thanks for mentioning my “new toy”, the aesthetics are actually made by my daughter, as a gift for mother’s day. But she does not want to sign them, because I would find her tumblr name 🙂 You very kind to mention me as a commenter, I have to make the “big step” at some point, I would definitely like to be a regular commenter on you blog. It’s a great idea to make a charity action, I am really busy now and cannot participate with cRAfting stuff, but I would support you nevertheless in other way!


    • Your daughter is very discreet. And I can do well understand that – I wouldn’t want to find my own kids on tumblr, either, nor do I want them to find my objectification blog, either. But in any case, tell her I really like her edits – nicely chosen imagery, very fitting for the dark knight!
      Btw, I don’t think you have to make that step At all! While it is always great to get new people into blog world, I always think that starting a block is the beginning of the way into madness 😉 It takes up a lot of time, it can be very distracting – hell, it even hurts, sometimes. Don’t feel obliged to start a blog of your own. Or see how it goes on tumblr. It’s an easy way in.
      Glad to hear of your support! I haven’t really made anything for an auction either, but I have a few items in my possession which might be coveted. I’ll release further details as soon as I have figured out how to go ahead!


  5. Wow, Anna Federova! She’s amazing 🙂 Very powerful. Hope you’re enjoying your break. I was on the fence about whether to take my laptop on vacation, but I’m thinking I should unplug that umbilical cord!


  6. So before I get to my computer and read your round up lust, I have to say, you are the only other person I have ever known to catch that Eric Carmen stole that riff from Rachmaninov❗️ For decades, since I was a child, I’ve pointed this out to countless people, but no one got it, or cared but me❗️ And of course now you, Guylty💕 can die justified that I was not the only one. (For some reason, I could never let it go.) Thank you for completing me❣


    • You know, I have often listened to this piece by Rachmaninov, and I could never put my finger on it why I found it so familiar. Until that concert when it suddenly came to me which song it reminded me off. Carmen’s song is a direct rip-off. I am also glad I am not the only one who noticed it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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