Who’s Getting Lucky?

The deadline has passed, Lady Luck has chosen a winner. The Lucky Charm RAPS says…

Lucky Charm winnerCongrats, dear Hari – not quite the leather-tie Guy charm that you were thinking of, eh 😉 ? But this is yours, and I am delighted it will be with you 🙂

Tough luck for everyone else, but thank you for taking part and for the lovely comments you left. I can already tell you that a new shrine has left the workbench today, and there will be another raffle, soon. For the draw protocol, click the seal.

I am signing off tonight for a few days then. I will be on the outer fringes of Western Europe, and I have heard someone say that there are places over there that do not have mobile reception – and therefore no internet connection. So don’t worry if I am out of touch – I’ll be hiking along cliff tops and frolicking on beaches. The camera back in business, I hope to come back with a loot of imagery to show you.


24 thoughts on “Who’s Getting Lucky?

  1. Love the picture of the beach. The reflection of the clouds on the sand is very cool. I have been watching an old TV series that is in black and white on youtube recently (it’s called Combat! – I know, I’m weird) so I am loving the photograph you posted here.

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    • Glad you like the pic, Sparky. I have to confess it’s not exactly from the area where I am heading tomorrow but further up North, and taken a couple of years back. When the weather is stormy and the clouds are low, b/w looks particularly good. I have to check out that show you mentioned.


  2. You crack me up, S! “Tough luck for everyone else”, huh? Careful – you are sounding like an American! ;p

    Congratulations, Hari! Keep the shrine close to you. It’s not called a pocket one for no reason. 😉

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  3. Wow! Gobsmacked. Sorry for late response what with earth hour and just assuming I never win at these things only now checked in. Wow😁the tall leprechaun certainly improves the day😊Been in bed all afternoon of my own doing grr Let’s just say not all green vegetables are good for you or should be part of raw salad experiments 🤔
    Chuffed! You enjoy your lovely break and we catch up on this pert oh sorry, perfect lucky charm when you’re back 😀😘


    • Yeehah! Glad you have spotted the good news, Hari 😘 I’ll pop this in the post for you as soon as I am back!
      And sorry to hear you have been ill! And we are always taught that veggies are good for us… Hope it all clears up, soon!
      Totally missed this Earth Hour thing.

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  4. Herzliche Glückwünsche, Hariclea! Nicht alles Grüne ist von Übel… 😉
    Und dir, Guylty, wünsche ich wunderschöne Tage in einer beeindruckenden Landschaft. Erhole dich gut.

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  5. Congratulations to Hariclea. Feeling like a total loser, since I lost again. Well, I’ll get over it eventually. Have a great trip. We will miss you.


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