Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/13

Wow, how did Saturday creep up on me? Not sure where all the time went… And I haven’t even got anything to show for it. I suppose I had to catch up with all that had piled up during my absence. As is usual for me, I had the irrepressible urge to do some shrining even though there was no time. Two little shrines sprang from my work bench, and I am looking forward to showing them to you, soon. Alas, it’ll wait a little while because I am off to London tomorrow evening. Finally, a business trip again. It’s only a short three-nighter, and both full days are chock-a-block with work on a new project, so not much free time for enjoying London. And I will probably not have the delightful surprise of coming across Richard in my work, as I did Thursday night. I was translating a document, when this popped up (only a crop, for client confidentiality):

thrilling translation

Yeah, not really anything new. But wow, the *thrill* of suddenly spotting that name out of the corner of my eye, in a dry document…

Now let’s get to some juicy stuff then. This week’s tumblr links

Round-up v2

  1. Not sure if I have seen this particular selfie scenario before. Probably from the extras on BOTFA? Thanks to lotrthehobbitfans
  2. Armitageadmirer posts the clearest pic of Francis Dolarhyde’s tattoo yet – with a link to stills photographer Brooke Palmer’s page
  3. Love this edit by Glady71 of an otherwise slightly questionable photo
  4. All Armitage-related plushies made by Sinnaminie in one place. Congratulations! That is an impressive oeuvre, Sinnamin!
  5. Sorry, this one is for myself. Total double-whammy of porn for the photographer. Dolarhyde setting up his camera. I am in raptures here. Gifs by kendaspntwd
  6. LOL – here’s stelstephanic’s take on Richard Armitage and birds of sorts… The similarities are uncanny
  7. Sinnaminie’s reproduction of the Armitage oeuvre is completer than complete. Meet Naboo plushie
  8. Wow – love this Proctor fan art by malvoichica
  9. Richardarmitage-confidential posts a confession that is shared by many…
  10. Lots of Guy profile porn in this set of gifs by kendaspntwd
  11. I love riepu10’s RA characters series. Here is Gisborne 5 
  12. In one of my early *ooof*s I already said it – I love the medieval lighting in RH. Riepu’s gifs are a case in point
  13. He says he’s fierce. But oh, is he cute. Fan art by lonelyfullmoon
  14. Francis Dolarhyde – so redeemable thanks to Richard Armitage. And thanks to circusgifs
  15. Nfcomics has posted another naughty What a Guy wants…
  16. And finally – redroselady50 gave us the topless post to end all topless posts. I am off to the shower

Enjoy your shower, peeps!

I’ll try and look in from London, wi-fi in (not my usual plush) hotel permitting.

Guylty ❤

40 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/13

  1. Oh my goodness there’s a lot of eye candy in that roundup! I’m not even a particular seeker of topless photos but that collection…!!! And I love the owls.. And Sinnaminie’s collection is fabulous. And as for the Guy porn 😍😍😍


    • IKR – the funny thing is – none of it is new as such. We’ve seen it all before. But even if it is just a reminder, it really is quite… um… impressive…
      Sinnaminie’s plushies are just fantastic. And so many different editions.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, thanks!! Hopefully it won’t be too wet. I eventually decided to book myself a ticket for Yael Farber’s “Les Blancs” in the National Theatre, and since I hate rush hour tube travelling, I have decided to walk from work to the Southbank. (Note to self: Must transfer new chapters of Copperfield onto phone… Am still stuck in chapter 14…)

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Admittedly haven’t looked at everything this morning (have a tour of a college I need to leave for in about 15 minutes and I have company) so I’ll come later tonight but…

    ALL THE SILVER IN HIS BEARD????? Dies!!!! oh damn is that sexy!

    (No, I’m not being sarcastic. I think it’s flipping sexy!)

    Liked by 2 people

      • I was talking about the confession. That picture is SOOOO salt and pepper!

        We’ve had a great day. The campus is gorgeous, they have a great program for Spawn and they have an awesome Graduate program for me. All the classes for my program are at night, so it’s perfect. It’s about a 45 minute drive (one way) so it’s not awful. It would be a wonderful, so he’s looking for a September entrance, adn I’m going to contact the department, get the specs and see if I qualify for a scholarship or grant and get started on my own. I would like to have it done in 2 years and things SHOULD start hopping in my life about then.


    • An amazing oeuvre! As far as I understand, she makes a prototype of every version of a plushie, i.e. Thorin in battle gear, Thorin in normal gear etc. And she holds on to each prototype, so she has a huge collection of them. And this is only her RA prototypes. Of course she has many more – for Hannibal, Lucifer, Star Wars (?), Lords of the North (?). She must have hundreds by now.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sounds like a pity that they are all hidden away in boxes… Is there no way you could use/display them in a different way? If you held them together just with a single stitch on their hands and head/feet, you’d create a big “rug” which could be hung up (or they could be your blanket on your bed 😉 )


        • Aw, such a pity. Mind you, I do understand about the dust. Plushie Guy has been sitting in my drawing room the last while, and since I live on a big road with much traffic, he has been covered in some black dust :-(. I think I’ll take him along to London to make up for that.


  3. Hello again and thanks for the lovely Round-Up.
    I like the collection of RA plushies by Sinnaminie, especially Chop, Claude and Francis with the all-over-the-face-beanie. And I totally agree to No. 9, these TH rehearsal pics are just too gorgeous (didn’t remark the grey in the beard, only the concentrated expression…).
    And the Owl (and the pussycat Richard) pictures are astounding in their similarity!

    Have a nice trip to London


  4. Ich hoffe, du bist mittlerweile wieder aus der Dusche raus 😂
    Zu 8): Das ist lediglich Proctor-Style, oder? Sieht aber täuschend ähnlich aus.


    • I’m always glad to know that the links are conducive to anyone’s weekend rituals. Glad you enjoyed it.
      Thanks – looking forward to my trip. It’ll be exciting, work-wise.


    • It’s weird, we know all those scenes and caps and gifs, and yet, they still make our jaws drop. Who would’ve thought that a corny show like RH has such staying power… (I know, I know, it’s not the show, it’s the actor…)


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