RA Pocket Shrine 118/? – SuperRA

Usually, I use the weekend to catch up on sleep. But today I have gotten up at my regular 6am starting time in order to make time for work while my mum still sleeps. And it just occurs to me, I could cheer myself up with a little shrine post. So here goes…

A couple of weeks ago, Judit needed a hug. A RA bear hug, actually. I couldn’t supply that, but I spontaneously thought that I had a first aid tin in my stash which would ideally suit the scenario.


Add to that that I have known Judit since we first met at the 2012 AUJ premiere in London, and more importantly that she has taken part in each and every RAPS raffle but yet not won a shrine. Enough reasons. And the ideas for the shrine flowed quickly, so here I present “SuperRA”, coming to rescue.


It’s hard to see in the picture, but SuperRA is “flying in” over the Chain Bridge in Budapest…

And he has brought a pal along.


Let’s pretend that Portah is clutching his heart and not his keys in this screen cap… In any case, he’s the go-to man when it comes to emergencies of any kind. Even the romantic ones.

IMG_5673 sm

The tin was quite nice from the outside, so it comes without a candle because I did not want to punch a hole in the lid. But I still hope that it will do the trick for Judit whom I would like to thank for more than three years of fandom friendship. We have met a couple of times subsequently to the AUJ premiere – let’s hope for further opportunities in the future!

There, the sun is up – and I have started the day with a lovely shrine post that never fails to boost my mood. I have planned a nice outing to  a castle today, to keep myself and the family busy and distracted. And now I’ll get back to my work.


59 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrine 118/? – SuperRA

      • That little first aid RAPS did wonders for my emotional health when I needed it most. I still take it out, and my Lucas one, for a pick me up. As much as anything, they represent the lovely fandom friendships I have and I feel connected, if that makes sense. I hope this little RAPS has the same effect for Judit – she’s a real sweetie, I loved meeting her when I was in Budapest. 🙂

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  1. Even dashing superhero Richard has his disco ball. All is right with the world today.

    This shrine would cheer up anyone’s day. And one doesn’t even need to own it. The photos suffice. I’ll revisit this post periodically when I need a boost.

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        • Don’t let me stop you from going off on a creative tangent, and forgive me my cellphone/app-free ignorance, but isn’t that what the “Guylty Shrines” button on your blog is for—to revisit picture of your shrines?


          • Hehe, yes, you are absolutely right – that’s what the website does. Is it actually mobile optimised, though? If I could, I’d love to build a playful app which does things like sort the RAPS according to chaRActer, or theme, or allows the user to play with the photos by sticking hearts on, or using the shrine pics to send a picture message etc. Those might possibly be good ideas – but unfortunately I am not a developer… I wonder whether there are apps for creating apps, though… 🙂


  2. Wo sind eigentlich die Supermänner, wenn man sie braucht? Jetzt wissen wir es: mindestens einer ist in Budapest 😉 Ich hoffe, er hat noch ein paar Stellvertreter, denn die Not ist groß…. 😁
    Viel ungetrübtes Vergnügen beim Familienausflug 😃

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  3. I really don’t know how to express my gratitude,S. I’m beyond honoured that you made a RAPS for me,and it could not have come at a better time!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. As for the raffles- I never win anything so I never expected to have my very own RAPS one day. I’ll treasure it forever!! And thank you,lovely ladies for your kind words. I’m such a lucky person to have found this fandom and the amazing people in it!!! Hugs to you all!!! ❤

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    • Judit, oh my gosh I’m grinning at the screen, because I felt exactly the same way when Guylty sent me a Thornton shrine a few years ago. Maybe she’ll dig out the link (hint, hint, G) to the guest post she turned my thank you reply into. It’s so much fun to relive these seemingly silly but not inconsequential group experiences that bring us all such pleasure.

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    • No further thanks or humility needed, Judit – it was the right time to make a shrine for you, and there we are. The response from our fellow fans confirms that I chose well 🙂
      And yes, I like this fandom, too – despite occasional downs, the ups are high. Hugs back.

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    • Damn – you have to keep Plushie Richie away from Twitter. He actually knows too much already :-D.
      PS: I wouldn’t mind seeing him in a cape, though… or in blue tights, red underpants and a superman t-shirt. Maybe that will put him off???

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  4. I love it, and lucky Judit! Can’t help but grin at the notion of an “Emergency RAPS”… a key component to any emergency preparedness kit! Flashlight, Check. Matches, bottled water, protein bars, Check. Emergency RAPS, Check! =)

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  5. Love the super first aid. This shrine is so sweet, sprinkled with tiny hearts and RA taking off his coat to slip into some form-fitting spandex. How lovely that it arrived at a good time for Judit. Of course, a shrine is always a mood elevator. Holding it in your hand or admiring it from afar. A shrine is like a rainbow on a rainy day. My goodness I am waxing corney today.

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  6. and another little tin of joy finds its owner 🙂 Love this! That Porter photo is so sweet 🙂 and i love how one little tin inspires more creativity (and i am trying to banish the image of a flying RA in a cape with us all gaping from underneath 😉 surely he’s be the first black leather superhero and not spandex! brr)


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