OT: Mad about Photography (+ Armitage’s make-up artist posts a selfie)

It’s oh-so-quiet. So quiet, that I might as well post OT. I am very grateful to Mr A’s silence (apart from the little selfie love we were just given courtesy of his Berlin Station make-up artist, who has posted a lovely pic on her FB page. It appears that Mr A likes to put his arms around the world his make-up ladies…).

Thanks to the lack of news, I have been able to do what I should have been doing long ago. I have finalised my NZ photo book. Yes, 13 months after the event, the “Complete New Zealand” is finally designed and in the can. Or on paper. Currently being printed for myself and possibly already on its way to me.


What finally did it, was the impending visit of my ETC who is due to arrive here tomorrow evening. Yes, that means the final product will not be available for her to peruse. But I cleverly also had a pdf version of the photo book made, so we can look at that – and reminisce about the good old times of travelling NZ together.

For those of you who had been following my abandoned  series of NZ throwback posts on Twitter and who kindly liked my images, you might be interested in the full works. I have made it publicly viewable on blurb.com where you can browse through it. Heck, you can even buy it. (Don’t worry, I don’t expect any sales at *that* price – on-demand photo books are pricey luxury items. The pdf, however, is a steal.) Just click on the image below, and you will be taken to my “storefront” on blurb, where you can click “preview” and see the whole book.

I haven’t scrimped on my images – they are all there, the whole loot of edited photos. So much so that some sights get the full treatment of 6 images from different angles. I just couldn’t bear to leave pictures out. Hobbiton gets a whole long section (6 pages with 20 pictures in total), as does the search for Edoras. Pelorus River is in there, and some other bits such as Lake Tekapo and Lake Wanaka with Glendhu Bay that feature some Hobbit/LotR sights in the background. People are at a minimum (that’s how I roll in my photography – in fact, my friends and family usually complain that I never have people in my images…), landscape rules. I have even gone the whole hog and designed a blurb for the dust jacket 😂. No doubt, the pretentiousness will have my friends in tears of laughter when they see it.

Anyway, just thought I’d while away the time with it. Have a look and let me know if you liked it 😊

I wonder what Mr A will while away his time with after next Monday?



29 thoughts on “OT: Mad about Photography (+ Armitage’s make-up artist posts a selfie)

  1. Wuhunderwunderschön! Und ja, in Irland sieht es teilweise tatsächlich so aus wie in NZ. Bei Otago Peninsula fiel mir das auf. So ähnliche Bilder habe ich bei dir auch geschossen. 😉 Naja, ähnlich… 😁


    • Ja, da gibt es gerade in Connemara so einige Ecken, die mich auch sehr stark an NZ erinnert haben! Otago hatte eher etwas Liebliches, mit sanften grünen Hügeln, wie an der Ostküste Irlands. Traumhaft, beides.


  2. Mensch Guylty, ich bin total platt und muss das erst nochmal ganz in Ruhe (und mit dem Schatz) auf mich wirken lassen.
    Du kannst das richtig, richtig gut – Hut ab! Und Neuseeland ist sooo schön und abwechslungsreich und einfach faszinierend – traumhaft. Danke!
    Selbst RA wird (fast) zur Nebensache. 😉


      • Also guuut – lass uns auf dem Teppich bleiben 😉
        Nette Schnappschüsse macht diese sie bestimmt auch. (Diese tränenlachenden Dingerchen kann ich leider (noch) nicht.)


        • Na ja, dann merken aber auch die Langsameren unter uns oder die, die nur mal schnell (gaaaanz kurz) gucken und nicht immer viel Zeit zum Mit- und Nachdenken haben, dass du (wieder mal) auf den Pfaden der Ironie wandelst. Ich muss mir die Zeit im Alltag manchmal etwas zusammenklauen und steh dann bisweilen auf der Leitung. Mangelnde Erfahrung kommt hinzu…
          Aber ich fühl mich bei euch gut aufgehoben. Projekt “Horizonterweiterung” läuft.


        • Hehe, danke für die Ehrenrettung, Elanor. Aber CraMERRY will nur spielen. Die weiß nämlich ganz genau, dass der Spruch “das sind aber schöne Schnappschüsse” das Zweitschlimmste ist, was man zu einem Fotografen sagen kann :-D. Sie testet hier gerade meine Reaktion 😉


    • Oh, dankeschön 😊. Freut mich, wenn es dir gefällt! Das Fotobuch ist wirklich eher ein Geschenk für mich selbst – beim Editieren war ich sehr großzügig und habe mich nicht auf nur ein Bild pro Motiv beschränkt. Der Fotograf liebt alle seine Babys 😉 Allerdings ist es auch in NZ ziemlich einfach, schöne Fotos zu machen. Es ist alles schon da – man muss nur noch abdrücken.

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      • Du bist bescheiden. Aber auch in einer wunderschönen Landschaft kann man solchene und solchene Bilder machen. Der Laie drückt halt irgendwie ab (wird schon gutgehen) und du komponierst einfach gute Bilder.
        So, das musst du jetzt halt aushalten (sei tapfer).
        Du kannst stolz auf deine Babys sein 🙂


  3. first things first: did you actually go across that footbridge? *eek!* the pictures are so beautiful. so many mountain vistas, which I love! I especially like the 2 page pic of the gravel road w/the mountains in the background (me & my love of paths 😉 ) now I have to go, just to see these places for myself! thank you for sharing them with us ❤


    • Yes, I went across that footbridge – without any qualms. If you can stick it, here is the proof:

      Glad you like the images. I am not a great fan of mountains myself, but the ones that you liked best, were so breath-taking, I took many more photos of the same thing than I included in the book. In fact, I was searching for Edoras there – because I had spotted on the map that a LotR film location was near there. I never made it to it (it was early evening and I was driving on my own, my companion had opted out of the trip, and I did not want to drive in the dark on the gravel track, so I had to turn around eventually.)
      I can only encourage you to go! I would love to go back, and I have this mad plan to save enough money to take the family there next year. It is worth every penny!


      • okay, that bridge looks sturdier than it did from a distance. not that I still wouldn’t have to crawl across it instead of walking upright, but at least I might not be frozen in fear. maybe.


        • My travel companion suffers from vertigo. Initially she bought a ticket for the bridge. When we got there, she turned back, returned the ticket and got a refund :-). I tackled it alone and was completely non-plussed by it. I had to squeeze by a few people who were crossing from the other side, and I stopped in the middle and took lots of pictures. I loved the thrill of it 🙂


  4. Photos look beautiful. So glad you are sharing them . I might have to take a peek. NZ is so photogenic. Ireland too. Or maybe it’s the photographer.


    • Thanks, Austoz – I can’t wait to have the book in my hands. It’s just great when you can browse through a book at the spur of the moment. Easier than computers, I think.


  5. I love the combination of mountains, rocky beaches with supernaturally blue water, and green rolling hills. It truly seems a magical place. Did it never rain while you were there?


    • Out of 37 days in NZ, we had 4 days on which it rained. It was extraordinarily dry while we there, we were told. And you can see in some of the pictures that the hills were dry-brown rather than lush green as they usually should be. I had imagined NZ greener, in fact. Nonetheless, I felt we were really lucky with the weather… nothing better than sunshine.

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  6. And I’ll definitely blurb that! Not to be techy and it’s gorrrgeous but that depth of field.. wow! NZ not Mr A 😃 the only thing v deep is the layer of foundation 😎but he’s a good hugger and I do somewhat envy those like the lovely lady who find themselves enveloped 😍


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