Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/17

Message to the universe: Firstly, could you please tell TPTB to snap up Urban and release it? I am sick and tired of the whining, and I would like to see the film again, myself. Secondly, I’d love to know what is next for the gentleman whose career and underarm hair have inspired this blog. Thirdly, gentle reminder that it is nearly May. Temperatures of 5°C (41°F) just don’t cut it! Please and thank you.

Here, have a round-up 🙂

roundup header v3

  1. First of all and all importantly: Kathy Jones asked, I passed on the request, and circusgifs delivered. Here are several doors, opening on chaRActers… Thank you F, you are a ⭐️
  2. It’s not new. But it’s all about science. I support queenoferebor1204’s research project. *thighs* eh… *sighs*
  3. And another one from queenoferebor1204, who relentlessly pursues the Throwback Thursday theme
  4. Mrpuddingston posts the daddy of all mood boosters
  5. And in case you didn’t screen cap them yourself, mezzmerizedbyrichard has capped and collected the Urban stills from Richard’s latest interview
  6. And since we are talking about Urban, here are some really nice screen caps of a fan video taken at the Q&A in Leeds, edited by richard-crispin-armitage
  7. Mezzy also cleaned up the background in this image of Richard in Fuerteventura
  8. Have you tried clematis70’s audio quizzes on RA’s characters yet? It’s not as easy as it sounds (see what I did there?)
  9. Check out this link to a streaming site where fan artist non6ix shows how her fan art is created. Fascinating to watch!
  10. At first glance at kendaspntwd’s gif set of RA on the Hobbit set, I thought he was holding candy floss…
  11. When they give him that strict side-parting, he always looks like a naughty little boy, ready to go to church. Gifs of Peter McDuff by riepu10
  12. In response to this richardarmitage-confidential I can only say, I don’t even have an office…
  13. Glady71 posted her Stage Door Plushie – with the RL inspiRAtion. I’d love to see more stories like this…
  14. I’ve only just discovered “crackships” – this is a series of gifs that pairs to actors together. In this one, sagelondyn creates a romantic scenario with Richard Armitage and Billie Piper. Nice one! And now think of all the possibilities…
  15. I’m completely behind this petition by reader-rabbit…
  16. Here’s a sweet fan fic about Guy of Gisborne and Annie by ilariaeugealtomasini that I enjoyed reading
  17. Love the style of this borderline-NSFW bagginshield drawing by catofcream

*coughs* not sure whether that is really the note I should end this on… Maybe I should extend the post with a little bit of fandom love? Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing Helen again. She was supposed to stay with me for the weekend – except that I had TRIPLE-booked the weekend!!! Yeah, how stupid can you be? So Helen arranged to stay with a friend on the other side of Dublin. But we managed to meet up on a field trip to Newgrange, a mystic, special place I had long wanted to revisit.

Newgrange is a neolithic monument and about 4500 to 5000 years old. Older than the pyramids, that is. It does not look like much from the outside, but the cairn tomb is actually a remarkable monument. Apart from the beautiful sun spiral art on the boulders that line the outside of the structure, the tomb reveals its stunning secret only for one particular week every year. On the six days around the winter solstice, the rising sun will crawl over the mountain opposite the tomb and extend its rays through the window box above the doorway in the picture above, illuminating the central chamber for a few minutes, connecting the living and the dead. Unfortunately there is no good footage of the magic illumination of the burial chamber on the winter solstice possibly because the sun never shines in Ireland *haha*. If you fast forward through the waffle, you can get a tiny impression of what happens in this video on YT. I make a point of tuning into the OPW’s live stream of the solstice every year (between 18th and 23rd December), but this year I have thrown my name into the hat for a lottery of one of 20 spaces per day during solstice week. Keep your fingers crossed – there were 30,475 entries for the solstice in 2015!

12970801_1180863181959025_8217295142322586447_oHelen and I, together with my friend I___ and her friend N___ had a lovely day, also visiting nearby Knowth (an even more impressive but less excavated neolithic monument that is aligned with both the sunrise and the sunset of the equinox, thus containing TWO passages that allow the light to enter two separate chambers.) Helen came laden with gifts – a gift bag filled with lots of organza bags for wrap and present the RAPSes in, and a beautiful bracelet in soft spring colours, handmade of course, by Helen herself. (I have stolen the picture from her, but if you click on it, it takes you to her FB page where you can see more beautiful glass work.) Luckily Helen carried the gift bag all day through Newgrange and Knowth – the photographer had her hands full with her camera or so she claims…

In return I had a little something made for her, as well. Since the shrines must be boring her at this stage (I think Helen has four RAPS in her possession), I opted for the work of another artist. Again – not my own image but the maker’s, but here is the heart-felt present for Helen, made by Sinnamin, and his inspiRAtion:

Is he gorgeous, or what? Sinnamin even incorporated the cowlick…

Right, I have waffled enough. Now let’s enjoy the long May Day weekend. Unfortunately I have to work on Monday morning (the German market never sleeps…) but for all of you who are in anglo territories, have fun and enjoy!

Guylty ❤




61 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/17

  1. The sun never comes out in Ireland? Heh. I highly doubt it. ;p

    I will join you on that message to the Universe. At least you were able to see Urban…and Richard too!

    Mother’s Day is around the corner over on this part of the World. Go ahead and celebrate it with us; twice a year is better than once.

    Thanks for the information about the monument – very interesting. I hope you win those tickets so you can witness it; it would be an amazing experience, I’m sure!

    Happy May, everyone!

    P.S: Tell Helen to kiss Lucas for me. ;D

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    • Occasionally, but VERY occasionally, the sun shines :-).
      And yes, I was complaining on a high level, seeing that I have already watched Urban. Nonetheless, I think *any* work of art should be made available to a larger audience, and given the chance to make an impression. It’s frustrating to think that Brady et al put so much effort into a film – and then it languishes on someone’s hard drive and never gets seen by the public. Hopefully something will move, eventually.
      Happy May Day!

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  2. Hehehe, it was lovely to see you, Guylty, even if the plans had to be rearranged a bit. So much for German organisational skills 😂 And I LOVE my banker Pete Lucas plushie 😍😍😍 (Yes, he now has an extra kiss from you, Mujertropical!).

    Wow, those #1 door gifs stopped me in my tracks. Glorious. Some other lovely stills, too. And yes, count me in for the #15 petition. Wouldn’t that be heaven.

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  3. The plushie is adorable, I only have ONE RAPS, they are never boring, the fic was lovely and it made my muses grumble (as we know I’ve been rather preoccupied as of late) loved the rest and now I need to get dressed, dry my hair, and put on makeup (snarl) because HE will be here about 90 minutes to take me to breakfast out on the island. (So far, it’s been beyond lovely.)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hold on, that sounds as if this already day 2 with past/future boyfriend? Do we already have official announcements? I am thinking of you, Zee, anyway. So exciting. I am sure that you will have lots to talk about, and I hope that you will also eventually shut up and… whatever… 😀

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      • Former/Future boyfriend is now pretty much officially boyfriend. I suspect that shortly he will go from boyfriend to suitor. He arrived yesterday afternoon and we had a quiet, private reunion at a very nice – and deserted – park. We then went out to dinner with Spawn, and they hit if off great. Just a lot going on. At some point this weekend, there will be pictures. I’ll send you a nice long email!

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  4. Thank you Guilty and F for the early mom’s day present. Opening a door and finding RA on the other side is a wonderful treat. Unfortunately, when I answer my door it’s likely to be a Girl Scout selling cookies. Thank you both so much. Hugs and applause coming your way. And maybe an ode.

    Ode to RA and Doors

    I can’t wait to see,
    Who is waiting for me.
    Who rang my bell?
    You can never tell.
    Does he have blue eyes,
    Or shapely thighs,
    My thoughts of him soar,
    As I race to the door.
    An accountant, a soldier or king.
    He could be almost anything.
    But one thing for sure.
    He is never demure.
    My thoughts stray to sex,
    But crap, it’s Fed Ex.

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    • LOL – oh Kathy – you are priceless. I love your poems. And I am going to rescue this one from the obscurity of the comment section and post it separately on the blog. I think there was another one you wrote a little while back and posted in the comments. I hope I can find it and post both of them…


      • I am fairly sure obscurity. Is where my poetry deserves to permanently reside, but I get a kick out of writing it and reading reactions to it. Glad it gave you a chuckle.


        • It definitely *always* gives me a chuckle. And I really think it does not deserve obscurity. This needs to be seen. Anything that makes others smile, is good!


  5. Thanks for number 5, I am one of the whingers LOL. I couldn’t go to Leeds as we were booked to go to the Remembrance service at the Albert Hall in London and I couldn’t disappoint my family and friends, if only the ILF had chosen a different weekend.
    I am still pondering how Candida Brady raised the finance to make Urban without any thought to how she would recoup the costs, I didn’t get the impression she was that wealthy to finance it herself.


    • That was a bit harsh of me, re. whingers 😉 If I am honest, I am whingeing myself. Even if I have seen the film, I would actually like it to be available to a wider audience.
      As for financing the film: I am not an industry insider, so I do not know for sure how these things work, but I presume that there are financiers in the background who give money to a project, based on the people involved in it and the bankability of a topic. Maybe she had to invest her own money, too, but I doubt she carried the whole film alone. Still, whether it is her money or the money from investors – they want to see a ROI. It all baffles me, tbh. They got off to a good start, premiering at LIFF. They have really well-known actors in the film. And Brady herself is not a complete unknown. They should long have been able to secure some kind of deal…


  6. Ohhh Luuuuucassss and that photo I nearly cried used to be able to see it everyday at work and no longer now that building is closed sniffs
    the plushie is the cutest
    And glad you had a lovely weekend love those tombs and the bracelet 😀
    And yes can the big guy above arrange to.please stop the sleet! We should have raspberries not fresh snow 😣
    Fully behind the other requests too
    I’m so silly wishing for any news that I’m even disappointed I’m away from London while he is there… chuffed he saw les Blancs tho
    Thanks for lovely links! Will catch up on all from . proper pc phone a bit annoying for photos/drawings


    • I am just trying to imagine what it would do to me if I saw that Lucas photo in life-size every day at work…
      Those neolithic sites are absolutely stunning, Hari. There are many of them dotted around Ireland, but these two are the most important ones.
      Hope you are enjoying your time at home! x

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      • It’s nice but too short and not manged to do the work I carried with me which worries me but hey ho on upside me and mum binge watched the entire Poldark DVDs and she liked it
        Oh by the way that mini Guy fanfic was lovely really missed reading some!
        Love the neolithic sites saw v similar ones near Inverness fascinating!
        And yes that Lucas in a suit was better than a vitamin a day I miss seeing him around…


        • Goodness – all of Poldark? With mum? Nice one. I am so looking forward to season 2…
          re. fan fic – I am in a phase where I have lost touch with fan fics. I really should have a look at DF and see whether there is anything new out there…
          Don’t mention Scotland. It looks as if we are *again* not finding the time to go and visit the relatives on the Isle of Skye this summer. I am so peeved. We’ve been invited so many times, and it just never works out…


    • Mini plushie/RAPS combo – that sounds intriguing! I have no idea what you mean, but let’s discuss this and come up with a plan. There’s another charity auction on the cards, and this sounds as if it could be a very special contribution…

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  8. I only “liked” this because “under arm hair.” 😉 Your round ups are always perfect because I am always so behind in keeping up. So thank you.

    In sisterhood of the Richard Armitage under arm hair kink,



    • We are a select group, Crystal, aren’t we? But well, there’s no denying that the underarm area is an erogenous zone… I could stare at those John Porter gifs, where he is tied on a cross, on endless loop…
      Glad the round-up helps you keep up with things. They really have become part of my weekend ritual, and I am quite pleased that they are read by so many people 😊

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  9. Hi Guylty, thanks for collecting these every week, there are some gems here again. I love the Guy-Anne story, very “realistic”, if I may say so 🙂 I completely support reader-rabbit’s petition, but I would add “Sylvester” on the list, I fell in love with him from the audio book (RA might be a little bit too old, but the story can be slightly changed 🙂 The star of this post is Pete plushie, it’s absolutely adoRAble, I would have never thought of him, Helen is a lucky lady. Great poetry in the comments, too. x


  10. I forgot to thank for linking my tumblr post, I want to add that, even if it might not be visible in my picture, Nancy perfectly capture a small detail: RA had the collar up that day, maybe because it was a cold rainy day.


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