Porter’s Not Going Far

The raffle has closed, the deed is done. We have a  winner of the Gardening Porter RAPS. I raffled it off a few minutes ago, and randompicker Lady Luck pulled talented fan artist Rachel Burns/@racheburn as the winner. Congratulations!!! 🎉 For those of you who do not know Rachel, may I take the opportunity and link back to some of her amazing art?! Rachel really has a rare talent and hand draws stunningly accurate portraits such as this:


She also likes to craft and has played with foam rubber to produce such cute once-offs such as this darling Valentine’s ornament of Mr Thornton and Margaret:


And she is known for portraying plushies…


And for Valentine’s Day she created a hand-drawn colouring book for Sinnamin which you can see in the collage that illustrates my post on the #RichieValentineSwap.

This, incidentally, is the first RAPS to stay in Ireland – which I am delighted about 😊. Anyway, I hope Rachel enjoys her garden helper. He looks as if he is ready to dig in ⛏

And to those of you who have come away empty-handed: Stay tuned! Two new shrines left the hallowed halls of RAPS Inc. today and will be revealed and raffled soon!

PS: Here’s the draw protocol:

12 thoughts on “Porter’s Not Going Far

  1. Congratulations to Rachel! Wonderful RAPS! I’m a huuuuge Porter fan (see my avi)! You can never have enough Porter!


  2. I am sure Porter will love his home in Ireland where his green thumb will match the scenery. Rachel’s luck matches her talent. No wonder she won. Congratulations! I would write more but I can’t see to type through my tears of disappointment.

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