Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/23

Hello? Anybody here or are you all staring hawk-like at Twitter and monitoring certain websites in order to snag coveted tickets? Well, have a short break and entertain yourselves with the weekly loot from Tumblr. Some nice stuff over there – but boy-oh, I have just realised that we may look forward to a veritable RAfest in the autumn. Berlin Station to air, maybe some news from the Midlife Crisis set, and possibly a play??? Bring it on!

Here’s this week’s Tumblr fun:

roundup header v3

  1. Love this idea by circusgifs – first and last scene of RA’s characters. At number 5: From cutie to asshole in two gifs…
  2. Throwback Saturday: Even a weirdbeard can’t disfigure the man. Gifset by riepu10 of Paul Andrews – not new, but not seen very often
  3. Bagginshield clothes swap. 😂 The idea… Painted by reapersun
  4. And more romantic Bagginshield by radioproxy. Awwwwww
  5. Nose. Without background. Cleaned up by riepu10
  6. More awwww courtesy of radioproxy
  7. A case of history repeating itself? Spotted by laoih
  8. Sorry, this is nothing new, but something about Porter’s walk really appeals to me. Giffed by ghisborne
  9. Oakenshieldsmaiden’s weekly Thorin challenge goes to #27. What’s your answer? 
  10. Never mind what he says, but picture 1 in this set by redsirion is simply beautiful. Would look great on a snuggly pillow…
  11. I couldn’t restrain myself from shooting this off on Twitter, but for those who haven’t seen this – UNF and all the other abbreviations. Another masterful set by riepu10
  12. As a crafter primarily in the medium of paper, I really loved this photo set by marrasquutamo
  13. Ok, I feel slightly naughty, reposting this, but this always makes for a touching moment. Circusgifs giffed it. NSFW but let’s face it, it’s fan-girl-essential material
  14. I loved this modern!Thorin photo set/collage by shewclvs. I could really imagine Thorin in that. Ideal prompt for a modern!AU fanfic. Anyone?
  15. Colour is something that always attracts me in art. Thus I really liked this Gisborne fan art by butterflyofnight
  16. The ins and outs of Guy of Gisborne. By serik27
  17. Dance – dance – dance… Gif art by yakichou
  18. I wish I had been a recipient of that… I would have pee’ed my pants laughing… Great quip/idea by penguinchick17
  19. Look at this amazing, handmade Thorin doll by saraginotou
  20. Love owlpen-redruby’s take on the Bond question. Discuss
  21. Sinnamin’s Percy Courtenay plushie must have passed me by… So cute (despite see above)

Wow, that’s quite a list this week. Hope you have enjoyed it. It may just pass the time while the fandom waits for details/confirmation… I’ll be watching the European Football Championships ⚽️🏆.

La Ola,

Guylty ❤


26 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/23

  1. I had to laugh at the unsolicited Dick pic one. Made me laugh much like Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) in the last round of X-Files complaining that something must be wrong with her cell because she wasn’t getting any dick pics on it.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Well, he’s a wife-beater and can’t deal with the fact that his wife is more successful than he is. Pity – he starts out as a rather promising man…
      Plushie Perce is a different issue – very cute with that side-parting and the shirt sleeves 😉


  2. Das sind ja gerade seeeehr aufregende Zeiten! Ich bin froh, dass ich mich bei euch über die Zusammenhänge informieren kann. Alleine wäre ich vollkommen aufgeschmissen, aber so macht es einen Riesenspaß 🙂


    • Hehe, ja, immer alles eine konzertierte Aktion. Mehrere Augen sehen dann eben doch mehr als nur ein Paar. Mal sehen, wann sich auch Herr Armitage zu einer Bestätigung des Films hinreißen lässt. Oder das Theater seine Mitwirkung ankündigt.


      • Er will doch nur spielen…
        Es muss merkwürdig sein, wenn so viele Leute derart intensiv auf die kleinste Regung oder Äußerung reagieren. Dass ihm das mal nicht zu Kopfe…
        Na ja, er sorgt für Unterhaltung und ich sehe das positiv.
        Ich glaube er freut sich selber am allermeisten darauf, mal was Heiteres zu machen und nicht schon wieder alle menschlichen Abgründe ausloten zu müssen. (Es wird doch keinen elenden Verräter in der Geschichte geben, der zum Schluss durch einen vom Verstärker ausgelösten Stromschlag stirbt und John heißt???)


        • Hehe, genau, er spielt. Ich glaube, er macht sich da wenig Gedanken drüber, sondern setzt spontan einfach mal einen Tweet ab – und dann geht der Spaß manchmal andere Wege, als gedacht. Glaub nicht, dass ihm das zu Kopfe steigt – das Phänomen, dass er Fans hat, kennt er ja schon länger. Die ursprüngliche Hysterie auf dem legendären BBC Message Board war ja nichts anderes, und das hat er auch verkraftet.
          Und ja – mal eine Komödie. Das hat er sich verdient. Doppelt.

          Liked by 2 people

          • Aber der Tweet mit der Spiegelung im Gitarrenhals, den fand ich schon besonders. Zuerst war das natürlich nur eine Gitarre für mich – wer rechnet denn mit sowas. Aber er hat euch nicht unterschätzt und irgendjemand hat natürlich damit gerechnet und den subtilen Bonus entdeckt.
            Ich sag ja, das macht so richtig Spaß. Nur so ein Tom Selleck Schnauzer, der müsste nun wirklich nicht sein.


            • Der war super gemacht. Armitage hat schon ein Auge für sowas, das muss man ihm zugestehen. Und seine kleinen Hinweise finde ich auch immer spannend. Auf einen möglichen Schnauzer könnte ich allerdings auch verzichten…


  3. Love the way his lips purse when he says ‘nothing!’
    Paul’s beard… ehem.. not his best feature 😉
    That walk of confidence in Porter.. mesmerising!
    Thorin if not a king could be a wonderful travelling troubadour 
    10-That inward looking gaze of Thorin’s… oh!
    11-perfection-makes you want to place a kiss right at the centre of it..
    Cough.. wirklich schone Haut 😉
    Gisborne in colour, really interesting as his thoughts certainly must be very colourful!
    Interesting, always left handed, hm I never knew this details but is RA left handed too?
    Hm, it’s probably more likely he could end up playing a Bond villain  But I’d rather not see him in any Bond movie at all 😉
    Love that plushie collection, quite the band of gentlemen 

    Thanks for the round up! best cold medicine ever! 🙂


    • Who is left-handed? No, I don’t think RA is a left-handed genius.
      How’s the cold doing? Getting better?
      Oh and re. Paul’s beard – I always thought it makes him look older even though in the series he’s meant to be younger.


      • cold finally getting better, still coughing but managed to sleep in spite of incredible humidity round here, so fingers crossed i’m winning the battle!
        Guy was closing and opening the door always with his left hand so i wondered if it is RA who is maybe left handed? I don’t know.
        Agree on Paul makes him so much older.. weird as the big Thorin beard didn’t necessarily do that. I sure hope he won’t be sporting a goatee in MLC!


  4. So much to like, the roundup is full of wonderful things. Porter walking was a favorite, but Porter talking, listening, sitting, driving, breathing, are similarly worthy of attention.


  5. Lovely again, thanks Guylty!
    My fave may be number 8, the John Porter walk. I have a real weakness for Richard’s “Johns”. John Thornton, John Porter and John Proctor are my fave Armitage roles (Harry and Thorin get honourable mentions as well – they should have been named John…). 🙂


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