Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/24

It feels slightly futile to post a round-up today. Sorry, that is not a rib on Mr A’s recent tweet but a genuine sentiment – I suspect everyone is still busy reading Richard Armitage’s latest missive re. Cyberbullying and the various fan reactions to it. If you want to have a look for yourself, you can get a broad view by searching on Twitter under the #SCD2016 tag, or by looking at the direct replies to Richard’s tweet. Further discussion of his contribution can be found in the blogworld:

There have been some reactions on Tumblr, too, but alas, the platform is not really very “verbal”, therefore I have not linked to any of them. For other Richard-related Tumblr gems, check the link list below!

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  1. Hydrophobic-pirate pictures Richard in his rock star role – I like this very much
  2. Gorgeous artwork in pop-art style by ausschweifendemotte
  3. Very considered and plausible response by Circusgifs to the question whether she thinks RA is being bullied on Twitter
  4. Partiesainteasy has the perfect solution to Richard’s tendency to delete his tweets. (I have long been thinking the same thing.)
  5. Yennifer-ice is producing the most amazing paintings of RA. This one made me laugh. Thorileron?
  6. I loved circusgifs’ close-up gifs of Porter – the depth of field in them make these gifs so special. Ok, and the guy who acts him
  7. Sorry, but more Porter courtesy of circusgifs. Never too much of a good thing, and I badly need a hero!
  8. r-armitage-characters-home has a gif set with the theme “despair”. Keep your hankies at the ready!
  9. I have missed guys-texts-from-last-night. This is another good one
  10. Another fabulous painting of Thorin by cro-gall. Wouldn’t mind a little tumble in the dunes with Thoza…
  11. A gif by his Guyship is always welcome on ‘Feudal Friday’ but clematis70 little note underneath made me laugh out loud. I think she read his lips correctly
  12. The plushie fans among you will love this post by ramsz – of chaRActers and their plushiefied versions. Very cute
  13. Circusgifs takes her series of “First and last scenes” to the next instalment
  14. This is a gifset by riepu10 from behind the scenes at Hannibal.  I loved the way they show the actor concentrating to get in the role. And by the end of it, he is Dolarhyde, complete with the finger across his cleft lip. Amazing
  15. I really needed a bit of sauciness today. Thanks to queenoferebor1204 for these asset illustrations
  16. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put together a collage of Richard over the past 9 years, and comments that it is hard to believe it’s the same man. True

As for my own take on Richard’s message – I filled 4 pages of notes last night and would love to write a response but just can’t find the words. I’m just not coherent enough right now. Plus, the world is hardly waiting for my opinion. It’s all good, though – I liked what I read, and I liked what I saw. That selfie was rather beautiful. And that is quite a compliment from one who generally does not like selfies at all.

Enjoy your weekend – mine is all #Euro2016.

Guylty ❤

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28 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2016/24

  1. Thanks for the tumblr list, Guylty! There are some gems there, as usual, for me the hit was the gifset from Hannibal. I enjoyed very much Richard’s message, he said some things I needed to hear but this is, of course, very subjective. I don’t know about the world, but I hope you’ll post your opinion at some point. As for #Euro2016, we are watching here as well, but I confess that with one eye I follow the games and with the other one I ogle Armitage 🙂

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    • I am devastated, right now, and that has – predictably – dampened my mood. It wouldn’t be a good idea to respond to anything Armitagean right now as it would be tinged with sadness. I think I’ll let it all drop.

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      • Maybe you’ll cheer up on Wednesday, there is always hope! I never liked Italy when it comes to footbal 🙂 My times as football addicted go back to my teenage days, but the boys are really in. As Grati said, hugs X


        • I can’t even claim I am fully football-addicted, but the big tournaments always have me enthralled and I am notorious in my family for being a shockingly vocal and moody football supporter. There are a number of rather unsavoury incidents in the past where I was much less than a role-model for my kids *ahem*. Here’s hoping that the boys in green will take yesterday’s loss as a wake-up call. There’s always hope…

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  2. I would LOVE to hear your opinion on his piece. I’m hoping to actually sit down and do more than the cursory breeze through that I did yesterday (I am currently at the parental abode and will be here through early next week.)

    Have flagged my email so I can come back and peruse all the Richard Loveliness for later. Thank you for continuing this.

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    • Hope you’ll have fun at home.
      Link list was a bit late – I completely forgot about it yesterday. Weird. That has never happened to me before. I *always* remember the tumblr round-up on Friday, but yesterday I was so distracted by the SCD stuff that I forgot.

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  3. you’d be wrong, i’ve just sat down to rest for 30 min before my visit arrives and after scrubbing, cleaning, washing all day long i need something cheery. And no i haven’t read all the Cybersmile stuff and i’ve barely skimmed his (i’ll find the peace to read it properly sometimes i hope but it didn’t feel new or different from anything said before), forgive me, but it just doesn’t seem priority compared to the general mayhem and madness going on round here and who knows what awaits us after this week. I just can’t shake the anxiety. However as far as i’m concerned whatever applies to things people say face to face and publicly applies to any other type of human interaction, i see no reason why it should be different on social media.
    Who knows how we’ll heal the wounds inflicted and offenses given over recent months. The world around me feels almost alien i have to admit. Words seem to be thrown like petrol on fire and there is a shocking lack of respect and tolerance.
    Anyway, glad to distract myself with a few nice pictures and drawings and gifs. So thanks for taking the time to post these.

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    • You are right – things ought to be put into perspective, certainly in light of the assassinations this week. Although I do believe that within its own realm, the event of RA publishing his thoughts on cyberbullying, make an important event which eclipses other goings on in the fandom.
      Agreed when it comes to applying the same rules of communication that are used in RL to virtual communication. The caveat, of course, remains that in virtual communication we could hide behind a handle and behave in a way we would never dare in RL.

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      • Agreed, his writings and so on always eclipse other goings on and i think that is generally for the better 🙂
        And i agree, behind the cover of anonymity more negative behaviour is displayed than face to face which just shows how flowed me humans are… courage to do the right things does not come easy 😦


  4. Thanks again for the round up and for the link-love! And I’ve gotta say, I am curious to read your take on the Cybersmile thing. No pressure, though, but I would welcome it. 🙂


  5. You underestimate our interest in your opinions, Guylty. We would love to know what you think. But as Esther says, “no pressure”. Share your thoughts if you feel like it,and if you don’t, let it go. The fandom certainly has plenty of opinions out there to choose from. Loved the roundup, especially the nine year photo time machine. Why do I look nine (really more like 15) years older and he doesn’t? “Not the years, but the mileage”?


    • That is really kind and encouraging, Kathy. Damn, my whining modesty really looks like I sent a whole flotilla of trawlers out there to be fishing for compliments…
      The 9 year collage was amazing. But for your own consolation, I’d like to point out that RA has professional make-up artists at his disposal, and we don’t. He may age very well, but photos can be manipulated…


  6. Herzlichen Dank für die Zusammenstellung. Zur Zeit bin ich recht beschäftigt und es ist nicht leicht, hier bei euch auf dem Laufenden zu bleiben. In diesem Zusammenhang würde natürlich auch mich deine Meinung bezüglich der Empathie Debatte interessieren, zumal ich immer Schwierigkeiten habe die Zwischentöne aus englischen Texten heraus zu hören.
    Besonderen Dank für die schönen Porter Bilder. Davon kann es nie genug geben. Er ist ein Augenschmaus und wir haben in diesen turbulenten Zeiten einen großen Bedarf an wahren Helden.


    • Bitte gerne – habe mich nun auch endlich durchgerungen, eine Meinung zur Empathie-Debatte abzugeben. Wobei die Zwischentöne immer eine Frage der eigenen Befindlichkeit sind – kein Anspruch auf Allgemeingültigkeit!


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