Going to #LoveLoveLove? Put a Badge on It!

Two years have passed since The Crucible in London, a new stage appearance courtesy of Mr A is planned for September to December 2016… and I have counted my badges. If you remember, I made a few of them as discreet identifiers for fans who are attending an Armitage event and who are open to meeting fellow well-wishers. There are 22 left of them, and I was thinking that there may be some people out there who are travelling to NYC and would like to have a badge? The badges were sponsored and thus they are free. I will ship them anywhere in the world (no postage fees). If you would like one, just drop me an e-mail to guylty (at) photographer (dot) net and send me your address.  

badges for NYC

I haven’t counted how many of each design are left, so I can’t guarantee which one you get, but they basically look the same at a distance and are easy identifiers. Should demand exceed the number of badges left, I might consider a third print run, so don’t be shy, let me know if you want one. There are no strings attached. You, too, could have much fun with a badge, such as these two:

Frenz and Besotted having fun in NYC

Frenz and Besotted having fun in NYC

For more badging fun you can also look at the Badgers’ Gallery.

20 thoughts on “Going to #LoveLoveLove? Put a Badge on It!

  1. Wearing my badge was the first thing I thought of after booking my tickets. And I suddenly realized I never sent a photo of my badge from some place here in Houston. Must remedy that.


  2. Hey Grrrrl, it is an insane day but trying to mentally escape for a moment. My fantasy is that I will take the hubs to NYC early November and see this play and maybe even see you. Pretty steamy right? Well, no one ever accused me of having an imagination. If my illicit dream comes true, I will wear my badge and hopefully find you there too. 😈


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